Mistakes Easily Made

Kids Aren't Safe In The Metro

Aw darlings, apologies. Here's a little twist that some of you may have foreseen. By the by...I haven't been able to watch Casualty since 14th December. Does someone know where I could watch the eps? I can't watch it on iPlayer...:(3 Mimiam

And with one gasp I awoke. I had an awful dream...something about death, destruction, end of the world. That sort of thing. All I could remember from it was the crimson red all over my jeans and shirt. I looked around.

"Tom!" I whispered, almost blindly reaching for the blurry figure at my bedside."Sam, babe, I'm here." He took my hand and squeezed it tightly.My vision improved little by little. I could make out the unfamiliar ICU bed side furniture which consisted of a nightstand and a rather uncomfortable chair that was occupied by my fiancé.And then it really hit me.I was alive! It had worked. I was really, truly alive. Saved! There!"I'm alive, right?" I squinted and finally my vision returned to what it had been; 20-20."Yes! Yes, of course you are." Tom leaned over, kissing the top of my head."You're here with me. Everything's fine. You survived." He grinned but his eyes were eerily serious."What's wrong?" I stared into his soul, trying to lift his pain."Nothing. What could be wrong?" He laughed it off. Unconvincingly."Tom.""Sam.""How's my mother?""Oh she's-you know. She's...swell. She's doing ok." His eyes darted around the bland room and he started fidgeting with his scrubs.In that instant, Harrows came in and greeted both of us warmly."Ah I see you're awake, Ms Nicholls. How are you feeling?""Alright, I think. Err how's my mother?"Harrows eyes narrowed and sprang to Tom."I'm sorry, I tried-"Tom pleaded."Well you failed." Harrows' words were harsh. "Why didn't you tell her?""I couldn't.""Tell me what?" Butting into a conversation was not what I usually did but it seemed appropriate."Alright let's just calm down-""No! What's wrong with my mother? What is it?!" I looked at Harrows, then at Tom."Well? Tell me! I have a right to know."Silence."Fine." I pushed Tom away from my bedside and swung my legs over, setting them on the floor.Time to find out myself.Steadying myself on the bed I got up and made my way to the corridor, despite Tom's desperate attempts to stop me."Sam! Lie down, now! Please, you need rest.""You brought this upon yourself." I muttered under my breath, putting all my effort into walking. Every step made it easier and the pain in my side more bearable.To the ICU reception I stumbled, carefully, but unsuccessfully. Not as graceful as I had wanted."Hiya, Samantha Nicholls. I wanted to ask what condition my mother was in?"Just then Tom came up behind me.I turned to face him slowly, the devastate look in his eyes drowning out my thoughts."Sam...I'm so sorry. She didn't make it. She...there were complications. She passed in the OR..."Silence once more and in a mute second I was on the floor crying like there was no tomorrow.Muteness trumped every sound. My cheeks became red with tears and my eyes sore with crying.And then I remembered her words:"You will be fine." Not we...

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