Star Trek Endeavor: Ender's Cage

Chapter 3

Ender woke up and looked around and noticed he is in a closed room with two glass walls and when he stood up and felt the glass he put force into his left elbow and tried to break it only to bounce off it and the glass vibrated. He then looked around and down the hallway in front of him and sees similar rooms (only with one glass barrier) but each with different lifeforms. One looked like a human size bird, another a human size warthog and another appeared to be a werewolf. The Hive Queen said (mentally), “Ender can you hear me?” Ender (mentally) replied, “Yes, do you know where I am?” Hive Queen replied, “Not exactly. All I know is you are deep underground and the mountain you were pulled into is their main base of operations.” Ender said, “Who are they?” Hive Queen replied, “From what I could gather with my telepathy they are the Talotians. They are headed by The Keeper...” The elevator doors at the end of the hallway opened and three Talotians stepped out and Ender said (mentally), “I’ll talk to you later. They’re coming.” Hive Queen said, “Good luck Ender.” They approached Ender and they stood there staring at him and Ender said, “I am Captain Andrew Wiggin of the starship Endeavor, can you understand me?” The Keeper said (mentally), “The intelligence of this lifeform is limited but can easily adapt. That explains why it is no surprise that they all fell to a simple fake transmission.” Ender said, “You are not speaking but I can still hear your telepathic thoughts.” The Keeper looked fascinated and said (mentally), “Apparently this subject knows about telepathy, hence he does not look surprised.” Ender said, “If you can read my mind then understand this. If you don’t return me to my ship then my crew will consider this a hostile act.” The Keeper said (mentally), “Now you will see he is displaying a primitive fear, threat reaction.” Ender looked around the glass and the Keeper said (mentally), “Now you will see the subject is frustrated and will display his physical prowess by throwing himself against the transparency.” Ender hit the barrier with his left elbow again but the barrier would not budge. Ender said, “No doubt you were in here to test the strength of these walls. There is a way out of any cage and I will find it.” The Keeper said (mentally), “Despite his frustration this subject is more adaptable than our other subjects. We can soon begin the experiment.” Ender looked at them with a sense of fear.

On the Endeavor Petra called a meeting with all the department heads and Nikolai displayed the 3D image of Talos IV in the center of the table and he said, “Talos IV is almost a barren planet with life that is just appearing on the surface. The Talotians must live underground where they are able to provide food and other supplies to live.” Petra said, “So you are saying there never has been survivors?” Nikolai replied, “Exactly! If there was a crash any survivor would not be able to live long since there is no water or food source anywhere. What we saw was an illusion put forth by the inhabitants of this planet to draw us here.” The doctor said, “It was perfect too. Human beings surviving with dignity and bravery right down to the tattered clothing and everything!” Nikolai said, “We must not forget the dangers of these illusions. We know these people can form illusions with our desires, experiences and our thoughts and they are as real as this table here.” Joachim said, “But they’ve got Captain Wiggin and he needs our help!” Petra said, “If what Nikolai and the doctor are saying are true, if we poke around down there then those beings can easily swat this ship as though it were a fly.” Joachim said, “Why don’t we fire the ships phasers and drill through the solid rock or whatever they have that is blocking us?” There was a short silence until Petra said, “Nikolai prepare engineering, we are going to try and blast through whatever’s covering them.” They all stood up as the meeting was adjourned.

The Keeper and another Talotian watched on a video screen of Ender feeling and looking for a way to escape and the Talotian said (mentally), We have a dozen people probing his mind Keeper and we find excellent memory capacity.” The Keeper replied, “I read excellent strength and found out even with this incredible strength he has within in him he is a strong believer against killing unless he has no choice but to protect the ones he cares about. Let’s see if this is true.” Ender continued finding a way to escape and the Hive Queen said, “It seems with their powerful minds and you deep underground, I can’t find any possible way for you to escape.” Ender said (mentally), Try to reach into their minds and see if you can find a weakness to their power.” The Hive Queen replied, “I will try.” All of a sudden Ender disappeared from the cage and appeared within a city with buildings that are either burnt down or were bombed as if the city was bombed during a war. A young female voice called out, “Come, we must hide ourselves!” Ender looks behind and sees a big library that looked like it was ransacked and Vena ran towards him but had short, dark blond hair and her dark, thick, clothes were either worn or frayed. Vena grabbed his hand and said, “Hurry! There’s enough food in the common area where we can eat for days!” Ender said (looking a little shocked), “What is this? What happened here?” Vena ignored his questions and tugged his left hand and said, “Please we must hurry!” Ender looked a little puzzled and said, “I was in a cage or some kind of a zoo. I must still be there!” Vena looked pleadingly at him and said, “Come on!” Ender looked angered and said, “They must be testing or using me as if I am a monkey in a circus or a lab rat to their amusement!” In the distance they heard rough male voices and Vena looked shocked and exclaimed, “The SS!” She ran into the library (not holding Ender’s hand) and Ender ran to catch up with her.

Once they were inside the library Ender noticed it was a wreck as many shelves and bookcases were smashed and books littered the floors and tables as Vena continued to run and Ender followed till they went behind a table in the middle of the library and Ender looked at Vena and said, “So its you again, the ones they call you Vena.” The rough male voices grew closer and there was a sound of a rifle shot and Ender and Vena looked startled towards the entrance and suddenly the front doors were kicked open and Ender noticed the three men that entered were wearing german uniforms equivalent to the ones worn in World War II with one of them an officer and they all wore skull & crossbones on their collars. Two of the soldiers fanned out and began searching down the book aisles as the officer walked down the middle with both hands behind his back as Ender and Vena watched behind cover of the table and staked books and Vena whispered, “You have to do something! Kill them!” Ender whispered, “But this is only a dream. I’m not going to go along with their mind games like some lab rat.” Vena whispered, “It doesn’t matter what you believe! You will feel everything that happens to you!” They heard a sound of a MP-40 and they looked and saw the officer was also curious as he looked to his right and one of the soldiers exited one of the aisles and said something in german that he laughed while the officer merely smirked in satisfaction. Then they all heard a whistle sound like someone is attracted to someone and they all looked and there was a german soldier to left of the SS officer and he was looking right at Vena.

The SS officer and the other soldier saw them and the two soldiers moved towards them while the officer followed behind. Ender kept Vena behind him as he moved to the left and he positioned himself behind an oak table and the soldiers lowered their MP-40’s and pointed at Ender and Vena and when they were close Ender pushed Vena to the metal staircase to his left and kicked the oak table as it flipped to its side blocking the soldiers as they fired and hit the table top. The SS officer looked impressed while the soldiers looked and talked angrily and moved quickly around the table and pointed their guns at Ender and one of them said something and Ender raised his hands as if to surrender. One soldier stepped out to him and when he tried to grab Ender he grabbed the soldier’s reaching hand, twisted it behind his back and made him face the others and Ender grabbed his gun, pointed at the others and fired the MP-40 riddling the other soldier with bloody holes as the officer ducked. The soldier Ender is holding kicked Ender between the legs forcing Ender to lose his grip and the soldier turned around and punched Ender in the face knocking him on his back with a trickle of blood coming out of his mouth. Ender yelled, “VENA RUN!” Vena ran away from the stairs and took cover behind the book shelves and aisles while the SS officer ran after her and yelled in a commanding tone of voice in german. The soldier over Ender pulled out his knife and Ender quickly stood up and backed towards the stairs and the soldier said something that Ender looked at him with little confusion and Ender said, “Your move skinhead.” The soldier slashed or stabbed at Ender but Ender ducked, pulled back or quickly moved to the side as he moved backwards up the stairs as the german soldier kept pursuing.

Once they reached the top of the stairs on the second floor the german made a thrust and Ender hit his wrist and it fell from the german’s grip and Ender turned, grabbed the same soldier’s arm and snapped it while at the same time grabbed the soldier’s knife on the floor and stabbed him into the right side of his neck (to the hilt) and the soldier fell lifeless after a short cry. Vena left her hiding place and looked up to see Ender fighting the soldier when the SS officer grabbed her from behind and she screamed. Ender turned, looked over the railing and saw the officer grab her and tried to drag her away with a luger pointed at her head as the german spoke firmly at her at the same time when he saw Ender and he stopped and pulled Vena in front of him with the luger still pointed at her right temple and he said something in german that Ender assumes is for him to stand back or he will shoot her. Ender raised his hands and stepped back and the officer followed suit with Vena in tow and when the officer looked back briefly Ender yanked the knife from the soldier’s throat and let it fell to the floor before his feet as he quickly raised his hands so the officer won’t notice. When the SS officer was close to the entrance he said something in german and the officer leveled his luger at Vena’s right temple as if he was about to shoot her when Ender stomped his left foot on the hilt of the knife and it flipped up in the air and Ender quickly grabbed it and threw it at the officer striking him directly in the heart. The SS officer let out a gasp and Vena cringed as he fell back on floor and fired the one shot that was meant for Vena and the bullet struck a nearby book aisle. Vena looked down at the dead and amazed officer and she looked away and cried as Ender looked down at them both.

In a blink of an eye everything changed and Ender saw he is back in the cage but this time Vena (now wearing a sliver dress) is in there with him as well. Vena turns and looks at him happily and said, “It’s over.” She then embraces him when she saw the Talotians and she pulls away from him and looks down. Ender saw them as well but they turned away and entered the elevator and the doors closed. Once they left Ender turned his attention on Vena and said, “Why are you in here?” Vena replied, “To be with you.” Ender said, “No that’s not what I mean. Are you a real person or just another illusion?” Vena replied, “I am a real person Ender.” Ender said, “Are you a prisoner as well?” Vena replied with a look of shock, “No!” Ender said, “Then why are you wearing the same fabric as they are?” Vena looked at him concerned and said, “I can wear anything that you wish. Be anyone that you wish.” Ender said, “And perform for them like a circus animal, no!” Ender looked away but then stopped and turned back and said, “Wait a minute. They want to see how I will react, is that it?” Vena said, “I can be in every dream that you wish, be anything!” Ender looked down the hallway and said, “Or is it something else? To see how I feel?” Vena stood in Ender’s way and said, “Let me please you.” And she smiled up at him but Ender looked at her unfazed and said, “Yes you can please me. Is there anyway I can block my mind so they can’t read my thoughts?” Vena shook her head and said, “You are a fool!” Ender said, “Then you are not real.” Ender moved away from her and looked as if he is deep in thought.

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