Mistakes Easily Made

A Different Kind of Love

I awoke, in hospital again. Tom was by my side once more and the strong feeling of déjà vu overcame me.

"Tom?" I said hoarsely and he looked up.

His hair stuck out in tufts and single strands and he looked tired.

"Sam. You're awake." He smiled at me and I smiled weakly.

"What happened?" he asked me and my smile faded. The question I just didn't want to answer.

"I saw my mother-I…" I paused because I didn't know what to say.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Those worried pools of green inquired.

"No. I'm fine, just tired." I sighed and brushed some of my hair out of my face. "I need to speak with Fletch."

"Sam, you had a seizure…" Tom looked at me and shook his head, his shaggy hair bobbing a little despite the fact that they were plastered up with sweat and fear.

"Tom." I warned and attempted to get up but Tom placed a hand upon my chest, pushing me back down.

"Leave it! Rest, Sam, it can't be that important." he said, sighing with irritation.

"Tom…!" I growled and grabbed his wrist, taking it in an iron grip until his face twisted in pain.

When he grimaced, I got up, thrust his hand to the side and swished the curtain aside, making my way out of the cubicle but Tom caught my arm.

"Sam, what are you thinking?!" he said and I swung my arm over my head so that I could lose him but his grip tightened.

"I'm thinking…" I approached him and glared at him. "…It might be better for you to let go." And before he realised what I had said, I grabbed his arm, trying to twist it back so that he would let go rather than endure the pain that would come with the resistance, but he was too fast for me, wrapping his forearm around my neck.

I was trapped.

"Now let's get back to bed, shall we?" he turned, taking me with him and walked me towards the bed.

"Oh I don't think so." I said and lifted my foot, gaining some strength for the hit and stomped down on his foot with all my might, making him yelp in pain.

"Sam!" he groaned in the agony I had caused him.

"Thanks for attempting...but you still lost." I said, dusting myself off, and walked towards the reception. It would be a few minutes until he regained composure. I had until then to find a safe spot where I could talk to Fletch in private.

I walked to the vending machine, trying to hide around a corner, Tom would not immediately check. I got a candy bar and saw Tom rush past, limping, but storming into resus. When he had gone by, I walked up to reception and waved the candy bar in front of Noel's face to get his attention. His eyes were caught by the movement and he looked first at the moving object and then at the person who was holding it.

"Ah gotcha." I smiled mischievously. "Do you want this?" I gave him no time to answer and turned away, studying the waiting area but still waving the candy bar in front of his nose.

"You're gonna have to tell me where Fletch is. And promise me you won't utter a word to Tom about my whereabouts." I turned back to him.

"Promise?" I asked and he nodded eagerly. "Where is he?"

"In cubicles, I think cubicle 4 if I'm not mistaken." he lunged for the candy bar.

"Thank you." I said and threw the candy bar towards him at an impossible angle. He was unable to catch it and it dropped to the gound, breaking into 2 parts in the process.

"Aww Sam...It's broken now..." he whined and I smiled as I walked towards cubicles.

"Sorry Noel, maybe if you spent more time making paper balls from old paper and disposing of it, not having it lying around everywhere, you'd know how to catch and throw." I chuckled to myself and made my way around the corner. But another person blocked my way.

Dylan was there.

I stopped and looked at him, trying to assess his mood. He looked up from the chart he was looking at and caught my gaze.

"Sam, what happened-" he started to approach me but I put up a hand, symbolising that I wanted some distance between us.

"Just leave me, Dylan, please. I've had a bad day as it is, I don't need your "help"." I muttered and he nodded. There was an awkward silence for a second.

"Alright then, carry on." he motioned for me to carry on walking and I did.

When I got to cubicle 4, I took a deep breath, composing myself, thinking of what I should do, say and suggest. I decided on telling Fletch the truth. The full truth, my feelings and my wishes about what happens in future and how we were going to tell our loved ones. Then I swung the curtains aside...

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