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Lover's Guilt

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No. I couldn't. She was my mum! I couldn't just demand half her liver. She was weak. She had just tried to KILL herself. Why would she risk her life so that she could save her neglecting, ignorant, arrogant daughter?

I shook my head. We were in the car. Zoe had taken the phone from me, mistakenly thinking it was for her and Tom had told her the news. She was determined. Set upon giving me this chance just as Tom had been. Poor Tom. Only trying to help me. Save me. Rescue me.

My fiancé.

It hurt to say it now. I looked down at my ring, filled with the agony of leaving him.

"Why?" I said aloud and Zoe looked at me from the steering wheel.

"Why what?"

"Why on Earth did I leave him?" I shook my head once more, tears welling in my eyes.

"I'm such a horrible fiancée..." I shook the tears from my eyes and took a deep breath, turning from Zoe but she grasped my arm. She turned me back and looked at me.

"You were scared. You aren't to blame for you liver cirrhosis. And you're not to blame for your reaction either. It was a shock. It is a living hell. You've got a time bomb inside you, for Christ's sake! But you've got a chance. Please, please, just take it." she pleaded.

Reluctantly I nodded, mistakenly letting a tear run from my eyes. I wiped it away roughly and sighed. Relief. I would live. I would live, together with Tom!

The car came to a halt and Zoe got out of it, waiting for me to climb out.

We approached the door and were met by a grinning Tom who led us inside, to ICU. My mum was there, tucked into a bed and eating green beans and chicken.

"Natasha, Sam wants to hear it from you..." Tom smiled at Sam and then looked back at Natasha expectantly.

"Sam, dear. I know I was disappointed when you neglected me. And that I kept seeing the bad in you, almost forcing you into the military to gain discipline. But I love you. I've always loved you. You were the one that lived. The child that stayed with me through life, to watch me get old. I want you to have a part of me. I want you to take half my liver." she beamed at me and I rushed forward into her arms, embracing her so hard that I pressed the air out of her. I was like a child on Christmas Day that had gotten my favourite thing. But it was much more than that: my mother was giving me life. It was the second time in this lifetime and I was endlessly grateful.

"The surgery will be tomorrow. I suggest you both get some rest. It'll be a long day." he grinned and winked, taking me back to the staff room.

"Listen, Sam. I love you. I want you to live. To outlive me. This is my attempt-"

"If I die. I loved you, Tom. Look after my mum."

"You. Won't. Die." he said fiercely and cupped my face.


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