Not So Perfect After All

Lily knocked Scorpius in the back. He had managed to choke on the banana he was eating while talking to her about something. She hadn’t heard a word he said.

“You purebloods can’t do everything, you know,”

Scorpius slicked back his hair and smiled. “You’re one to talk, Potter.” They both cracked up.

“We...sound like our..parents!” Lily choked back more laughter and leaned in. “What did your git of a father say about the holidays?” Scorpius smiled and watched Lily halfway read her book while reaching one ear up like a little sonar.

“He said no. There was coffee spilt down the page, as if he was really mad and just knocked it over.” Lily dug her nose in her book, but Scorpius could see her tears. He reached back to pull up his best friend’s hair.

“Hey, Lily, it’s alright.” Lily looked up, her face red and her ruby lips quivering.

“Are you sure you can sort this one out, Scor? I think we need a little more than just a lift of your finger?” Scorpius’s messy, frazzled hair stuck out as he looked up in a sideways way.

“Can you make Chaser in five seconds?” Both grinned and went their separate ways just as the bell rang.

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