Mistakes Easily Made

The Power of Love

Sam's POV

I couldn't quite read his expression. It was guarded by the blank look that I had grown to hate. But I could feel the stifling heat that was escaping his body. The anger inside of him that was the reason I did not want to tell him.

Like a stereotypical Hollywood film character I added

"It meant nothing! I swear! I was drunk and confused and-" I ran my hand through my hair.

"Right." His jaw was in the defensive clenched position once again. I wondered why he didn't have an aching jaw after all the tension he put on it. He looked away

"Please Tom. Please forgive me, I couldn't…I was so terrified when I remembered…It-it was the real cause of the panic attack." I stumbled over my own words. His eyes searched mine.

"I still can't believe it though…I always thought if someone was going to be faithful, it was going to be you, I-" He shook his head.

"Well, where were you, Mister Judgemental? Chatting up some hot redhead at the bar? Buying her a few drinks and regretting the fact that you're with someone older?" I turned from him and felt him move closer. He placed his hands on my bare arms.

"I could never regret being with you…" His head moved down to my level and he turned my head to look at him. For a moment he stared into my eyes. His moss green eyes were intoxicating, inspiring and illuminating. I leaned in for a kiss, begging inwardly that he would go along with it. After a long second of leaning, his lips met mine and his hands moved from my arms to cupping my face. He undid my hair tie and dug his hands into it, cradling my head. I carefully pulled back and gasped

"I'm sorry, I really am, Tom. It won't happen again." He grinned at me, his thumb caressing my cheek.

"I forgive you." He kissed me once more before telling me to get ready to go home. I nodded and left so that he could finish showering and so he could dress.

Time to find Fletch…

In that moment Aoife came around the corner, greeting me

"Well hello there, how's my little baby doing?" I stood for a moment, completely bewildered.

"Your 'baby'?" I knew that Aoife did not have children and was not pregnant, at least I thought I knew. But even if, why would she ask me?

"Yeah my 'baby', my ring?" she looked at me expectantly and I blinked confusedly.

"My engagement ring. Friday was my bachelor party and you offered to keep it safe until yesterday but since you weren't in the best of health yesterday, I left it. Do you have it?"

"Wait…your ring? Your engagement ring?" Aoife nodded patronisingly as if it was obvious.

"Yeah, do you have it?"

"Uhhh no, it must be at home. Sorry, I'll bring it in tomorrow." I almost wanted to slap myself in the face. Of course she was going to see right through me. But no, she accepted it as an answer.

"You better, I can't wait to wear it on my finger again!" she squealed and excused herself.

Tom then came up behind me and touched my shoulder, making me jump.

"God, Tom! Please…" I held my hands up and walked out of the emergency entrance with Tom following close behind.

"Sam…?" I could almost see the worried look in his eyes as well as I could hear the concern in his voice, even though I wasn't facing him.

"I'm fine, let's just go home."

He did not respond and I assumed he was deep in thought once again.

And so I resumed thinking too…Where was Aoife's ring and when had I lost it? Would I be able to find it in time? Did I even have it?


And it was yet another memory, a snippet of the night that had landed at MBA, the Airport of MyBrain. And yet again, I regretted hoping I woudl regain the memory of that cursed night.

I fell powerless into the arms of my unanswered questions.

Tom's POV

I had not seen her this agitated since the day on which she came in with a man and his son, both of them having been hurt in a rock-climbing activity. I could almost feel her exhaustion and knew she needed to rest after the stressful events of the day. I felt sorry for her, I knew she had gone through a lot in the past two decades, what with her father and sister dead and her mother suicidal. I knew she needed help to get through the hard phases in her life. And I was willing to help, willing to sacrifice and willing to fight for her. But that was when I saw her collapse a few feet in front of me…

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