Mistakes Easily Made

False Beliefs

Sorry that it took so long for me to update. I have had very little time lately; schoolwork and such. But here you go :)

Sam's POV

I awoke after a long night of tossing and turning. I had fallen in and out of sleep, the aftereffect of the drugs plaguing me and acting as caffeine, urging me to be a friend of the night until they finally gave in and let me slumber for about 4 hours. But the moment I did awake, I felt a surge of joy; the drugs were out of my system. I was sober. Free. I opened my eyes and looked around.

It was early, I looked at my watch…5:43. There were hardly any nurses around, never mind doctors. But there was one right next to me. Asleep and twitching, it was Tom. He was obviously going through a REM sleep episode so I refrained from waking him. I got up quietly, my stomach growling as I did and I feared for a second that it had given away my actions or rather, my intended actions. But when I heard Tom shifting in his sleep and saw his confused expression, I knew he was still fast asleep, pestering the characters of his dream with his questioning look and unbelievable queries.

I walked out into the corridor, wanting to go outside to get some fresh air. But I was confronted by Zoe. She smelled of smoke and expensive, overpowering perfume and the combination made me cough and retch.

"Are you alright, Sam?" she asked in concern and felt my forehead.

"Absolutely fine." I fibbed and walked towards the Emergency entrance.

"Let me check you over!" she called, trying to increase her pace to keep up with me but her new pair of high heels was hindering her. She took them off and then sprinted to catch up with me, shoes in one hand.

"Really, Zoe, there's no need." I smiled weakly.

"Alright, then let's talk." She persisted.

"Yes…there's something you should know." I said hesitantly.

"…Well?" Zoe had already lit another cigarette and held it between her middle and ring finger, waving it around as she spoke:

"What is it?" she exhaled some smoke and looked at me insistently.

"I kissed Fletcher." I said in a monotone voice so that I wouldn't attract any attention I didn't need.

"You did what?" Zoe chuckled.

"I kissed him."

"You kissed Fletch? Careful there, that territory has already been claimed. And don't you have your own little property?" She smiled, obviously feeling good about herself for using such an 'original metaphor'.

"I do." I sighed, "It happened at the pub on Friday. It was an accident, a mistake. It shouldn't have happened."

"On Friday?" She laughed. "And I thought you had gone off with Tom and had yourself a spectacular night." She winked and grinned cheekily.

"Well we didn't, as you can see. And I thought Tom was still there. Why would you think he went off with me?"

"Two reasons: first, he is your boyfriend. Second, he left around the same time you did; after the karaoke singing ended. Your chanson to the barkeeper was extraordinary, one must add." Once again she chuckled.

"Thanks, Zoe…but where did he go?" I thought out loud.

"No clue. All I know is that he was chatting up a young thing at the bar before he did. A redhead. Very fit. Maybe around 17? 18?"

"Yeah, Zoe, not helping." I said and she shut up.

I thought for a second. Had he betrayed me? If he had, maybe then I could escape my guilt and we could start again. Maybe. Just maybe…

I forgot about my initial intention to get something to eat and hurried inside to confront Tom. I needed to know. Now. This was IT. He had been watching and flirting with other girls but I had never expected him to cheat. I hoped I was wrong. I scolded myself for thinking so but remembered that I had no right to judge him now. Not if I didn't want to be known as a hypocrite. So I repressed my feelings of betrayal and disbelief and approached my cubicle, dreading what was to come of my actions, dreading both outcomes…

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