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I Lay Here


This will follow a story of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson and so it's clear this is just fanfiction and just for fun but I'm not gonna go too deep into what the story is about because I'm writing it as I get ideas but there will be some unexpected twist and turns along the way don't worry.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: The beginning

It was that fleeting hour of the day when the moon and sun are high and bright at the same time. Like many things in my life, these summer nights wouldn’t last much longer. I sat quietly on the rooftop of Lou’s College flat breathing in the hot but refreshing air as I waited around for about thirty minutes and then I finally heard his sweet, sweet voice say. “Haz, sorry I’m late, Coach made us run laps after practice for talking and Laughing during drills”. We sat in silence for a minute until I finally said “It’s okay I know your footy coach is really tough and strict on you guys”. We continued the conversation just talking about how our days went and just everything we could think of for a little while. At least that’s what it felt like but when I looked down at my wristwatch It read 1 A.M.! So me and Lou decided to head back to the flat. When we arrived Louis went straight to the kitchen and made two cups of tea. I loved it when he made us tea he always put the perfect amount of milk and sugar. As we sat on his old worn-out couch watching the notebook for the millionth time while occasionally sipping out the tea that has slowly grown colder. We both became pretty tired and sleepy, and by around 2:30 Lou had fallen asleep he was out cold. So naturally, I carried him to bed tucking him and myself in. I lay down next to him admiring how soft and peaceful he looks. As he breaths in and out he mumbles incoherent words as he dreams. His voice is rather deep and raspy now. I notice his eyes start to flicker highlighting his dark eyelashes I would kill to have. And his perfect cheekbones and his light summer tan that compliments his bright blue eyes that remind me of the summer sky. Along with his chocolatey brown hair that just pulls every little aspect of him together including his sunshine smile. As I continue to admire him I slowly feel my eyes getting heavier and heavier as I look at the clock that flashes the time 3:00 A.M. I finally drift off to sleep...

I woke up to the sound of Louis running around scavenging for his keys. Luckily he noticed me sleepily pointing to the drawer they had been put in the night before. Thanking me “Thanks Hazza see ya later, okay”? As I reply with “Yeah of course”. When he rushes out the door to set off for just another normal day of school and Football practice. While I stay in the flat doing my online college classes. And then Lou returns to the flat and we go up to watch the sunset then a movie and drift to sleep. Or at least that’s what I thought would happen, but boy was I very wrong.

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