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Thank you all so much for your undying support. This is the final chapter of the story but if you guys want I can make another Casualty fanfiction at some point. I made this last one extra long. Btw if any of you are interested I am taking part in a fanfiction contest as of tonight. It is on a page called Inkitt and I will be taking part in the Fandom3 competition. I will be submitting this story. Please support me, I was asked to take part in this by one of you :) otherwise just thank you again for everything, this story has been a journey and I am happy that so many of you enjoyed it


Tom's POV

I awoke in a haze, my eyes were still glued shut with sleep, and lifted my head slightly. Noticing my Sam next to me I buried my face in her hair and took in the smell of her shampoo.

Mmmm. Violets.

I wrapped my arm carefully around her showing tummy and hugged her against me.

It had been around four months since we had found out about our little bundle of joy. Sam had gotten over the initial shock and become very engaged in preparing for the baby. She had bought several baby outfits already, all of them unisex. Sometimes I would find her holding them against her chest, sleeping peacefully, dreaming about holding our little angel in her loving arms. The pale yellow glints of the Sun's fingers reached into the room from the window, caressing us both. No. Us three. I carefully leaned over Sam and stroked her cheek, whispering sweet nothings in her ear as she rested. For whatever reason she heard me and my words or whatever dream she was having painted a smile on her lips that was as sweet as honeysuckle. Feeling the warmth emanating from her calm, still form and coming in from the sun, I felt happy and closed my eyes, letting the light create beautiful red and orange pictures behind my eyelids. I could stay like this forever, holding the person who had become my life, my world, my air.

Sam stirred softly and mewled as she woke up, turning towards me.

"Hey," I brushed a strand of ash-blond hair out of her face and kissed her forehead "how'd you sleep?"

"Mmmmmhh could have been better." She groaned and slumped on my chest, heavy with lack of energy. I chuckled and nudged her gently.

"Did she keep you up all night?" I tickled her carefully and she pushed me away laughing.

"Yeah, HE kept kicking and boxing me." She replied and I laughed.

We were still unsure about the gender. I wanted a little girl and she wanted a boy. And the irony of it was that she didn't want a daughter because she didn't want to pass on her traits to her. At the time I had pulled her close by her waist and said that our baby would be perfect no matter what, just like her. And that any child that had more of her traits would only make it more perfect. She had laughed it off of course. But she was still adamant that she was carrying a baby boy.

"Ready to get up, Princess Indeciciveness?"

"Yes, and don't call me that, just get me food." She pushed me out of bed and I caught myself on the nightstand, chuckling.

"Alright then." I stuck my tongue out at her and she smiled the smile that I loved. I hoped she'd pass it on to our child.

I strolled into the kitchen and opened the fridge to find tomato sauce and mustard as well as leftover Chinese food. No sign of the scotch bottle of course. I reached for the crumpets and put them in the toaster, placed two plates out and took the butter out of the fridge to let it soften. The click of the toaster made me jump and I turned to find Sam standing in the doorway, yawning and cradling her bump. My two girls. I smiled at her and she returned it sleepily.

"What do my princesses want for brekkie?" I walked over and scooped her up easily in my arms, kissing her softly on the lips.

"What do we have?" she giggled and I couldn't help but love her for everything that she was in that moment. Short and a little more curvy, and yet radiant with love, and that little child inside her made me love her even more, if that was even possible.

"Crumpets and butter. And leftover Chinese food." She looked at me indignantly, "And tomato sauce and mustard."

"Mmmmhh make up everything with tomato sauce and mustard." She laughed and I chuckled.

"Alrighty, cutie." I held her close before putting her down.

I opened the fridge and took out the Chinese before leaning over the stove and turning it on. I grabbed a pan and placed it on top of the flame, emptying the contents of the cardboard box into the pan. Letting the oil in the noodles heat up in the pan, I reached for the tomato sauce and mustard, mixing it in with the noodles. As I finished heating up the food and turned off the stove I wrapped my arm around Sam's waist and kissed her forehead lovingly.

"You're a weirdo." I laughed as she hungrily got a plate and transferred the food onto it, tucking in while standing in my arms.

"Yummy?" I rubbed her tummy and she nodded happily. I spread the softened butter on the crumpets and added tomato sauce and mustard to hers.

Satisfied, I bit into my crumpet and let the butter melt in my mouth.

"Ready for your appointment today?" she nodded.

"Nervous." She timidly turned and rubbed her head against my chest and I kissed the top of her head.

"Everything's gonna be fine." I rubbed her back protectively, "we'll get to confirm that our little baby is a girl." I teased and she laughed, which made me smile. That little jelly bean in her tummy was definitely a girl.

I cuddled her close and finished my crumpet as she wolfed down the last of her Chinese and crumpet.

Today was our next antenatal appointment, we wanted to find out the gender. We already had names picked out for each. Artemis if it was a girl and Matthew if it was a boy. I had chosen the name Artemis. She was the goddess of the hunt and the moon and chastity and it seemed like an ideal name for a baby girl. Matthew had been Sam's dad's name.

We got ready to go, Sam had put on a black spaghetti strap top with a warm grey cashmere batwing cardigan framing her belly. I pulled her cardigan across her bump to keep it warm and stroked her cheek before handing her her coat. Taking my hand, we left the apartment, keys in hand and trotted down the stairs to the car. We had since moved in together into an apartment that was bigger and in a smaller apartment building, on a lower floor for Sam's ankles' sake and in order to have enough space for the new addition to the family.

It took us about 15 minutes to get to the hospital and we went to the third floor, the maternity clinic, where we gave our name at reception, before taking a seat in the waiting room. I held her hand tightly in mine and squeezed it reassuringly.

Before we knew it we were called up by the friendly lady in reception. Exam room 2. I raised myself off the chair and put my arm around Sam's waist as I guided her to the exam room. We were greeted with a smiling woman who welcomed us warmly and shook our hands.

"Samantha, Tom, nice to see you again. How have you two been?" She gestured towards the examination table and Sam took off her coat.

"We've been great, absolutely fantastic. But baby does kick a lot at night. And the cravings that I have drive Tom nuts." Sam laughed as she lay down on the table and pulled up her shirt, revealing her perfect baby bump. The midwife, Eleanor, felt her abdomen calmly and smiled.

"He or she can definitely kick." She chuckled.

Eleanor set up the ultrasound machine and squirted some cold jelly on Sam's tummy, making her shiver for a split second, and then placed the node on the jelly, spreading it gently. After a second she laughed.

"You've got a little fighter in there, " she said, "kicking the ultrasound machine."

She waited for a moment for the image to appear and looked pleased with what she found.

"Baby is perfectly healthy, in the right position and developing well." She paused, "Did you want to know the gender of the baby?"

"Yes!" we both said in unison and Eleanor chuckled.

"Alright then, drumroll please!" I drummed on my knees in response and Sam giggled.

"It's a…girl! Congratulations." Eleanor beamed at us warmly and stroked the bump carefully "A feisty little girl. She'll be a strong one."

Sam's POV

A baby girl.


I looked at Tom who grinned at me in an I-told-you-so kind of way. I hadn't expected this, but I was happy all the same. I would give her my mother's middle name. Maybe she would even have some of my mother's spirit in her. After all it couldn't be a coincidence that I got pregnant with a girl shortly after my mum passed. I caressed my tummy softly.

"Hey little girl." I whispered and smiled at the responding kick, "I can't wait to meet you."

Tom's eyes lit up with love as he watched me bond with our daughter.

God, I was having a daughter.

Knowing the gender only made the situation more real to me. Would I be a good mum? I was scared and nervous of failing her, of leaving her in the shadows like my mother left me. I vowed to myself that I would never let her down, never let her be bullied or kicked to the curb by life. I was much larger than this, we were much larger than this. Just knowing Tom would be by my side reassured me. I would make this work for Artemis, for my darling baby.

I would make our little princess proud.


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