Some Assembly Required


A terminally ill girl from our century gets cryo-frozen and "wakes up" as a Borg. As she sets off on a quest to re-discover her past, she offers Data a chance at becoming more human.

Romance / Humor
Age Rating:

Everytime We Touch

Character Profiles & Background Info

Aden Alastair:

16, Vulcan, Male

6'5"; 210lbs.

Medium-short black hair (like Billy-Joe from Green Day or Girard Way from MCR) and golden-brown eyes.

A brass and cocky young Vulcan-Borg with an intensely loyal and familial bond with Winifred. Having come to see her as his older sister, even a mother-figure at times, Aden is slightly over-protective and will do anything for Fred. Despite this he is still an adolescent male with raging hormones and an adult-oriented sense of humor. He will often joke with Fred about how whenever he sees an attractive female that he wants to "fuck her senseless," quoting that when it comes to his charms "resistance is futile." Fred's reaction is always that of mixed disgust and laughter, often calling him a "horn-dog" or a "male-chauvinist pig" and stating that her humanity has corrupted his Vulcan genetics. (Even though Fred has a similar sense of humor, but unlike Aden, hers is just toned down around those she doesn't know.)

Winifred "Fred" Alastair:

25, Human, Female

5'4"; 120 lbs.

Golden-brown, shoulder-length locks and deep hazel-blue eyes.

Originally born in 1998, Winifred (nicknamed "Fred") suffered from Batten Disease, a rare genetic disease that was fatal. Thankfully her father, Dr. Isolt Alastair, was an expert in bioengineering; whilst her Mother, Fiona, was the top cryonic researcher of her times. Upon her seventh birthday and the discovery of her disease they devoted their research solely to finding a cure for their child. However by the time she was 14 Winifred's condition became nearly terminal. In a desperate attempt to stay off the Grim Reaper and provide more time for their research, Winifred's parents had her cryogenically frozen at their lab in DC.

Centuries later, in 2368, a group of archeologist funded by a Ferengi trader, Frak, uncovered some old ruins in which they find a cryogenic pod containing an adolescent human female. Rather then keeping the pod and studying it for historical purposes, Frak decided it would be much more profitable to sell the pod to a man he knew, a "collector" of unique findings. It took several favors and illegal smuggling operations for Frak to finally get the pod out of Federation territory so that he could arrange a meeting with his contact. Whilst in transport Frak's shuttle was intercepted by a Borg cube and assimilated on site.

Since Winifred was not physically mature enough to become a full drone she was placed into a maturation chamber and given her first Borg implants. (Fortunately for her she was still unconscious from the effects of her cryostasis when she was assimilated.) Not two hours later the cube carrying Fred intercepted was hit by an electro-kinetic storm, killing all adult drones on board and crashing the ship into an M-Class planetoid. The sole survivors of the incident were those in the maturation chambers, since they were run by their own, separate, power-core and, because of their developmental process not being completed yet, were also somewhat immune to the effects that killed the adult drones.

Upon awakening from their chambers, a side-effect of the power failure caused by the ship's crash-landing; the survivors lost their connection with the hive mind. Without this connection, and due to their unfinished assimilation into full Borg-drones, the children's own identity was left mostly in-tact. Several moths went by in which the children formed their own little community, complete with an age and talent based chain-of-command. It ran rather smoothly, considering it was an entire society of children. The most important contributing factor was no doubt their combined efforts into creating a shuttle craft from the wreckage so that they could return to society in search of their planets of origin.

Once in space the children set course for the nearest inhabited planet where they separate in their own directions to rebuild their lives. Fred, having learned from the Borg archives that Frak had also found her parents' journals, decides to track down the merchant in hopes of finding out what happened to her family while she slept. She is joined by a 5 year-old Vulcan male who ever since the crash has been clinging to her heels like a lost puppy. Having been 3-months old when he was assimilated, the boy had no name of which he remembered, so Winifred decided to name him after her elder brother, Aden.

Over the years the two develop many useful technologies biased on Borg knowledge and technology, as well that of the cultures they visited. This was due in part, a rather large part, to their questionably unethical ways of using their assimilation tubules to interface with the main computers of each "stop" on their journey and download all useful information into their cortical processors. It was through this that the two came up with an idea to retrieve the Alistair's journals from Starfleet. (They had learned that after sending Fred's pod off to its supposed destination name intended to sell off the journals to another collector on Deep Space Nine, only to be caught by Security Chief Odo and have the records sent to Starfleet command for further analysis.)

Their plan was simple in conception but rather difficult in practice. They would gain access to Starfleet by going through Lieutenant Commander Data. They would give him what he always wanted, or at least as close to it as they could get, in return for the journals. All they had to do was develop functional, artificial internal organs and flesh, refine and expand his emotion chip, and create artificial DNA so that the whole Lal incident (they happened upon this info by chance) need not be repeated and he could spawn his own child naturally…well, by natural means…as natural as an android turned cyborg could get, that is. After that they would use Data's off switch to neutralize him so that they could surprise him with their work. When he woke up he would be so grateful that he would do everything in his power to gain Fred access to what was rightfully hers in the first place.

Eleven years later (2379) our story begins as Winifred, now 25 (technically 381), stows away on Enterprise E with her "adopted" brother and close companion, Aden. The two use their remaining Borg implants and survival-techniques learned over the past decade to mask their presence whilst living inside the Jeffries tubes of the starship. They spend their time there studying Data and perfecting their plan to acquire the Alistair's journals from Starfleet. It is during this time that two things happen: 1. Despite her attempts at hiding it, Aden notices Fred's new-found attraction towards Data ("The files never mentioned how…how he… how aesthetically pleasing he is!"), for which he playfully mocks her. 2. The events of Nemesis take place.

Chapter One

Viewing Data's decision through the connection he had with the ship's computer, Aden gets slightly upset.

'Oh, no you don't! Not after all we've went through!' Aden grimaces as he quickly makes his way towards Data's location. As Data is about to implement his plan Jaden releases several hundred of his nano-probes into the chamber where they quickly penetrate Data's synthetic skin and covertly begin to multiply and intergrade with his systems. (Aden had programmed them, while on his way to Data, to secretly "infest" all his systems and create a rather unique and untraceable signal in him for which Aden intended to beam him directly back to the ship should things go the way he feared they might.)

After initiating a link with Data's nano-probe filled posotronic brain, Aden is able to visually see everything Data does. Had Aden not been a child-prodigy and therefore excellent in his creation of "stealth nanites," Data's system would've been able to detect the nano-probes within milliseconds of their penetrating his skin. Aden gives a cocky smirk as he mentally congratulates himself for being THE SMARTEST person EVER, organic, Borg, android, or otherwise.

'Aden, what the hell do you think you're doing, running off like that without telling me?!' Fred scolds him through their mental link. 'Do you have any idea how-'


Fred's eyes widen in shock before narrowing into anger. 'Now I know you didn't just say what I think you did! You're not suicidal, but if you don't explain yourself you know I WILL slaughter your sorry, pointy-eared ass!'

'Just wait.' Aden stated, holding up his finger. 'I'm trying to rescue your boy-toy android.'

Fred, shocked, held her mouth agape. 'I-I n-never said he was…Data, he…he doesn't even know I exist let alone that…'

Aden rolled his eyes and tuned her out while he watched the scene unfolding aboard the Scimitar. His eyes widened as he saw the captain teleport out and Data aim his phaser.

'Dumb-shit android! I'd let you fry if it weren't for the fact it would upset Fred!'

One second Data is about to be swallowed by the explosion, the next he finds himself safely aboard the Enterprise.

"Curious, I appear to be in the Enterprise's Jeffries tubes." Data noted as he took in his new surroundings. Upon spotting Aden he redirects his phaser at the intruder. "I do not believe you should be here."

"I save your positronic ass and this is the thanks I get?!?"

"Uh, Aden, in case you forgot, we ARE stow-a-ways."

"I know that! It's just you'd think he'd be more grateful!" Aden pouted as he glared at Data holding the phaser, mumbling under his breath. "Ungrateful droid!"

This turn of events leads the Alastair children to a level five force-field containment in sickbay. Here they are kept under guard by no less then six security officers as Dr. Crusher examines them.

"You know, Doctor," Aden stated as she checked him over with her tricorter, "the guards are quite unnecessary. We've been here for some time now, undetected, and haven't done anything remotely un-admirable. If our intent was to take the ship it would be ours by now." This only won him a shocked/scared look from the doctor and a smack up-side his head from Fred.

"OW! What was that for?!"

"Do you REALLY believe that you're helping the matter by saying stuff like that?! Think, Aden, use your common sense!"

"I was only trying to reason with her."

"You call THAT reasoning?!"

Aden shrugged. "Yeah, kinda. At least I'm trying to get us outta here, unlike you."

Dr. Crusher smiled slightly at the sight of the two bickering like little children before Captain Picard entered. He was followed shortly by Commander Riker, Lt. Commander Data, Councilor Deanna Troi, and Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge.

"It would appear Data's initial findings were correct, Sir. The two do appear to have Borg implants." Dr. Crusher informed him.

"Yes, I understand." Picard nodded. "What about you two?" He asked, eying Troi and LaForge. Councilor Troi tried reading the two's emotions while expressing her findings as Geordi entered the force-field and did a diagnostic check on their implants.

"While they're not complete drones they aren't exactly 'normal' either, Captain. It would appear that they've experimented with some rather unique 'upgrades' to their implants." Geordi stated as he gawked at his readings.

As Picard and Riker question the siblings, Data begins to study the two "drones" intently. The female appeared to be in her mid twenties. She was human, and about 163 cm. tall and 54 kg. in weight. She had golden-brown, shoulder-length locks tied back in a loose-fitting braid and deep hazel-blue eyes. Her figure was what most humans would consider average; about 91.4 cm chest, 66 cm waist, and a hip ratio of about 111.8 cm. The male was obviously Vulcan. He had a slim yet athletic build and was 195cm. tall and weighing about 95 kg. He had shaggy, medium-short black hair that fell into his eyes at times and golden-brown eyes. Aside from this the two appeared to be dressed in rather unique clothing that he'd never seen before.

Meanwhile, Deanna sensed Fred's reluctance to tell them their intentions as well as her romantic feelings towards Data. She also took note of the girl's shy yet quick glances towards the android and smiled warmly at her findings.

"Captain, since Lt. LaForge seems to be done, maybe Geordi should take Data to engineering and run some more diagnostic tests? To see the extent of the nanites progression in Data's systems?" Deanna smiles.

Noting the look in her eyes, Jean-Luc agreed and dismissed his two officers. Geordi left willingly as Data stopped to take one last inquisitive look at the new "guests." He wasn't positive, but it appeared he had established a minor mental link with the young Vulcan.


Once they left gone Deanna excused herself and took Beverly aside to discuss the girl's readings. Beverly stated her shock yet motherly glee over her observation of Fred's biological responses after Data entered the room and when he left. The two exchange observations before coming to the delightfully whimsical conclusion that Data may have unknowingly met the woman he's been waiting for…Assuming things went well and the two drones weren't out to deceive them, of course.

The two women returned to find two rather disgruntled looking men getting nowhere in their interrogation of the two stow-a-ways. Fred, who was holding her head in her hand and shaking it in apprehension, remained quite as she was too unsure of what to say. Meanwhile Aden played a game of reverse psychology and kept reiterating the questions he was asked, smirking triumphantly at the state he'd gotten the two men in. ("I see, you are inquiring about our names?" and "So you want to know where we're from?" etc.)

"Captain, if I may." Deanna smiled. "Perhaps a change in tactics may be more beneficial?" Deanna nodded towards Beverly who deactivates the force-field. With a warm smile and coaxing tone Deanna asked them if they would like to be shown to their quarters, where the three could talk in private. The captain looked at her in disbelief and was about to object when Beverly interrupted him.

"That is, assuming the captain could spare an extra room normally reserved for refugees and official representatives?" There were no refugees or representatives on board at the time, obviously, so the women didn't see any harm in asking. Riker reminded them about how the two were Borg drones and stow-a-ways.

"God only knows what they did to Data with those nano-probes of theirs!" he stated, citing that they should be held in the brig until they could be safely transported to Starfleet Command. Deanna smiled.

"Yes, they were Borg, they're free now." She then reminded Riker about how the two had shown no signs of hostility and had also rescued Data from certain death. Knowing when to give up, Picard allowed Deanna to show the two to some spare quarters, with the stipulation that there be two armed guards posted outside…just in case.

After being shown their new humble abode, Deanna talks the two into telling her their story and reason for coming to the Enterprise. After learning about their reasons Deanna is delighted to hear that the two have all but created the actual items needed to make Data more human.

"We'd basically be making him a reverse-cyborg. If that makes any sense?" Fred smiled. Shocked from all that she's learned, Deanna nods her understanding and promises that they have no need to worry but that she will have to inform the captain of their discussion.

Several days go by and, after receiving permission from Captain Picard, Data joyously assists Fred and Aden (along with Geordi and Dr. Crusher) in engineering the parts which would soon bring the android's fondest wish to fruition. Not surprisingly all those involved, except Data, were quick to notice Fred's growing infatuation with Data. While Data was mildly worried he might've offended Fred, the others enjoyed watching her blush ever so slightly every time Data got within two feet of her or spoke to her. Meanwhile Fred was doing her best to maintain her cool and not shudder every time Data happened to touch or bump into her. She was doing rather well at it, as anyone who wasn't involved in the project simply perceived her interactions with Data as nothing but professional.

While Fred did help in designing the updated sexual organs and programming for Data, upon visual contact of him shirtless (they needed to run simulations/tests), she decided to opt out of working on this specific section of his body and left it to Aden and the others to finish. This confused Data as it was Fred (and Aden) who had made the initial designs, but Dr. Crusher explained that there is a significant difference between blueprints and the actual product/thing.

"I see. While I compliment you on your appropriate choice of metaphor, Doctor, I am still confused as to how my physical state of being would cause Fred to cease in her participation of something she has no doubt taken years to design. Based on this and Fred's heart rate, body language, and ambient heat being given off, she is either coming down with some sort of infection or is having an adverse reaction to my presence."

Beverly smiled. "I don't think she's sick, Data."

"Inquiry. If Fred is not sick, why is she having such an averse reaction to my presence? Is it not normal for a scientist to take pleasure in the actual act of creating something they have worked so hard on?"

"Yes Data, but unlike most 'inventions' you have the form of an actual person."

"That is correct, however I am still afraid that I do not understand why my form would cause such a reaction in Fred. Does my appearance appall her in some way? Does she find me…ugly?"

Geordi tells him not to worry, no man has or will ever truly understand the inner workings of women, so it's best not to stress over something that is beyond his understanding or control.

"Besides, I'm pretty certain that Fred doesn't find you in the least bit ugly." Geordi smiled. Still confused, Data agrees to drop the matter and, after much coaxing, promised not to ask Fred about it.

After spending hours each day with the young woman, Data soon took note of the slight idiosyncrasies Fred displayed around him. The way she would talk warmly and openly with the others and speak only when necessary with him. (Though she wasn't rude, she was still nice…Just not very conversational or open.) How she would avoid making eye contact with only him, and kept him at a farther distance then she allowed anyone else. She would even call him Lieutenant or Mr. Soong, despite his request she call him Data. It hurt Data to think that he could've inadvertently done something to upset her. He decided that once everything was complete, once his…operation was a success, he would make an attempt at reconciling with the young woman who intended to grant him his dream yet avoid him at all costs.

As for the "upgrades" to Data's body and neuronet; they include the need to breathe, eat, use the restroom, sleep, and eat healthy. The consequences for which are, respectively, temporary loss of all cognitive functions (kinda like blacking-out), decrease in energy, soiled pants, decrease in energy, and weight gain. These needs and their corresponding consequences are programmed to remain functional and active, with him having the inability to deactivate them, unless continuing to do so would endanger his life or that of others. (Like if he was stranded on a desert planet with few supplies and a wounded comrade. The programs would shut off so that Data could take better care of his friend and not consume all the resources himself.)

"Wow, you two really went all out!" Geordi exclaimed as he went over all the new improvements to his friend.

Aden smiled. "Hey, if the droid wants to be human so badly who am I to deny him?"

"Please, you just can't wait to see him fart or do some other embarrassing bodily function." Fred smirked.

"Who? Me? Why Fred, I'm hurt that you would even insinuate such a thing."

Geordi smiled at Aden's mock attempt at fanning insulted.

"Besides, any 'real' human does the same thing every now and then and they can't turn it on or off at whim. Why should Data be any exception? He DOES wish to become more human after all. I'm just making it more realistic."

As Fred and Aden insisted on getting Data as close to human as possible, 50-75% of each new organ and his new skin cells were created from replicated samples of their own bodies fused with synthetic materials. Data's new DNA and RNA are created from remaining hair and skin samples of Dr. Soong. These samples are reproduced then altered so as to create a possible facsimile of what one of Soong's biological children would've had.

"Astounding!" Dr. Crusher smiled.

"You can thank the resident Vulcan-Borg prodigy for his successful attempt at mapping the human genome and unlocking the secrets to the "building-blocks" of DNA." Fred stated dryly. "Narcissistic little elf won't ever let me forget that one!"

Beverly laughed. "He does tend to 'toot his own horn,' doesn't he?"

"You have no idea." Fred thought about telling her how she could often hear Aden doing nasty things in his room at night and how it tended to take him half an hour "just to pee," but decided against it. 'I'm sure she knows all too well about living with an adolescent male.' She thought, remembering how Dr. Crusher would often compare Aden to her son, Wesley.

It took about 12 days, 3 hours, 56 minutes, and 9.3 seconds until everything was ready for Data's "operation."

"I promise not to leave any tweezers or sponges inside you." Aden joked.

Data tilted his head in confusion. "If I am not mistaken, such surgical instruments have not been used for several hundred years. I am therefore confused as to-"

"Joke, Data. That was a joke." Geordi chuckled, placing a firm grip on his friend's shoulder. "You ready?" Data nodded. The "operation" began as soon as Data laid down on the table and Geordi activated his off switch. "Sweet dreams, buddy." Another 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 16.8 seconds went by before they were all done. The procedure went off without a hitch and now all that was left was to reactive Data.

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