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Boy, was she lost! Normally the drive home would've taken about 25-30 minutes, but tonight it's been over an hour. Any other day Emma would've take the freeway back to her house, as it was the fastest route home. However today she couldn't, there was some serious crash, and traffic on the main roads was bad. So figuring she'd take the back roads home to avoid the traffic, she'd now gotten lost in a never ending sea of mist.

"This is freak'n ridiculous! How the hell am I supposed to get back home when I can't even s-AAAAHHHHH!" Suddenly, Emma slammed on the breaks as a huge buck jumped in front of her car, causing a loud THUD! sound against her hood, and cracking her windshield. However the sudden loss in momentum, and built-up velocity, caused the car to steer off into a tree. In what seemed like decades, but was more likely a split second or two, Emma's whole life flashed before her eyes.

Elsewhere, in Konoha…

Gurgle Gurgle

"Kakashi-sensei, I'm hungry. When do we get to stop for lunch?" Naruto complained hungrily as he clenched his stomach. "We've been training for six straight hours now and I'm STARVING!"

"Is that all you thinks about, Naruto, food?" Sakura lectured.

"Not all the time!" Naruto replied, somewhat sheepishly. "Sometimes I think about other things too!"

"Humph…Doubt it." Sasuke mumbled.

"What was that, you asshole?" Naruto bellowed.

Sasuke stared back at Naruto sternly. "If you ever wish to become Hokage then you'd better spend more time working on your skills and less time stuffing your big mouth." Sasuke replied in his usual monotone voice.

"Why you…! How dare you say that, you idiot!" Naruto barked as he shook his fist warningly at his opponent.

Kakashi sighed, 'When will those two ever learn to sort out their differences?' he wondered. "How many times must I stress the importance of teamwork with you three?" he asked, pocketing his copy of Icha Icha Paradaisu and slowly walking closer to the group.

Sakura rolled her eyes. 'Great, here comes another sp-'


"What the hell?" Naruto exclaimed.

"What was that?" Sakura asked as she, like the other three, took up a defensive stance.

"It sounded like some kind of explosion, sensei! Maybe we're under attack!" Naruto yelled.

"No," Kakashi replied, "if that was the case I would've detected some sign of movement by now."

"Then what was that?" Sakura inquired.

"I don't know, but I intend to find out." Kakashi replied.

The next second Kakashi bolted through the treetops towards the direction the sound originated.

"Wait for us, Sensei!" Naruto shouted as he and the other two began to follow.

Back to Emma …

"Ugh…!" Emma moaned as pain surged throughout her body. 'Holy fuck'n shit! What, what just happened?' Just then she took notice of the soft cushion her head was rested on. 'Am I, in bed?' Slowly, Emma opened her eyes, expecting to see her bedroom, but instead finding something much different. 'What the hell…? I'm in a…forest?' Emma scrunched her brow in confusion. Somehow she found herself looking out the window of what appeared to be her car. 'So then the pillow mist be…?' Yep, she was right. Her pillow was not a pillow at all, but instead her airbag.

"Kakashi-sensei look!" Emma herd a girl yell from seemingly nowhere.

'The heck?'

"What do you think it is?" came another voice, only this one was male.

Okay, this was freaky. Not only did Emma wake up from what she assumed must've been a car crash, but now she was hearing voices?

'Lovely, not only was I in an accident, but now I'm going delusional and hearing voices! Well, they always said I was cracked! I guess now I proved them right!' Emma mused to herself, trying to suppress the paranoia that was beginning to set in. 'Then again…maybe I'm not hallucinating. Maybe someone's here to help?' She could only hope that she was right. 'I just hope they don't end up being serial killers or rapists!' Emma thought, paranoid and hypothetical assements of her current situation running through her head.

"Umm hello, is anybody th-ACK!" Emma jumped in her seat as a masked man with silver/gray hair popped up in front of the window.

"Holy shit!" she screamed, trying desperately to open her glove compartment.

"How the heck do you open this-Ah, here we go!" the man stated as he opened the drivers' side door.

'Where is that…? Ah-ha!' Quickly, she grabbed her mace and aimed the can at the man.

"Umm hello Miss..?" the man spoke.

"AHH…!" Emma jumped in her seat as the man popped his head into the car. "D-don't come a-any closer or, or else!" she warned, voice unsteady.

Just then a boy with blond, spiky hair popped his head into the car as well.

"ACK!" Emma screamed, spraying the bottle of mace at the two.

Well, needless to say, Kakashi and Naruto WEREN'T expecting THAT!

"WTF was THAT for?" Naruto screamed as both he and Kakashi fell back in pain.

Emma just looked at her can of mace, at awe in what she actually did. She'd never actually thought she'd have to use the can. Meanwhile Sakura and Sasuke were in total shock. What did this strange girl do to their master?

"Hey you!" Sakura screamed at Emma. Emma looked at the girl in shock. "Yeah, you! Who do you think you are, doing that to Kakashi-sensei?"

"Uh…I-I-I uh…" Emma stuttered.

"Don't just sit there gawking, idiot, answer me!" Sakura bellowed.

"All right Sakura," Kakashi interrupted as he rubbed his sore eye, "that's enough."

Naruto stared at the blurred form of his sensei in shock. "B-but Sensei, that girl j-"

"I said that was enough, Naruto." The tall Jounin interjected. "It's obvious that this girl is scared, so what she did was presumably out of survival instinct."

"But what the heck?" Naruto shouted. "What reason does she have to be scared? We were only trying to help!"

"Y-you were trying to h-help?" Emma gawked.

"Of coarse we were, what else did you think we were doing?" Sakura shouted.

"Mug me, for starters." Emma answered bashfully.

"Mug you? Do we look like thieves to you?" Naruto shouted as he stomped angrily towards the car, fist shaking.

"Uh…yes?" Emma responded. Was that question rhetorical? 'Der! Of course you look like muggers! What kind of NORMAL people go around wearing masks?' she thought to herself. Kakashi couldn't help but stifle a smile laugh at her response. Everyone noticed that and looked shockingly at him.

"I guess I kinda do look like a mugger with this mask on, huh?" Kakashi responded, a sly smirk as he rubbed the back of his head. Emma straightened up her back, so that she was no longer in a curled/defensive position.

"Ah, kinda?" she replied, in a smart-ass kind of tone. Again, Kakashi couldn't help but laugh at her response.

"Well, I'm not. None of us are." he answered, gesturing towards his team.

Emma raised her right eyebrow. "Then explain the mask?"

"Okay." Kakashi responded. "You explain what the heck it is you're in."

Emma looked at him unbelievingly. "What the fuck does this look like?" she answered. "It's a car, dumb-ass!"

"A what?" Kakashi responded.

"What the hell is a car?" Naruto blurted.

'Are they retarded or something? These people can't be SERIOUS!' Emma thought to herself. "You're shit'n me, right?" she scoffed.

"Ew, why would we do that?" Sakura replied.

Emma sweat-dropped. These people didn't look Amish. 'Wait, even Amish people know what a car is!' she thought to herself. "A car, you know, you drive it?" she responded. 'I can't believe I'm actually having to define what a car is!' she though sarcastically.

"Drive?" Naruto asked dumbfounded.

Ugh. These people were starting to annoy her. "Yes." She said, grabbing her key (which was still in the ignition) and starting the car.

"AHHH…!" Sakura and Naruto screamed as all four of them jumped back in fear. Just then Naruto threw one of his kunai knifes, striking the hood with it.

"Holy shit! WTF was THAT for?" Emma yelled. "Do you have any idea how much this thing set me back?"

Kakashi blinked in awe as he strode over to the car, yanking out the knife. "This car thing is really strange." he stated, his hand gently gliding over the door.

"And you're suppose to be normal?" Emma mocked.

Kakashi chuckled. "Yes actually. It's you, my friend, who isn't normal."

Emma smiled devilishly at his comment. "Well when you're right you're right. I'm anything BUT normal."

Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto looked shocked/disbelievingly at what she said.

"Is that so?" Kakashi replied, quite intrigued.

"Yep. In fact, normal people scare me." Emma smiled, remembering the time she saw a bumper-sticker with that ' Normal people scare me' quote on it. Yet again this strange girl intrigued Kakashi as he laughed merrily at her statement.

"Well in any case, it'd be nice to know the name of our new abnormal friend."

"Huh, me?" Emma asked dumbfounded.

Kakashi nodded, "Who else would I be talking to?"

"Um… Emma, Emma Solinger." she replied, answering the masked man's question.

"Emma, huh? What a strange name."

'And I suppose Kakashi is normal!' Emma grimaced to herself.

It was then that Kakashi's students broke out of their shocked states and glared at the man.

"Kakashi-sensei, you jerk, don't you know it's rude to make fun of someone's name like that!" Sakura scolded. "You might've hurt her feelings!"

"But Sakura, Emma IS a weird-" SMACK! Naruto's sentence was cut short by Sakura's hand upside his head.

"Please, forgive them." she smiled sheepishly.

"Calm down Sakura, I didn't mean anything by it." Kakashi sighed. "I'm sure Miss Solinger is just as normal as everybody else."

Sasuke scoffed at his remark. "Yeah, right."

"What was that, Sasuke?" Kakashi asked.

"Humph…nothing." Sasuke replied in his normal monotone voice.

"That's not true, Sasuke!" Naruto yelled. "You sa-UMF!" Sakura jabbed her elbow into Naruto's stomach angrily.

"Shut up and mind your own business!" she scolded. Kakashi just smiled as he shook his head, before turning back around to face Emma.

"I think we should take you to see the Hokage." he stated.

"The what?" Emma asked.

"The Hokage, our leader." Sakura informed her.

"Oh." Emma remarked as Naruto started telling everyone that he was gunna become the best Hokage ever.

"Shut up, you idiot." Sasuke grunted towards Naruto.

"What was that, you asshole?" Naruto screamed.

"You'd better not be talking to your future Hokage like that!"

"I'm not." Sasuke retorted, to which Naruto got even angrier.

"Just you wait; I will become the greatest Hokage ever, wait and see!"

"Now, now you two. You should spend more time training and less time arguing with your teammate." Kakashi lectured.

"Yeah, yeah..." Naruto sighed.

"Humph." Sasuke grunted.

"Now as I was saying, I believe the Hokage would like to have a word with you, Miss Solinger." Kakashi announced, reaching out his hand for her to take. Emma looked at his outstretched hand wearily.

"What about my car?" she inquired.

"I'm sure once we get to Konoha the Hokage will send someone to fetch it."

"Umm…okay. But they'd better not damage it!" Emma warned.

Kakashi chuckled, "No, I think you've already done a fine job of that yourself."

Emma blushed, "Well it was an accident! Do you honestly think I would purposely try and-"

"That's not what I meant." Kakashi interjected.

"Well that's what it sounded like." Emma grimaced.

Kakashi shook his head, "Follow me." And with that he started walking towards Konoha, followed shortly by the rest of the group.

As they made their way through the forest Emma took notice of their strange clothes. They didn't dress like most people. In fact, they looked like they just came from some cosplay convention. Another thing she noticed was that she didn't hear any cars, or see any houses as they walked. When she crashed she could've sworn it was in a residential area, one with few trees. How then did she, and her car, end up in a forest?

Things were strange to say the least. But not wanting to upset her supposed rescuers, Emma decided to leave her questions about where she was for later. First she'd try and find out about these people, to better determine wither they were truly as friendly as they claimed to be.

'You never know, it could be some kind of trap. They could be luring me into a false state of security, then when I least expect it-WHAM! Trapped like a rat! Anyways, it's always better to be safe then sorry, right?'

"So…You, umm…you never told me your names." Emma said, as they walked towards Konoha. If these people were truly her friends, they wouldn't mind her knowing their names, right? I mean, it's only proper manners. And besides, they knew hers.

"Oh, how rude of us!" Sakura replied. "Let me introduce you! I'm Sakura." she bowed as she introduced herself. "He's Sasuke," Sakura pointed to a boy with black hair and apparent attitude problem. "This is Kakashi-sensei," Sakura pointed to the tall man with silver/gray hair, who was engrossed in reading some type of book. "And HE'S Naruto." Sakura pointed towards a wild looking kid with blond hair and an orange outfit. Emma also noticed how Sakura spoke Naruto's name like it was poison.

"So Emma," Naruto interjected, "what was that thing we found you in? It looked like some kind of steel house on wheels!" Well, Naruto was kinda right. That wouldn't be how she would describe it, but that would be one way to put it, assuming one didn't know what a car was. And these people, especially Naruto, obviously didn't.

"You idiot, didn't you pay attention to what she said earlier?" Sakura scolded Naruto. He just looked back at her dumbfounded. Sighing, Sakura replied "Em-chan told us that was a car. Jeeze Naruto, if it doesn't involve ramen you don't pay attention, do you?" Kakashi chuckled at his students as he turned to the next page of his Icha Icha Paradaisu.

Emma had noticed that he seemed awfully engrossed in that book, and wondered what it was about. 'It must be awfully good. I wonder what kind of book it is?'

"So Kakashi, what you reading?" Emma asked.

"This?" Kakashi asked, peering over the top of his book at her.

"No, the other book in your hand!" Emma retorted.

Kakashi chuckled at her response. "It's ca-"

"Oh, I don't think you wanna read THAT book!" Sakura interjected.

"Why not?" Emma asked, intrigued at what could possibly be in the book that Sakura didn't want her to see.

"Because, it's an adult graphic novel." Sakura explained, obviously uncomfortable with the subject.

Emma cocked an eyebrow. 'Adult graphic novel?' "You mean porn?"

Sakura nodded, blushing. "Very," she murmured.

"It's called Icha Icha Paradaisu, wanna look?" Kakashi interrupted, holding out the manga for Emiri to look.

"Nah, don't wanna get my hands all sticky." Emma joked. At this Kakashi laughed full-heartedly, obviously enjoying this girl's sense of humor. Meanwhile Sasuke and Sakura looked at Emma in shock. Had she just said that? Poor Naruto however, didn't get what was being implied.

"Great," mumbled Sasuke, "looks like we have another pervert to worry about now."

"Pervert, am I?" Emma asked jokingly. "Well I guess my sense of humor does tend to lean towards more adult and other crude jokes." Emma smiled bashfully as she said this, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment doing so.

"Really?" inquired Kakashi. "Then maybe you'd like to see this book after all?"

"Nah…Jokes are one thing, porn is a TOTALLY different story." Emma informed him.

Kakashi shrugged as he returned back to reading his book. "Suit yourself." A few minutes later the group emerged from the forest and Emma noticed a rather large village/town that they were supposedly heading towards. And around the village, she noticed, was a rather big wall. It almost looked like an old medieval town, only Japanese.

"Wow, talk about surreal!" Emma mused to herself, more then to anyone else.

"Huh?" Naruto asked, noticing her expression.

"Oh nothing, I just didn't think small towns like this existed anymore. Well, at least not many, that is." she explained.

"What do you mean by 'small towns like this'?" Naruto inquired. Everyone else also seemed interested in Emma's answer, as they all looked intensively at her.

"Not to say it isn't a VERY lovely town!" Emma smiled nervously, hoping she didn't accidentally insult them. "It's just that it's not everyday you see old fashioned towns like this. It's actually quite cute, to tell the truth. Homey even!"

About half an hour later, In the Hokage's office…

"And you have no recollection of how you got here?" the Hokage (Sarutobi) asked, still weary of the bizarre predicament Emma had presented.

Emma shook her head. "No. And if I did, do you honestly think I'd still be here? No offence, I mean…You guys have been nice to me and all, but my family must be wondering what happened to me and-"

"We understand." Sarutobi interrupted Emma. "However, since we have no idea of how you got here, we also have no idea as to how to get you home."

Emma sighed. 'Great, I guess I'm gonna be stuck in this place, with theses people, for a while. Just my luck. It figures something like this would happen to me, weird things always happen to me.'

"So then, since Emma won't be going home anytime soon, where will she live?" the Hokage's assistant (and most trusted advisor), Suichii, asked. He had a valid question. Where would Emma stay? The Hokage couldn't just let her sleep outside; she was their guest after all. But then, who would take in such a strange girl?

Sarutobi looked at Emma, contemplating what he should do with her. 'Where could this strange girl have come from? And how did she get here?' he wondered. 'And also, why is she here, now? Is there some reason for her sudden appearance?' Feeling a little uneasy with the stare she was getting from the Hokage, Emma offered up a solution of her own. "I could always sleep in my car."

"Sleep in your what?" Sarutobi questioned.

"My car. It's quite big; it's an SUV after all. And since the engine still works, I'll be able to use the heater so I won't get cold. Also, I have a few supplies in the back." Emma explained, embellishing her words by flailing her arms as she spoke. (For dramatic effect and all.) Taking a deep breath, Emma continued with her explanation. "See I went camping with my friends about a week ago and I've yet to unpack everything I took. You know, what with work and all. Plus I just didn't feel like it. Guess my laziness was in my best interest though, since now I have supplies."

By now everyone in the room was looking at Emma in awe. Her explanation was quite quick, and hard to understand in her haste. Luckily they understood her, for the most part. Kakashi chuckled at the obviously nervous girl. He had found her over enthusiastic explanation quite entertaining. The way Emma was now, it seemed to him, that she might pass out. But whether it would be from the shock of her situation finally setting in, or from sheer exhaustion brought on by her sudden rant, he wasn't sure.

"Are you certain that this car, whatever it is, would be suitable accommodations for you?" Sarutobi asked Emma, uncertain of what a car was, and how one would fair living out of one.

"Oh yeah, for sure!" Emma responded, a shy smile across her face. 'Of course it's not gonna be the comfiest place in the world, and it'll be a little scary being by myself and all…But, I'd rather stay in my car then risk getting stuck in some cockroach-infested hotel or rooming with a person I've never met.'

Pondering Emma's suggestion, the Hokage/Sarutobi decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. 'Still,' he thought, 'I wonder what Suichii's thoughts on this matter are?'

"What do you think about it, Suichii?" he asked his assistant.

After a quick thought, Suichii finally gave his response. "Let us first have a look at this car thing, so that we may better asses whether or not it would make a habitable place to live, before we resolve things for certain."

Sounded like a good enough plan. "Alright, sounds good to me. How about you?" Sarutobi asked Emma.

Emma shrugged. "Well, if you wanna…but-"

"Good, then it's decided." Sarutobi smiled, standing up from behind his desk. "Come, follow me. The men I sent to fetch your car should've brought it back by now." he indicated towards the door, intending for the group to follow him.

Outside the Hokage's office…

"Here it is Sir." A ninja said, gesturing the small group towards the car.

"Thank you, Ping." Sarutobi replied. "You may go now."

"Yes sir." Ping responded, bowing before he left.

"So, this is your car then is it, Emma?" Sarutobi asked, glancing at the strange metal contraption.

"Yup, that's my baby." Emma answered, smiling proudly. Not only was it her first car, but it was also all hers. She had paid for it, without any help from anyone. It took her forever to save up and buy that car, a feat in and of itself. Emma hardly ever had money, and when she did it tended to burn a proverbial hole in her pocket. So naturally, saving up enough money to buy a car was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Thus one can understand why Emma was proud of that accomplishment.

"Baby?" the others (consisting of Kakashi, Sarutobi, and Suichii) questioned in unison.

"Um…yeah." Emma replied, hesitantly. "Well naturally it isn't my baby literally; it's just a figure of speech. I say it's my baby because that's what it's like to me, and that's how I treat it. Not saying that I nurse it, or rock it to sleep in a chair…" Emma smirked as she explained the last bit sarcastically. Kakashi smiled at this, while Suichii and the Hokage sweat dropped.

"Heh, I guess you wouldn't." Sarutobi remarked, scratching the back of his head.

"So, you said you wanted to look at her, right?" Emma asked.

"Now it's a her?" Kakashi asked, confused.

Emma chuckled. "Yeah, most people tend to refer to their cars like women. Well where I come from they do."

"Why?" Suichii asked.

"I dunno, and to tell the truth, I wondered that myself. I think it's because cars, like women, are complex and yet beautiful works of human engineering." Emma explained.

"Oh…" Suichii replied.

Emma smirked, "That and like women, men can't wait to get inside a good car." Once again, Emma's sense of humor was not lost on Kakashi, as he chuckled merrily at her statement. Meanwhile the Hokage and Suichii laughed nervously at her comment, not fully knowing how to react, or what compelled Emma to say such things.

After about an hour and a half of meticulously studying the SUV, the owner's manual, and Emma's explanations as to how she would carry out living in such a thing, the Hokage and Suichii were now 'in conference'. "Ugh. How long is it gonna take them?" Emma sighed.

Kakashi shrugged as he turned the page in his Icha Icha Paradaisu. "Who knows. But it shouldn't be too much longer."

Sighing heavily, Emma waited impatiently for the verdict. "This is ridiculous! I'm 19 years old, I'm old enough now that I can take care of myself! Who is this Hokage dude to tell me what I can and can not do?"

"You're quite right, Miss Solinger." The Hokage answered, scaring Emma. (She didn't notice he'd dismissed his "conference" yet.)

"Jeez! Don't do that!" Emma yelled, trying her best to regain her composure. Kakashi hid a slight smirk as once again turned the page in his beloved manga. The Hokage, meanwhile, smiled at Emma's nervous reaction.

"Sorry to have scared you, I didn't intend to do that." Emma nodded her head in understanding, as the Hokage continued with his statement. "And while your age, or your ability to take care of yourself under normal circumstances, is not at issue here, your safety while here is."

Her safety? What possible hazard was there to her? "Bu-" she started to reply, but was cut short by Suichii.

"You must understand, what the Hokage is trying to say, Miss. You see, we have no idea as to how or why you are here. And because we don't, we can only assume that you being here is not a mere coincidence, but rather you were brought here for some greater purpose."

Sarutobi nodded his head in agreement as to what his advisor was telling the girl.

'Greater purpose? WTF?' Emma double-blinked in confusion.

"And since as of now we have no clue as to what purpose that would be, we must take certain precautions as to ascertain to your safety while you are here. Do you understand?" Suichii asked.

"I guess so…" Emma stated. 'Well, if Mr. Diplomatic is worried about my safety, then I'll just have to relieve him of such worries, and leave.'

"Good then-" the Hokage started, but was cut short by Emma.

"If my being here is going to endanger your people in any way, then I will be of no more inconvenience to you." Emma stated, in her 'I can sound diplomatic too' voice. The group of men looked at her, curious as to the reasoning behind her sudden outburst.

"Excuse me, Miss?" the Hokage questioned.

"You heard me, Sir. I'm sorry for any and all inconvenience I have caused you, and so as of now I will take my leave. Good day." Emma stated smugly and diplomatically, before turning around towards her car. Emma's escape was cut short however, by Kakashi's firm grip on her wrist.

"I don't think that's what they had in mind." he stated, as Emma tuned around to face him.

"You don't honestly think we'd allow you to leave, do you?" Sarutobi asked.

Emma shrugged. "Yeah, why not? It's not like I'm your prisoner, am I?" she responded, questionably. The Hokage and Suichii waved their hands nervously in front of themselves, while Kakashi sweat-dropped.

"By no means are you our prisoner!" Sarutobi smiled reassuringly.

Emma raised her eyebrow in confusion. "Then why can't I go?"

"Didn't you hear a word I was saying?" Suichii asked gruffly. "You could be in danger!"

"Yeah, I got that."

"Then surely you can understand how we cannot allow for you to be harmed in any way." Suichii explained.

Noticing Emma's slight confusion, Kakashi cleared his throat. "What Suichii is trying to say is that we are worried for your safety."

'Why would they be worried about me?' Emma wondered. 'They don't even know me!' "Y-you are?" she asked, dumbfounded.

Kakashi smiled brightly as he nodded. "Of coarse we are. We just can't let person such as yourself go wondering about when there is the possibility that you might get hurt, can we? What kind of ninjas would we be then?"

'Wait a minute…Did he just say they were NINJAS?'

"Ninjas?" Emma exclaimed. Now it was the guys' turn to look surprised.

"Uh, yeah." Kakashi answered. "What did you think we were?"

"I dunno, carnies?"

"What are 'carnies'?" Suichii asked.

Emma sweat-dropped. "Uhh…people who run carnivals." she explained. Kakashi couldn't help it, he just had to laugh. Did they really look THAT ridiculous to the girl that she would confuse them for people at a carnival?

"Ah-hem." Sarutobi said, clearing his throat. "I can assure you miss, we are not, as you say, 'carnies'."

Emma blushed. Boy, did she feel stupid now! "Then, you were serious about being ninjas?" she questioned.

Suichii looked at her, insulted that she would think they would lie about such a thing. "Of coarse we are! Why wouldn't we be?" he asked.

Emma shrugged. "Well I guess it's cool and all. But I don't think that being ninjas would make you guys much money now a days. So, what is it that you do for your REAL work?"

"Being a ninja is our REAL work!" Suichii answered, insulted at Emma's crude accusations.

"Don't you have ninjas where you're from, Miss Solinger?" the Hokage asked.

"Quite frankly, no. Well, at least not any professional ones. That is, unless all those action movies are right and there are actual ninja assassins. But even those people have duel identities and a cover job, so that nobody knows what they REALY are. I mean, it's not like you can turn to the 'Ninjas for Hire' section in your Yellow Pages!" Emma laughed nervously at the looks she was receiving from the men. Talk about an uncomfortable and deadening silence! What she wouldn't give to just disappear!

"Well, in any case." The Hokage began, breaking the silence. "From what we've seen of this car thing, I have discerned it to be an unfit residence. Not only is it small and cramped for space, but it provides little to no protection."

"In deed." Suichii agreed.

"Therefore I see it only fit to assign you residence with one of Konoha's finest ninjas." Sarutobi continued his explanation.

"Quite." Suichii nodded in agreement. "And who did you have in mind for this, Hokage?" he asked.

"Fa Chii." Sarutobi announced. Chii was one of the finest female ninjas in all of Konoha, and would be the most suitable choice for Emma's roommate.

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