Star Trek Endeavor: Ender's Cage

Chapter 8

Ender (voice), Captain’s log star date 2342.1, we have left Talos IV and have sent a top secret message to Starfleet about what happened at Talos IV and recommended that the star system should be quarantined in the hopes no one will have to face the same situation the Endeavor went through and abide by the Talotians word so no one will attempt to possess their abilities. It will also be noted that no one survived the crash of the SS Columbia and the transmissions we received are those of the ship’s last transmission before they crashed. We are now continuing our course to Starbase 11 to conduct repairs from our attempt to breach the Galactic Barrier.” Ender entered his quarters and saw Petra lying in bed in her white pajamas with her hair loose and said, “So you are quarantining Talos IV?” Ender replied, “Yes.” He went into the bathroom and washed his face before he came back out and started changing into his pajamas. Ender said, “How is it?” Petra replied, “Is what?” Ender said, “Talking to the queen.” Petra replied, “First I thought I was going crazy, but now I’m getting use to it.” Ender then went to bed and laid next to Petra as she moved up to his left side and cuddled close to him as he wrapped his left arm around her and stroke her hair.

The turbo lift doors opened on the bridge and Ender sat in his command chair while Petra took to her station. Ender said, “Anything from Starbase 11?” Communications replied, “Starbase control reports we are a go for standard orbital approach.” Ender said, “Helm, engage orbit.” Joachim pressed a button and said, “Engaging standard orbit sir.” The Endeavor moved to the orbit of a planet that is Starbase 11 with a K-7 type space station being built to the port side of the Endeavor. A male voice through the intercom said, “Starbase 11 to Endeavor, welcome.” Ender said, “Thank You Starbase 11 but we are in need for repairs that require the utmost importance.” The voice replied, “Yes captain, our repair crews will start making preparations to assist in your repairs.” Ender said, “Copy starbase, me, my first officer and our chief engineer will beam down with the list of repairs and supplies.” The voice said, “Affirmative captain, starbase 11 control out.” Ender stood up and said, “You assume the bridge Lt. Commander.” Joachim replied, “Aye sir.” Ender and Petra entered the turbo lift and the doors closed as the bridge crews looked more calm and relaxed and they worked at their stations.

On the surface the grey and almost office complex like buildings (with the exception of some spire shaped buildings and construction yards) of Starbase 11 sat in the middle of an almost desert like landscape with a large canyon to the right in the distance and in the sky the building of the K-7 type space station can be visible. Ender, Petra and Nikolai materialized in a courtyard outside the main building as a female yeoman waited for them. She approached them and said, “Captain if you and your officers follow me Commodore Vincent will like to see you.” They followed her to the Commodore’s office where she greeted them and the Commodore said, “Welcome captain to Starbase 11.” Ender said, “Thank You Commodore. This is my first officer Commander Petra Arkanian and Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Nikolai Delphiki.” She shook their hands and greeted them and Vincent said, “What brings you to Starbase 11 captain?” Ender said, “Repairs. We couldn’t breach the Galactic Barrier and we found a recorder from the SS Valiant that had tried to do the same but it nearly destroyed them. Here’s our list of repairs and supplies.” Nikolai and Petra gave Vincent their reports and she passed them to the yeoman that was waiting and left the office. Vincent said, “We’ll begin work as soon as possible.” Ender said, “Thank You Commodore.” The Yeoman returned and Vincent said, “Yes Yeoman?” The yeoman said, “Ma’m the Repair Chief has looked over their reports and said the Endeavor should be fully repaired and ready to go in one week.” Vincent said, “Thank You Yeoman.” She left and Vincent said, “While your ship is being repaired and resupplied the crew of your ship can enjoy the recreational facilities we have recently built here or take a short leave and explore the planet.” Ender said, “Thank You Commodore, our crew will be happy to hear that.” Vincent said, “Not at all Captain. Enjoy your leave.” Ender and the others shook the Commodore’s hand and left her office.

The turbo lift doors opened and Ender, Petra and Joachim resumed their stations temporarily and Ender pressed a button on his arm rest and a whistle blew through the intercom. Ender said, “Attention crew of the Endeavor. I complement all of you on your brilliant performance these past two missions as our abilities were tested including the ship. Our ship will be in orbit for a week and liberty and leave is granted for all hands and rotations of liberty is under port and starboard rotations. Lt. Commander’s Joachim Weiss and Nikolai Delphiki will be in charge and all reports will be submitted to them till the day we depart, Wiggin out.” The bridge held their excitement even though they whispered their exuberance and Ender stepped out of his chair and said, “Joachim?” Joachim replied, “Understood sir.” He shook his head and smirked as he continued to push buttons on his console. Ender entered the turbo lift along with Petra before the doors closed and Petra smirked and said, “Do you have any plans?” Ender replied, “I was thinking on taking a few days leave and take the Commodore’s advice.” Petra said, “Then I guess I better pack an extra set of clothes.” They both looked at each other and laughed but when the turbo lift doors opened they recomposed themselves and walked fast to their quarters as if they are racing each other till they reached their quarters and they quickly packed and changed their clothes. Petra said, “Come on Ender, we have to go before the shuttle bay gets piled up!” Ender replied as he struggled to pull his boots off, “I’m hurrying!” He was able to change his shoes and quickly but carefully packed the larva Queen in a separate bag packed with towels and they both walked fast out of their quarters trying not to draw too much attentions.

The doors opened in the shuttle bay and Ender and Petra stepped into the large bay as various types of shuttle craft were either sitting and waiting to depart or were being taken from the overhead or side docks. Ender and Petra walked fast to a Type 3 shuttle that was closest to them and saw Nikolai was standing in the doorway. He smirked and shook his head at them and said, Two of the highest ranking officers on this ship are leaving together and dumping their responsibilities on me and Joachim.” Ender and Petra smiled back at him and they all laughed and Nikolai said, “I saved the shuttle just for you two.” Ender said, “Thank You Nikolai.” Nikolai patted his shoulder and said, “No problem, just enjoy your leave.” They both shook Nikolai’s hand and boarded the shuttle. Ender and Petra put their bags down and Ender sat in the pilot’s seat while Petra sat in the co-pilot seat. A voice in the com panel said, “Shuttle Takari you are cleared for take off.” Petra pressed a button and said, “Thank You shuttle control.” Ender and Petra pressed buttons overhead and on the console in front of them and the steering controls lite up. Ender operated the controls and the shuttle lifted off and flies out of the shuttle bay and exits the back of the Endeavor, turns and heads down to the planet. Ender said, “I found a nice house to stay at temporarily till we explore a mountain that I heard is a unique.” Petra said, “Just as long as it doesn’t take up most of our leave.” Ender laughed and said, “No it won’t.” Once the shuttle passed through reentry the shuttle turned and headed straight into a flat Savannah type of land. Ender looked down and sees horses that are purple running down the landscape and the shuttle flew to starboard and landed right in front of a cottage with a small stable to the right. The shuttle powered down and Ender and Petra left carrying their bags as the shuttle door closed and locked.

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