Control Your Emotions

Lily woke up angry, glad it was a weekend, so that she could lie in bed and bathe in self-pity. Of course, Rose wouldn’t have that.

“Come outside. It’s a beautiful day.”

Lily flopped over and soaked up sadness. “Can’t we just stay here?”

“We could go to the library.”

“...fine.” Scorpius wouldn’t go there without her in his right mind. She and Rose heaved themselves down the stairs, making airy conversation, avoiding the subject of Scorpius entirely. When they got downstairs, Rose pushed Lily aside, knowing something had happened with the obnoxious blonde she now saw strolling around, his eyes red and just as tearstained as Lily’s. Lily peered up from her Charms book.


“What, S-scorpius?” She pushed up her glasses.

“Albus got back to me on the owl.”

“Let’s just forget about that.” Lily mumbled, not removing her eyes from their fixed position on the ground.

Scorpius was hurt. Frankly, your best friend telling you you weren’t coming for the holidays stung. But his pain turned to fury. He motioned for Prissa Goyle to leave the room. Rose had already fled with her stack of six books. Scorpius locked the library door. He didn't want anyone coming into this wizard duel. The door was no longer guarded by the librarian, who had left ages ago for lunch. Lily tried to use Alohomora, but Scorpius had hexed it. The door itself was frail and floppy, and it felt like rubber when you touched it. The wood was no longer coarse, but smooth and damp. Lily seemed to shoot lasers out of her eyes pointed directly at Scorpius, making it clear that you shouldn’t mess with the library around her. But she knew he had won the battle. She slumped down against a shelf, her back poking into “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

“This battle is not one to be taken lightly. If I win, we’re friends again.”

Lily nodded. “If I win, you apologize.”

Lily won. The battle had gone like this: Scorpius counted. Both turned on their heels, so fast Lily swore she saw sparks.

“One more thing,” Scorpius had grinned maliciously, “the loser has to be the winner’s slave for a whole day.” Lily turned red as she realized what it now meant to tell your best friend everything. They knew all your secrets and your fears. Even what made you embarrassed. Scorpius would probably make me do something awful. She decided then she couldn’t lose. She bowed, turned, and flourished her unicorn hair wand as if it meant her life. Well, it did.

“Expelliarmus!” Lily demanded. Scorpius was unarmed in a nanosecond.

That quickly, he raised his arms in defeat. “I’m sorry. Friends?”

“Friends.” They shook on it.

“About the owl, your father said he’s going to try to be nice to my father. If it doesn’t go right, you’ll sneak me anyway.”

“Okay. I want you to have my win, Scor. I can’t think of anything to do to you.” Lily immediately regretted her decision, and her mind raced. It’s not like he would do some horrible, just maybe..well... She didn’t think anything Scorpius did would be that bad. Right? Scorpius was standing in the corner, undoing his charms. He turned swiftly and smiled evilly. Uhh, maybe this was a bad idea... he could make me do literally anything! What if he makes me break the rules?!? What if he makes me wash his feet??!!!

“Okay,” He looked into Lily’s eyes, and with a smug smile. Oh no! I shouldn’t have done that! He could make me do something that could get me EXPELLED! “Kiss me.” Wait, WHAT?! Lily looked disturbed, then changed her mood entirely and smiled. She half-tiptoed and laughed hysterically, overcome with confusion. Scorpius’s soft hand, he must have moisturized, stroked through her bright red hair. He kissed her as if he had done it a million times (he was a bit of a flirt). Lily’s face was red, and yet she couldn't help but enjoy it. But when he finally let go she got even redder.

“OI, MALFOY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY SISTER?” Albus burst into the library, originally planning to pick on some first years, but this was a more urgent matter. His hair was dirty and matted as usual, and he looked ready to fight. Lily’s wand, along with Scorp’s, was on the floor, which was not very useful at the moment. Albus and James, however, were fully armed. And pretty angry, considering their circumstances.


“DON’T CALL HIM A PRATT! HE’S MY FRIEND!” screamed Lily, in a volume that only her mother could achieve.

“Looks like he’s more than just a friend, sis.” Al muttered under his breath.

“HAGRID!! MYRTLE!! SOMEONE!!!” The threatened pair called in unison. Hagrid, thankfully, had just started looking for a book on baby Hippogriffs. He had..quite a few. There was a moment when it didn’t look like he was going to do anything, everyone frozen in a ferocious shouting match. Then he grabbed Scorpius and Lily by their collars and dragged them down to his hut. Lily hated things around her neck, and Scorpius hated it when people touched him. Both pulled at Hagrid’s beefy hands, but he got them to stay still at one annoyed look-Lily didn’t know he had those. Lily took off her spectrespecs again, grateful for Hagrid as he lovingly pulled them into his hut.

“Lily, what’re you doin’ in the library at this time? it’s so bright outside!”

Lily looked down. She couldn’t lie to Hagrid. Scorpius could, however.

“Lily was getting a Charms book.” Lily turned bright red and looked away. She HATED lying.

“Lily’s face tells a different story.” Her feet were shuffling and she felt sick. She bet she looked that way, too. She glanced at Scorpius, who shrugged.

“We were having a duel.”

“Ya were? Who won?”

“Lily.” Scorpius put in. Lily was even more red, if that was possible.

“I don’ like ta use Veritaserum, kids.” Lily’s eyes got big, and she nearly fell off her chair.

“Fine.” Lily gave in. “I’m sorry, Hagrid, really, I am. Scorpius…”

“I kissed her.”

Hagrid laughed. Lily tried to hide under the table.

“Is tha’ what you were frettin’ abou’?” He grabbed Lily happily. “It’s abou’ time!” Lily looked shocked.

“You’re..not going to write us up?”

“Why would I? I expected this, o’ course!” Lily sat back down. Scorpius shrugged and grabbed her hand. She blushed yet again. Curse her embarrassment. “Tea?” Hagrid poured the tea into small cups and handed them to the pair, grinning broadly. “James owes me a galleon.”

“He expected this?”

“Yeh. ‘e couldn’ believe i would win, though. Said that ol’ Scorpius ‘ere didn’t have the guts.” Scorpius looked angry at this and held Lily’s hand above the table. Lily looked away.

“We should go, Hagrid. But thank you for not telling.” She turned to Scorpius. “I wanted to swim in the Black Lake before it gets cold.”

“Okay,” Hagrid smiled and pulled the pair into a hug, and they walked off to grab their suits.

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