Star Trek Endeavor: Ender's Cage

Chapter 6

In the Endeavor’s transporter room Petra stood with the doctor, Joachim and three security personnel with phaser rifles and she said, “We are going to try and beam inside the mountain at these coordinates.” She indicated the numbers on the transporter control. Petra said, “Hopefully we will reach the captain from there.” Hive Queen said (mentally), “Ms. Arkanian I tried to contact Ender but he is unable to respond. They may have detected my presence and the Talotians are blocking me from contacting him.” Joachim said, “Ma’m wouldn’t we be beaming into solid rock?” Petra replied, “I have personal intelligence telling me that it is safe.” They looked at her confused and Petra said, “This is strictly voluntary and you have the right to back out. If you do then I will understand and would not hold it against you.” She looked around and no one objected and they all went up the transporter pads. The transporter chief operated the controls and when the transporter started up only Petra dematerialized. Joachim threw out his arms and yelled, “WAIT!” The chief the immediately stopped transport and everyone looked around shocked.

Petra materialized and she looked around and saw she was in an enclosed room with two glass display walls and she saw Ender standing and looking ahead as a girl in a silver dress held him and Petra approached and said, “Captain?” Vena looked up and yelled, “No, let me finish!” She stomped away leaving Petra looking dumbfounded and she said, “I was part of a party of six!” Ender looked at her and down at her belt and quickly grabbed her phaser and aimed it at the glass wall and squeezed the trigger but nothing happened. He pressed the button for full power and pressed the trigger again but still nothing and Ender said, “Damn.” Petra pulled out her communicator and said, “It was fully charge when I left.” She opened and pressed the call button on her communicator but nothing happened and she said, “Damn, I can’t get a signal!” Ender grabbed the communicator and said, “Shh, don’t.” He walked to the sliding, hidden hatch and said, “Filling my mind to beat their melon heads to a pulp!” He dropped them both and said, “Their minds can’t penetrate strong emotions of anger. I’m filling my with hate.” Ender stood in front of the glass and Vena approached him but was blocked by Petra and she said, “Leave him alone.” Vena said, “He doesn’t need you he’s already picked me!” Petra looked at her puzzled and said, “Picked for what?” Vena said, “Now there’s a fine choice to pick for intelligent offspring.” Petra said, “Offspring, like Adam and Eve? I can tell you that is not happening.” Vena said, “Says someone who has a better chance on making out with a computer.” Petra glared at Vena and said, “Now let’s get this straight. On our records the SS Columbia had a passenger named Vena on board as an adult crew member. Now adding 22 years if you are her you must be...” There was a sound of footsteps and they looked and saw it was the Keeper. Vena moved forward and said, “It’s not fair, I did what you asked!” Keeper said, “Since the first specimen has no appeal to you, we brought you someone we know you are fond of.” Ender glared down at the Keeper and said, “Can you read may mind now? All I want is to get my hands around your neck! Is your blood red like ours? I intend to find out!” Keeper (ignored his threat) said, “Your girlfriend has a superior mind and will produce highly intelligent children.” Petra blushed a little but still stared down at the Keeper. Ender said, “Can you read my thoughts freak? The images of hate, killing...” Keeper said, “Your commander also possesses youth and strength almost alike to yours and has strong feminine drives.” Ender continued, “Why don’t you read these thoughts? Thoughts so primitive you can’t understand. Emotions so...” Ender yelped and closed his eyes as he cringed in pain as Petra held on to him till Ender opened his eyes again and breathed heavily from the pain. The Keeper said, “Wrong thinking is punishable. Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded.” They looked at the Keeper now walking away and entered the elevator before it closed. Ender stood upright with Petra’s help and Petra said, “Ender, what...” Ender shook his head and said, “No, don’t help me. I have to concentrate. They can’t read through hate.” Ender walked away and sat on the floor resting against the bed. Hive Queen said, “Petra what’s going on? I can’t find Ender.” Petra replied (mentally), He’s trying to block the Talotians from reading his mind by filling it with hate. They can’t read through primitive thoughts and he has to concentrate.” Hive Queen said, “I understand.” Petra laid back on the bed as Vena sighed and said, “What’s with these people.” She sat against the side of the bed on the opposite end.

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