Star Trek Endeavor: Ender's Cage

Chapter 5

In his cage Ender felt along the walls again for an escape till he heard something beneath him and when he looked he saw an opening and he bolted down to reach the opening but it closed on him and he tried to pry it open but to no avail and he saw a wine looking glass with a clear liquid substance in it. He was about to reach fro it till he saw The Keeper standing outside and said, “That glass contains all the nutrients and protein complex that will maintain your nourishment.” Ender said, “So you can talk.” The Keeper said, “If it doesn’t appeal to you then you may wish your nourishment to take any form you wish.” Ender said, “And if I prefer to starve?” Keeper said, “Then you will be punished.” Then Ender felt intense pain in his head and he clenched both fists and groaned in pain as he cringed and all of a sudden he was in a closed off cave with fire and boiling water all around him as he was kneeling on a rock in the center and he cried out in agony till suddenly he was back in the cage and dropped his hands as he panted with sweat running down his face. The Keeper said, “You will now consume the nourishment.” Ender whipped the sweat from his face and said, “What if I put hunger in my mind, will you still punish me then? Even when I control my own thoughts you still have some limitations.” The Keeper said, “If you continue to resist then in your mind we will find memories more unpleasant.” Ender picked up the glass and drank it. He then began to get up but suddenly charged at the glass barrier and bounced off but the Keeper backed away with a look of shock and Ender said (smiling), “That’s very interesting. You were startled. Were you reading my mind then?” Keeper said, “As you conjectured, a vessel did crash on the surface but with only one survivor.” Ender said, “Stop changing the subject! All I want to do then and now is to knock you out and throw you in this cage!” Keeper said, “We have treated the human female and we find your species very interesting.” Ender walked around frustrated and said, “All right, all right, let’s talk about the girl!” Ender then looked at the Keeper with concern and said, “You seem to be going out of your way to make her attractive to me.” Keeper said, “We thought this is necessary to perpetuate your species.” Ender said, “Why do you want me to love or protect her?” Keeper said, “We want are specimens to be happy in their new life.” Ender looked frustrated and said, “Why me? Do you plan on creating a human community of slaves?” Keeper said, “We have now properly conditioned the female.” The Keeper turned away and Ender yelled, “You mean punished!” The Keeper stopped and looked back and Ender said, “I’m the one that is not cooperating, why don’t you punish me?” Keeper said, “First an emotion of protection, now sympathy. Excellent.” The Keeper walked away and the scenery around Ender changed to a forest with an opening showing a big green field in front and a young blond haired girl sat on a blanket with a picnic basket out and food.

Ender sighed and walked over to her as she looked back and Ender saw it was Vena (not to his surprise). She smiled at Ender and said, “My is this a lovely view!” Ender kneeled down next to her and said, “It is.” Vena said, “We could stay here if you want?” Ender said (with discontent), “But we are not here. We’re in a Menagerie, a cage!” Vena looked upset and said, “No!” Ender said, “I can’t help either one of us if you don’t give me a chance! You said these dreams are a narcotic to them. They couldn’t repair the machines left by their ancestors. Is that why they want us, to create a colony of slaves?” Vena replies upsettingly, “Stop it! Don’t you even care what they will do to us?” Ender replied, “A few moments ago when I was in my cage there was a time where the Keeper couldn’t read my thoughts. Does a strong emotion of hate or intense anger block off their minds?” After a few moments Vena looked down and nodded and said, “Yes, but I have tried and they keep going at you till you give in. They play tricks and punish me day after day, week after week and year after year and they won. They owned me. Now you hate me.” Ender (caresses her hands) said, “No I don’t hate you. I know what it is like.” Vena said, “It is my thoughts that made them brought you here. I kept dreaming of the perfect man, and they read what I imagined and that’s why they brought you here.” Ender said, “If they can read my mind they know that I like you, but I am in love with someone else.” The Talotians watched Ender and Vena on their screen and The Keeper waved a hand and suddenly the scenery changed and Ender looked and sees himself in a courtyard in a middle of an estate wearing a gold and blue robe sitting on a large sofa with musicians in front playing a song with a shallow stream separating them.

Ender notices an Orion slave girl dancing in front of the band and he looks closely at the dancer as the band played and Ender looked amazed and says to himself, “Vena!” Ender continued to watch barely trying to contain his show of disgust and anger as Vena (looking like an Orion slave girl) danced before him till he jumped up and walked briskly to the left going to the house behind him. When he past the oak doors the walls on each side were filled with paintings and he continued walking till the scenery change to stone walls and lite torches like he is in a castle and when he looked back there was a stone wall. He ran up and felt around it to see if there was an opening but to no avail and suddenly he noticed the light around him got brighter and he looked back and saw Vena (Orion) standing there with a torch in her hand as she smiled at him.

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