Mistakes Easily Made

Same Sam(e)

Toms POV

I sighed with frustration. Why did my relationship with Sam have to be so complicated? I spent half the time trying to work out what was going through her head, but at least that was a far more appealing yet equally nerve-wracking alternative to expert Sudoku.

I stormed past reception and into resus in order to locate Fletch and hopefully to find Sam. I felt my blood boil. It bubbled and shot through my arteries into my brain, making me think clearly. Of course she wouldn't be with Fletch, she wasn't stupid. She could just be so tenacious sometimes. Her defiance and her stubborn nature had once seemed cute and challenging, now it only irritated and angered me. I couldn't focus on anything else when I was around her and my hot temper would show whenever she teased or criticised me. But when I had found her in her flat, fitting, the smashed mirror next to her, with "TRAITOR!" written on it in pale pink lipstick. the lipstick that had stained my lips on Halloween and ever since. It had startled me and filled me with dismay. That lipstick, that stain of love was now scraped onto the reflective surface, spelling out treachery. Who had Sam betrayed and more importantly, had she been the one to scribble it onto the mirror? I had the strong feeling that she had been delusional when it happened. In that instant all my anger subsided, vanishing as abruptly as the sun would, hiding behind the clouds of grey that hung over Britain's skies. She was vulnerable. Possibly scared and most of all, she was not well. She was hallucinating due to the overdose of the drugs. We had pumped her stomach when she was out but too much had already been absorbed into her bloodstream, wreaking havoc in her brain. And I was running up the wall because she was a little difficult to handle sometimes? I rebuked myself. It killed a part inside of me that I could be so selfish.

I walked into resus, slowing my aggressive stride and tried to look around. She was not there. Of course. But then again, neither was Fletch. I turned on the spot and walked up to reception, where Noel was just opening a chocolate bar that had been broken into two pieces. It was Sam's favourite; Cadbury's caramel…I looked back at Noel and asked

"Noel, you haven't seen Sam or Fletch by any chance?" I smiled weakly.

"No, mate, I haven't." he said awkwardly, pretending to have better things to do. "Why?" he inquired.

"I just-never mind, Noel, I'll find her myself." I sighed.

I walked past reception and into cubicles and was confronted with Dylan. I rolled my eyes but I knew he was my best chance at finding her.

"Dylan, do you know where Sam is? It's important." I said and he looked at me, his eyebrows raised.

"Yes, she went past here." He pointed out the direction she had gone and I thanked him.

"Err Tom?" I turned. "Mind telling me what this is all about? She was quite shaken up when she walked past."

"She's delusional. She ingested an overdose of drugs." I explained. Even though he didn't have an official right to know, I felt he should listen to this.

He shook his head disbelievingly and I sighed, resuming walking towards the cubicle he had pointed out. Clenching and unclenching my jaw, I felt my blood boil once more. Of course he'd act like that. Why would he act any different?

Cubicle 4.

I opened the curtain, carefully in case she wasn't here. But she was. And the sight was not pretty.

In the bed was Sam's mother who I vaguely recognised from some photographs in Sam's flat. Next to her was Sam, sunken down, on the floor, crying and Fletch by her side, comforting her. He looked up and saw and straightened himself.

"Your knight in shining armor." He smiled and distanced himself. Sam looked up, catching my gaze.

"Sam. What happened?!" I said worriedly crouching down and touching her cheek.

"She did it again! She-she tied to take her own-" Sam sobbed and I took her into my arms, muttering some soothing words.

"Shhh Sam. I'm here now. Everything is going to be alright." I whispered, cradling her in my arms. "She's safe and you're here. She won't do it again." I glanced at her mother who was asleep.

Sam's sobbing slowly subsided and I suggested taking her back to her bed in order to give her some rest and a good few hours to sleep as all this stress wasn't helping the reaction she had to the drugs.

She agreed and I carried her back. By the time we got to her cubicle, she had already fallen asleep.

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