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At The Sight Of A Tear

Sorry that this is extremely late. I know, I know. This is short, I'm so sorry. But I'll make it up to you. Also, this is cute ;) I know you guys like that! Xx mimiam

Tom's POV

She sat on her bed, shivering, staring at the wall. I approached her, wanting to reassure and comfort her.

"Sam, It will be alright. We'll find you a liver. Please come back and eat, you need to eat if you want to stay healthy."

"We're past that. I can't "try to stay healthy" anymore. I've already gotten my death sentence. I'm just awaiting my execution."

"Don't say that, Sam. We will find you a donor, I promise! If it's the last thing I do." I stepped a little closer to her.

"But it's already too late, I'll be dead before you find a match-" she started to sob, bowing her head and letting her long hair hide her face.

"No, Sam, don't even think that."

I sat down next to her. She curled up into a ball to cry, shaking violently with every sob. Once again I was made aware of her frailty and the fact that she truly was weak at heart. She had a hard shell but an equally soft core.

I laid down beside her, wrapping my arms around her stomach and rested my chin on her shoulder, my whole body wrapped around the tiny little ball that was my fiancée. She shook even harder, as her sobs deepened as she lost control of her breathing.

"Breathe, Sam."

"Let me go. Tom. I can't-please." she said in between sobs, gasping for air. I held her more tightly, trying to stop the shaking.

"No, Sam. I won't ever let you go. I won't let you give up now. Not ever." I rubbed her back.

"Breathe. Breaaaaaathe. Shhhh."

Little by little Sam's gasps turned into pants and gradually into slower breath sounds. By the time her breathing was normal, I had already loosened my grip, only to realise that she had fallen asleep.

Oh please God. I prayed Please let her live. I looked up and thought I saw the image of an angel nodding. But I couldn't be sure. I tightened my grip around Sam again and clung onto her, wanting to give her life by sheer willpower. But of course it wouldn't work. The next thing I knew, I was out...

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