Meet The Family

Lily shoved a quill into her bag and seized Scorpius’s hand.

“We’re at the station. Come on, then.” Lily stepped out of the train defiantly, as if someone was telling her she couldn’t walk. Scorpius laughed, trotting behind her.

“Lily!” Harry opened his arms wide and embraced her. “Is this Scorpius?” Harry shook Scorpius’s hand. “Nice to meet you. You’re Lily’s friend?”

“Yes, Mr. Potter.”

“Please, call me Harry.”

“Lily!” Ginny turned around from looking down a matted Albus. “This is Scorpius? Nice to meet you!” Ginny started to shake her hand out, then changed her mind, wrapped him up in a hug and grinned radiantly.

“Nice?” James eyes widened. “Oh, it’s nice, all right, he was s-” Lily slapped her hand over his mouth.

“Lily, let’s hear what he has to say.” Lily turned red and nodded to her father.

“He was snogging her in the library.” Finished James, with a smug smile on his face. Lily turned to leave, but a rough hand grabbed her collar and turned her towards it.

“Snogging her, eh?” said a laughing voice Lily recognized as her uncle George. “Lily, why didn’t ya tell us?”

“THIS is why! You guys never just let me like who I like. And I’m tired of it! Control your own lives!” Lily burst out, all eyes on her. Scorpius, along with the rest of the station, was surprised. “Can’t he at least stay for Christmas?” She pleaded, only quiet enough for her parents to hear.

“Lily, dear, we approve. Of course Scorpius can stay for Christmas!” Scorpius let out a sigh at Ginny’s comforting words. “Besides,” Ginny muttered to Lily with a grin. “We need more put together men in this family.” Lily smiled and reached for Scorpius’s hand, and locking eyes and confirming everything was going well, they all hurried home.

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