We Don't Have To Pretend

Lily walked out of the bathroom with her suit on. She walked to Scorpius happily, but with a questioning look on her face. Her question seemed a stupid one, but she had a right to ask.

“So does this mean we’re dating?”

“What else would it mean?” Scorpius grabbed her hand and calmingly stroked her hair, which was a little wet due to Mrytle. She was wearing her now uniformed swimsuit, and it said RAVENCLAW down the front. Scorpius’s was yellow and black and said HUFFLE on one side, and PUFF on the other.

“Anyway, Lily, about my question. My idea in the common room was to pretend to be a couple to get my father”

“We don’t really have to pretend.” She held up his hand laughingly. Scorpius grinned. “Why don’t we go to my father’s house, and when your dad comes to get you, voila!” Lily raised her hands for flair.


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