Mistakes Easily Made

The Beauty of the Punch

I am so sorry guys. I had exams and now I'm in Vietnam on holiday...So yeah. I had literally no time to write. But here's a little something, guys. Please forgive me :(

Ugh...bright light. Dark...no. Brown. Hair.Tom.He was in my bed beside me in the foetal position, his expression peaceful, calm. At ease. I touched his cheek and looked around. We were in one of the staff sleep rooms. The light was coming from the corridor. I had forgotten to turn the blinds. Reluctantly, I pulled myself up to a seated position and reached for the rod that would do the job for me. Holding it with both hands I turned the inexplicably rusty metal bar. As I did so, I felt a hand travel up the small of my back to my shoulder. I fell back down onto the bed and turned to him.His eyes were so green; like ferns in the undergrowth of an ancient forest. His brown hair fell into his face and I brushed it away with my hand. It was caught by his and he cupped my face, still clutching it, to kiss me."Last time you get to kiss me with this liver." I grinned and he smiled, looking at me in wonder."What?" I laughed."You." he whispered and grinned."Look at you. Unfazed. I'd be in a corner rocking back and forth." he said and I chuckled."Obviously you don't know me.""Really? Because as far as I know...You're the girl I know. You're the girl I chose when the world was young, when the world was young..."I recognised the song and smiled, singing along."We're getting to the point. We gotta run, run, run. Gotta run, run, run. Gotta run, run, run. I didn't know you liked that band!" I punched Tom playfully and he grinned."Well then obviously you don't know me." he winked and I raised my eyebrow."Come on let's get you dressed, you need to get ready for surgery.""Hmmm..." I turned from him, pulling the covers with me."Babe...?" he tore the covers from my hands and got up."Can you feel the cold air welcoming you to the dawn of a new day? It is the chill of an early spring morning in the wind of late May." he said."So you're a poet now?" I said, trying to sink into the warmth of my pillow."What can I say? I have many talents." he smirked and laughed when I rolled my eyes."Come on!" he grinned and I rolled off the bed, sitting up with closed eyes.I was handed my sweats and my baggy t-shirt which I had come in with. My bra and new pair of underpants were neatly tucked inside my t-shirt, as I had left them and I smiled. That had actually worked? Normally they always fell out or got lost-"Hey, stop daydreaming, Silly." Tom was stood in front of me, "You have a life saving surgery ahead of you...and you're not the one operating." he smiled and I sighed, getting up and walking past him, pulling on my t-shirt and slipping into my sweats. As I did so, Tom turned to my belongings, packing them together. He had his back turned. I approached slowly, each step a moment of anticipation, waiting silently...And pounced, wrapping my arms and legs around his upper body like a spider monkey."What on earth-?" he laughed and tried to turn his head but I wrapped my arms around his neck, my elbows resting under his chin."Gotcha." I laughed and he chuckled.Teasing him was so much better than wallowing in the bath of fear that was awaiting me.Tom carried me out into the corridor where we met Zoe. She studied us, eyebrows raised in mock criticism. I jumped down."Nervous yet?" A fleeting smile lit up her face."Not yet, I'm trying to put off the worrying until the last minute. How's my mother?""Yeah. Good, she's good. Waiting for you." She turned to leave but stopped."Good luck, Sam." Her dark eyes met mine encouragingly."Zoe. Thank you so much for everything, the motivation, the support. You are a soldier's best friend." I embraced her and she gave me a strong squeeze."Give your mum my best." She nodded and left.I walked into the ICU to see my mum one last time before the surgery.

My mother was as unfazed as I appeared, her face glowed, her eyes were as bright as ever. Her hair had a special sheen to it. It was as if she had found her purpose in life. My expression exactly when I left to go to the army.

"Mum...I can't tell you how much this means to me, I-you're saving my life...""Come here, Sweetheart."Her arms were outstretched. Warm hands embraced me and comforted me. Soft lips kissed the top of my head. Doe brown eyes shone their light into mine."I have always loved you, Darling.""Mum..." Tears welled in my eyes."I'm scared.""Don't be. You'll be fine, better than that. I know it. I know that there will be no complications. Don't you worry, Dear. This has brought us closer together than ever-"Just then Harrows entered."It's time." He said softly.My mother's eyes drifted from him to mine."Goodbye, Sam. My only daughter. My little warrior." She took my hand and pressed it against her heart."I love you, Mum." A tear rolled from my eyes as I was led out of the room. I looked back. Her smile was still radiant, her eyes still blooming with joy."Go on, little one." She mouthed...

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