“Scor, I went to the-”


“Yes. Anyway, I found information on our fathers.”

“And something on everyone else back 500 years?”

“Shut up!”


“Anyways, I looked at the book “Scar”. We already knew they hated each other before we planned the holidays, but we didn’t know why. Well, apparently Mr. Malfoy had asked if my father wanted to join his little group. He said no. Rivalry, instantly.”


“Right? Anyways, if we can get them to be friends, we should be golden. It should be easy. They work in the same auror department.” Scorpius grinned.

“I have an idea.”

“Good. Now get out of the Ravenclaw dorms, Scorpius.” Lily took her Nimbus 5000 and sweeped him away. She just hid it as her friends walked in.

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