One Love:Two Worlds

Hanging By A Moment

Several hours later…

"Ahh…!" Emma sighed happily as sipped on an ice-cold chocolate shake.

After the Jounin's sudden disappearance Emma spent well over two hours looking for where he might've gone. 'Who the hell does he think he is disappearing into smoke like that without telling me where he's going? How rude! Great, now I sound like Stephanie Tanner from Full House!' Emma chuckled to herself as she laid down on a lounge-chair and basked in the shade of the overhead umbrella.

'I just hope nobody decides to play dunk the dork!' she thought, eyeing all the jock and cheerleader type people currently swimming in the pool ten feet from her.

"Having fun?" Kakashi asked, suddenly "poofing" out of a cloud of smoke behind her.

"ACK!" Emma screamed, jumping back in her seat only to topple it over.

"Oh…sorry about that." The scarecrow chuckled.

"Damn right you're sorry!" Emma yelled, regaining her bearings. "You're damn lucky I wasn't holding my drink at the time or your ass would be mine!" she growled, pointing at the milkshake on the table.

Kakashi raised his one eyebrow in true Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson fashion. "You like milkshakes that much, huh?" he asked, helping her up with his hand.

"Kinda, I just don't want to be covered in cold-ass ice cream, ya know?"

"Really?" The ninja smirked, grabbing said shake.

Emma's eyes grew wide. "Don't even think about it!"

"Why? What would you do if I did?"

"I told you, I'd have your sorry ass." Emma grimaced, trying to be intimidating as possible while slowly backing away.

Rather liking the sound of that, and interested in how she'd react, Kakashi decided 'What the hell?' and promptly dumped the shake atop her head.

After about ten seconds of staring in shock as cold chocolate ice cream dripped slowly down her head, Emma locked eyes with Kakashi and gave him a death glare. "You're mine!" she growled, tackling him to ground.

"You have no idea." smiled the scarecrow, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Momentarily caught off-guard, Emma quickly regained her fury and head-butted the Jounin.

"That's no way to try to steal a kiss, Em-chan." he teased, his forehead tingling slightly.

"Kiss this!" Emma yelled, rolling over to toss him into the pool.

'Love to!' smirked the shinobi, grabbing her wrist and taking her with him.


Once under the water Emma panicked, this was the deep end she didn't know how to swim! Trying to struggle free from her capture, Emma was once again shocked when his lips collided with hers, breathing air into her mouth.

'This is just like the one cut-scene in Final Fantasy X!' she thought. Caught up in nostalgia and still slightly shocked, she unconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, forgetting all thoughts of rage and payback.

Quickly replacing his mask before reaching the waterline, Kakashi lifted Emma onto the marble ground-covering surrounding the pool before pulling himself out. Hovering overtop of Emma on all fours while she lay there panting breathlessly, his eyes wandered down to her now see-through white shirt.

'You have no idea what you do to me, do you?' he thought, feeling a slight movement in his pants.

"First you forget to tell me I'm naked, next you disappear on me, then you dump my drink on me, and now this?! What the hell am I going to do with you?!" Emma sighed, exasperated.

"I can think of a few things…"


"Never mind, we can discuss our options later." He smiled, standing up and pulling her with him. "Right now I suggest we slip into a change of clothes."

Emma sighed. "Yeah, let's go back to our room and get undressed."

Kakashi eyed her, smirking.

"ALONE!" she added.

"Yeah, sure thing, lead the way." he smiled, taking the opportunity to enjoy the view as she led the way. 'OUR room…' he sighed heavenly at the thought.

"So, where the heck did you get to anyways?" Emma inquired from within the bathroom where she was changing.

"Why, were you worried?"

"No. You just up and leave out of nowhere, without telling me where you're going. Why would I worry?"

Kakashi smiled. "I missed you too."

"Huh?" Emma asked, stepping out of the bathroom.


"Don't 'nothing' me, where'd you go?"

"That's a surprise; you'll just have to wait 'til tomorrow to find out."

Emma grimaced before suddenly realizing the situation they were in. She was in such a hurry to get changed that she came out wearing a wife-beater and boxers, no bra. She blushed, hoping that the room wouldn't get too cold. Meanwhile, what was he wearing? Boxers. No pants, no headband, and no mask. Just boxers.

"So, what should I have room service bring us for dinner?" Kakashi smirked, sitting on the edge of the bed, phone in hand.

"Uhh…" Emma bit her lower-lip. Why'd he have to be so damn hot? If it wasn't for his drool worthy body Emma would've been fully capable of answering his question, but as it was she was struggling just to keep eye-contact with him-lest her eyes wander.

As for the Copy Nin, he had been eyeing her up and down ever since she left the bathroom. Heck, if he was a Hyuuga he would've been eyeing her while she was still in there!

Kakashi blushed slightly at that thought, his eyes wandering down to take notice of Emma's lack of wearing a bra. 'I wonder if she knows just how sheer that shirt's fabric is?' he smirked, slightly aroused.

'What's he looking at?' she wondered, looking down at herself. 'Maybe it's colder then I thought in here?' She blushed as butterflies fluttered in her stomach.

"How about…umm…corndogs?" she suggested the first food that came to her mind as she grabbed her shirt, tugging at the front in a futile attempt of flattening what she feared was showing and taking a seat next to Kakashi on the bed. While what she did succeeded in flattening her boobs somewhat, unbeknownst to her it did more of a job pushing them together as the collar slid down to reveal an ample amount of cleavage.

"Corn what…?" Kakashi asked, turning to look at only to get his money's worth of eye candy. 'Kami, it's getting increasingly harder not to jump her right now!'

Just as she was about to ask how he didn't know what corndogs were she remembered where she was. "Oh yeah, this isn't America." she stated, glancing out the window. "Well then, I guess whatever you want is fine. So long as it isn't seafood, raw, or made from common house-hold pets or pests."

"Yeah…sure…" the scarecrow mumbled, trying not to drool while quickly placing the phone's base atop his now full-blown erection.

Startled by his change in tone Emma turned back to look at her companion. "You, uh…alright Kakashi? You're face is kinda red, you're not sick are you?" She placed her hand on his forehead, causing him to lock eyes with her.

"Well, you do feel kinda warm." she stated, feeling slightly uneasy about his intent staring. "Kakashi…you can still speak can't you?"

Kakashi smiled softly as he reached his hand up and ran his fingers through her hair.

"I uhh…" Emma stammered as Kakashi leaned in closer to her face. "Kakashi I don't think you sh-"


Her statement was cutoff short as the sound of the door knocking rang throughout the room, causing Emma to jump to her feet and run towards the door just as the Jounin was about to make his move.

'Somebody better be dead or dying…!' he grinched, collapsing in defeat onto the bed.

"Hello?" Emma asked, opening the door. Nothing, nobody was there. "That's strange…" she stated, about to close the door when she noticed a food cart outside their door, their room number marked in plain sight.

"Uhh…Kakashi?" she asked, eyeing the cart.

"What?" he snapped. Hey, you'd be pissy too if you were ten seconds away from doing someone senseless only to be interrupted.

"I thought you didn't order yet?"

"I didn't why?"

"Well, see for yourself." she stated, wheeling the cart in and closing the door behind her.

Kakashi smiled. "They thought of everything, didn't they?" he sighed, indicating the two candles and bottle of sake on the cart.

Emma blinked in confusion. "Well obviously not, otherwise they'd know I don't drink alcohol."

"More for me." Kakashi shrugged, standing up a grabbing the bottle.

"I uhh…um…"

"Yeah, what is it?"

Emma blushed as she quickly turned around and covered her eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked again, coming up behind her.

"You, uh…you're…your thing is…" she stammered.

That's when he looked down and noticed that his still stiff member had decided to pop out and visit. Slightly embarrassed, be placed the bottle down and wrapped his arms around Emma, pulling her firmly against himself. Emma stiffened-up as she felt him poking at her butt.

"It's all your fault, you know." he whispered into her ear.

"M-my f-fault?!" she inquired, her knees buckling. Kakashi nodded as he began nibble her ear. That's when her legs decided to turn into jelly, prompting Kakashi to carry over and gently place her on the bed.

"You have no idea how badly I've wanted this." he whispered in a husky voice as he mounted her. He smiled happily as Emma's breaths became uneven. He could hear her heart racing and smelled the intoxicating aroma of her increased pheromones. Though her shocked face expressed confusion in his actions her body told him what he wanted to hear. "I bet you're tight." he moaned, licking his lips and sliding his hand up and under her shirt.

'You thought WRONG!' she heard his voice screaming inside her.

Kakashi looked shocked as she scrambled from underneath him and took the fetal position in the corner. What did he do? Did he read her wrong? No…he was positive she wanted him too. "What's wrong?" he asked, kneeling next to her and gently stroking her back.

"NO!" she screamed, slapping his hand away. "Leave me alone, I did nothing to you, NOTHING!"

"Leave you alone?" Kakashi asked worriedly. He looked down at her figure in the corner as she started to cry, shaking violently. That's when it hit him.


'He said that the guy you fought, that Nobou guy, he said he manipulated her mind into thinking it was YOU torturing her.' Chii stated softly, placing her hand on Kakashi's back. 'That's why she's been freaking out whenever she sees you, you see?'

-End Flashback-

'I'm going to take immense pleasure in killing that bastard…slowly!' Kakashi growled inwardly. Pushing his hatred for the Aneian scum to the back of his mind, Kakashi grabbed Emma tightly and hugged her.

"NO! Let me go!" she screamed, fighting desperately to escape.

"Shh…it's okay, I won't hurt you." Kakashi whispered calmly. "I love you Emma, and I promise I won't do anything to hurt you. I'll protect you for as long as I live, I swear that."

'Yeah well, why in the world would I want to be with a loser like you?' His voice rang even louder. 'Oh Emma, I have the greatest news!' squealed Chii. 'Kakashi proposed, and I said yes! We're gunna get married!'

"NO!" she cried. "LIAR! You don't love me, you're just toying with me-just like everyone else!" she bit his hand, drawing blood.

Ignoring the pain his hand, Kakashi took his hand out of her mouth and spun her around to face him.

"I'm just some sick, twisted game to you aren't I-AREN'T I?!" she cried hysterically.

"Listen to me, please Emma." Kakashi pleaded. "I don't know exactly what all that bastard Nobou did you, and I'm sorry for not stopping him sooner, but believe me when I say I love you."

Emma cocked her head to the side. 'Did you honestly think that I could ever love a wretched creature such as you?' She shook her head, trying to stop the voice. 'Why would I want to be with such an ugly, fat, stupid, and pathetic loser like you?' That's when she flipped. She screamed at the top of her lungs in bloody murder as pain surged throughout her entire body.

That's when it happened, for some unknown reason Kakashi's sharingan activated and he was somehow able to see all the images flashing through Emma's mind. He saw all those painful memories, felt her pain and rejection, and worst of all he was able to see what Nobou did to her. It was only for an instant, but in that instant he saw it all.

After about thirty seconds of screaming in agony Emma finally passed out in his arms, tears streaming down her face. "Oh Emma…" Kakashi sighed, holding her limp body tightly. 'I'm so sorry for all that you've been put through, for everything you've had to endure.' He picked her up and laid her on the bed, brushing away the strands of hair sticking to her face as one of his silent tears fell upon her lips.

Emma awoke the next day to find a damp towel on her forehead and Kakashi's arms deadlocked around her waist. She blushed furiously as she felt his chest pressed against her back, his breathing sent tingles down her spine. Embarrassed to say the last, she tried not to panic as she attempted to pry his arms away. 'I gotta pee!'

Kakashi moaned softly as he felt her body wriggling against his, try to escape. "Trying to turn me on again?" he smirked, feeling her butt rubbing against his genitals.

"I uhh…" Emma stammered, stopping in her place.

The scarecrow smiled as he pulled her even closer, taking a deep whiff of her hair. "Mmmm…heavenly." he moaned happily.

Unable to control her actions, Emma's body twisted and writhed as the Jounin sent tingles down her back. Smiling victoriously, Kakashi pushed her hair aside and began to place soft kisses slowly down her spine. She giggled and bucked her back at the wondrous tingles he was surging throughout her body. Had she been able to think properly she would've wondered why he was doing this, as it was all she could do is giggle and moan in pleasure.

Deriving immense pleasure in her reactions, Kakashi's cock grew hard as he slid his hand down her boxers. Emma almost freaked out as his fingers teased her opening.

"Kakashi…I…" she tried in vain to stop him before they went too far. Her mind was saying 'no' but Kakashi could hear her body screaming for more. He just smiled as he slid his throbbing member between her thighs and plummeted his fingers into her.

Both moaned in heightened pleasure as he began to tour her depths. "I was right…" he moaned huskily, "you're tight as fuck."



"Could you…uh…let go?"

"What?" Kakashi opened his eyes only to come face to face with her shocked blue eyes. 'DAMN!' he thought, pissed at the thought that what happened was only a dream.

"Uhh…Kakashi, I gotta pee."

"Oh, okay." he sighed, releasing his grip on her. He watched in disappointment as she rushed towards the bathroom and closed the door. Once she was in the bathroom Kakashi sighed heavily, pounding his fists on the bed. Deciding it best to quickly get rid of his excitement before Emma came back out, he took it out and began to relieve himself as quickly as possible.

After finishing her business Emma flushed the toilet and washed her hands. Just as she turned off the faucet and was reaching for a towel she swore she heard moaning coming from outside the door. Curious, she leaned into the door to try and hear better. What she heard shocked her to say the least.

'Kakashi didn't just…? No…Why would he?' Her heart pounded as she heard him once again. He was moaning her name! 'What the…?!' Gathering as much courage as she could muster, Emma opened the door as silently as possible.

"Yo." Kakashi smiled, standing right outside the bathroom doorway.

"Holy…!" Emma yelled, scared shitless at his sudden appearance. "How did you?"

"How'd I what?"

Emma shook her head. "Nothing, don't worry." She rubbed her forehead and looked down only to see what she imagined to be Kakashi's seed smeared on the front of his boxers. "I uh…" she stammered, pointing down at his crotch.

"Huh?" Kakashi questioned, glancing downwards. Crap! He thought he got it all. "Oh, yeah…sorry about that." he smiled bashfully. "I guess I had a wet dream or something. Guess I'd better change, huh?"

Emma nodded as she watched him walk over to his yet unpacked bag and pullout a change of clothes. "Maybe you should shower first?" she asked. "I mean, I was gonna take one first if you didn't mind, but it looks like you need one more then I do right now."

"Well we're sharing a bed, how about sharing a shower as well?"

"S-sharing a…sharing a s-sh-shower?!"

"'We're both adults' remember?" he quoted her, dropping his boxers and slinging a towel over his shoulders.

"Go for it Em-chan!" Chii cheered from her spot in a tree.

"Go for what?" Sakura asked, grabbing for the binoculars around Chii's neck.

Chii pushed her hand away. "Not now Sakura, this is adult stuff, right master Jiraiya?"

"Wow, look at the knockers on her!" he yelled, eyeing the pool with his looking glass.


"Quit ogling bimbos and pay attention!" Chii scolded him, knocking him upside his head with her binoculars.

"I told you we should've left him back home." Sakura sighed. 'That Pervy Sage is even more useless then Naruto!'

"He-he, sorry about that." Jiraiya laughed, rubbing the obvious lump on his head. "I was just doing some research for my next book."

"Well we didn't come here so you could check out a bunch of scantily-clad women half your age, did we?"

"Well I don't know about you but-"


"Nice job Sakura." Chii smiled.


"Now look here…" Chii stated, pulling the toad sage by his ear. "We came here to make sure this whole thing with Kakashi and Em-chan goes off without a hitch, got it? So if I catch you so much as glancing towards the pool I'll tell Sasuke you said Naruto was better then him, or even worse I'll find Lady Tsunade and tell her you called her an old hag, got it?"

"Alright, I gotcha." he sighed in defeat. "But just how are we gonna get them together if she's passed out?"

"What?" Chii asked, turning around and looking back at the couple's window. "Damnit! Em-chan must've fainted when Kakashi lost his boxers!"

"He did WHAT?!" Sakura screamed, horrified.

"Oh grow-up Sakura, see-this is exactly why I didn't give you my binoculars."

"Eww…" Sakura grimaced, her face green. 'Still, isn't this what we wanted-the two of them together I mean?'

"Aww…he's taking care of-WOW!"

"What is it Chii?!" Jiraiya asked.

"Well it's kinda hard to tell from back here, but it looks like our boy over there could poke an eye out with what he's pack'n down there!"

That was the last straw, Sakura puked…all over an innocent towel-boy passing by.

Jiraiya laughed. "I guess it's a good thing you haven't had the honor of seeing ME naked yet." he patted her on the back. Hearing this only made Sakura spew even harder.

"Cut that out will ya!" Chii reprimanded him. "Do you wanna give the poor girl nightmares or what?"


'Oh boy…what a headache!' Emma thought, regaining consciousness. Sitting up on the bed she looked for signs of her roommate only to hear the water running from within the bathroom. 'I guess he's taking a shower.'

Standing up slowly Emma walked over towards the mirror atop the vanity to see if any damage had been done to cause her head from throbbing so. 'I wonder what happened to me? Also, how the hell did I get on the bed…?' Just then it hit her, the image of Kakashi standing completely naked in front of her. 'Oh my God…!' she breathed in deeply, blushing like mad.

"Oh, you're awake." Kakashi stated, exiting the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

Jumping back against the dresser, Emma let out a small 'eep!' at his sudden appearance. "Uhh…yeah." she nodded, trying her hardest not to let her eyes wonder.

"Sorry for scaring you." he smiled slightly.

"Yeah, that's okay. I'm sorry too, for well…you know, for passing out like that."

Kakashi smiled brightly as walked over and pinned her against the dresser. "There's no need to apologize, it was all my fault really. I should've remembered you're virgin." he chuckled. "You probably haven't seen a naked man before, have you?"

"That obvious, am I?" she laughed nervously.

The scarecrow beamed as he took her hands and placed them on his chest. "Go ahead, feel away." he whispered wantingly.

Emma looked at him in shock, unsure of exactly what he meant. Noticing this, Kakashi gently guided her hands across his chest and slowly down abs. Her eyes widened in shock at what he was doing, what he was letting her do. He stopped and let go of her hands just as they reached the top of his towel.

"I don't want to force you into anything you don't honestly want to do." he stated, taking her chin in his hand. "But I won't stop you from doing what we both want you to do either." Kakashi smirked, kissing her lips softly yet hungrily. Talk about getting stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Just as Emma was about to ask Kakashi what had gotten into him, painful memories of her past flooded her mind. The time in seventh grade when a boy passed her a note asking if she'd go out with him only to end up leaving her waiting several hours Friday night for a date he never intended on having with her.

The tears she shed when after saving two months allowance to buy her crush an expansive Valentine's present he later hocked to buy weed to impress a wealthy bimbo into getting himself laid-which he DID. How mortified she felt when her school's lead cheerleader spread a vicious rumor that she was gangbanged by the varsity football team because she was a cheap whore.

The gut-wrenching emotional pain she went through when her own stepfather called her an ugly cow in a drunken stupor and said "It's no wonder you haven't got a boyfriend, who'd wanna date a pathetic wretch like you?"

Some of these memories were true, while some were implanted into her from Nobou's perverse little mind. Never the less she couldn't tell the difference as they all seemed far too real to her and she panicked at the thought that history was gonna repeat itself tonight.

"NO!" She screeched, pushing him off. "I won't let you!"

Tears filled her eyes as she darted for the door only to be pulled back into his chest as his hand grabbed her wrist. "Let me go, NOW! I refuse to be another cruel joke!"

"Joke?" The scarecrow questioned, gently restraining her as she fought against him.

"I know you've been hurt in the past Emma, but please believe me when I say this is by all means NO joke."

She scoffed with a fake smugness but her tears so openly betrayed. "You pretend to be my friend only to try and seduce me so what-so you can leave me tied to the bed naked while you and your friends mock me? Or better yet, you trick me into loving you only to run off with some cheap-ass whore leaving me broken once again? Is that it, is that your plan?" Emma spat, stomping her foot down and digging her heel into his foot.

"No." Kakashi stated firmly as he turned her around to face him.

"Lies! You're nothing but a deceiving p'tak , just like the rest of them!"

"If I didn't honestly love you do you honestly think I'd be trying this hard? If I didn't care would I have rescued you from that Aneian bastard? Please just stop and THINK for a second, please." Kakashi sighed, embracing her as she fought to get loose. "Please Emma, I love you."

"No you don't." Emma cried as she ceased her struggle, her body going limp in his arms. "Nobody does. I'm just gonna die alone and unloved and there's nothing I can do about-"

Her words were cut off by the jounin's soft and gentle kiss. Pushing her against a wall Kakashi grabbed her butt and lifted her up as her legs instinctively wrapped tightly around his waist for support.

A few seconds later Emma shook her mind free and broke the kiss. "If you're not lying then prove it."

"I thought I was." The scarecrow smiled, now placing butterfly kisses on her collarbone.

Emma shook her head. "No, not like this. Kissing me, making me want you, that's not gonna prove anything except that I'm right and you ARE trying to pull the wool over my eyes."

"Okay then." Kakashi sighed, gently placing her down on the floor. "What will?"

"I don't know! The usual I guess."

"The usual?"

But he thought what he was doing WAS the usual! After all that's the way it worked out in his favorite graphic novels. Maybe the Icha Icha series wasn't the best thing to base real life relationships on?

"Yeah, you know: love letters and poems, long walks together, spending hours on end just talking, dinner for two, flirting and holding hands, seeing movies, getting to know me better as a person, finding subtle ways to sneak a kiss or touch me, random acts of kindness, stuff like that."

Fumbling on her words every now and then, Emma found it quite awkward having to explain such things-especially to the man that just tried to bed her like some cheap whore. "You don't necessarily have to buy me expensive stuff. And forget the flowers-they're nice but they don't serve any real purpose and ultimately they last longer when they're potted. To tell the truth I'd prefer a bouquet of celery or broccoli-at least those I can eat. In short-just show me how you feel and vocalize your thoughts, ya know?"

The Jounin nodded in understanding. "So I should act like love-sick teenager like Sakura, is that it?"

Emma dead-panned. "I guess that's one way to put it." She chuckled.

"Well then I guess we'll just forgo the foreplay for now and get ready for the big day we have ahead of us." Kakashi stated, secretly making a mental note to borrow some of Sakura's Kunoichi Weekly magazines in hope of finding a few useful tips.

"What big day?" She asked, confused about what the Jounin meant. "Last time I checked we were both on vacation."

"We are."

"So, shouldn't we be relaxing?"

Kakashi shook his head as he gathered a bunch of clothes and went into the bathroom to change. "By the way…" he stated, emerging fully clothed moments later. "What was that thing you called me earlier? A p'tak, I think it was?"

Blushing, Emma shook her head. "Yeah I guess I did."

"What is that?"

Emma shrugged. "I can't recall I only know it's one of the few Klingon insults I actually remember."


"Yeah, I'm kinda a Trekkie." Yet another reason for her high school seclusion. "Oh, uh, never mind." Emma blushed again, glancing at his questioning look before getting a change of clothes and towel before heading to the shower.

"In any case I'll be ready to leave when you're done with your shower." Kakashi smiled.

'Oh, that's right-he never DID tell me what he was planning today. Oh well, I guess I'll just ask him after I come out.'

After taking her shower Emma got out to find her clothes were gone, in their place was a lovely cotton yukata and matching obi. "Kakashi, what happened to my clothes?"

"They're in there, why?"

"No they're not, there's some kind of kimono in here."

"Yeah I know, I bought it for you."

Emma double-blinked. "You what? Why?"

"It's a surprise; you'll have to wear it to find out."

"How'd they get in here, I locked the door?!"

A husky laugh came from just outside the door. "I'm a ninja, remember?"

'Damn sneaky shinobi and his stupid stealthy movements. Wait a minute...!' "What the HELL were you doing in here while I was taking a shower?!" Emma bellowed, rather pissed off.

"How else was I gonna get them in there? Besides I didn't look, if that's what you're worried about."

'Not that it wasn't VERY tempting.' Kakashi grinned, remembering the silhouette of her wet body on the outside of the shower door.

"And I suppose you're the one who replaced my regular underwear with a lacy bra, thong panties, and a garter-belt?"

The scarecrow smirked at Emma's notably irritated tone of voice. "I thought you'd enjoy a new pair of matching underwear to go with the new yukata I got you."

"Thanks, but I have no idea as how to get on a garter-belt or yukata."

"I could help." The shinobi offered, opening the door on Emma clad in naught but her towel.

"Holy shit!" she screamed, shocked at the sudden intrusion. "What are you DOING in here?!" Emma panicked, retreating up against the wall.

"Didn't you just say you have no idea how to get this stuff on?" He asked, picking up the lacy thong and bending down at her feet. "Lift your leg up."

Did he just say…? Was Kakashi actually…? Oh good Lord! What the hell did this man think he was doing? Did he know just how embarrassed he just made her? Could he hear how fast her heart was surely going now? Was her face as red as she thought it was? Did he…? Did he just…? 'What the fuck?! PLEASE don't tell me he's doing what I think he is!

Emma glanced down after feeling his hand on her one foot. Yep, he WAS doing what she thought he was. Kakashi Hatake, after getting no response from the shock stricken woman before him, had taken it upon himself to slide the thong onto her still damp body. At the current moment he was just about her mid thigh and dangerously close to the bottom of her towel. Oh, for the love of God!

Sweating bullets and blushing like a mad man, Kakashi bit his lower lip as his hands reached the bottom of Emma's towel. Deciding to give in to his nagging worries he chanced a glance up towards her shocked, pale face as he slid the sensual fabric farther up and under her towel.

Why was she letting him do this? Why didn't she stop him? How come she couldn't move? Emma gasped as she felt him pull the panties up over her nether regions, stopping slowly as he reached a hand around back to insure the string was where it aught to be. She was finally sent flying back to her senses when she felt his hand grab her ass.

"G-get out!" she screamed, pushing him backwards.

Blinking in shock for a second or two, Kakashi regained himself and promptly did what was asked of him and left. He had no idea what had gotten into him back there, or why she plagued him so. One thing was certain though; she looked hot as hell when she was pissed.

This thought caused him to smile to himself before resting on the bed and mentally chiding himself for not being able to control his sexual impulses. What was it about this girl that made everything he ever learned as a ninja fly out the window? The way he acted around her, how she made him feel, the lack of defenses while in her presence, the inability to control his emotions and act without thinking! This HAD to be love, he could think of no other alternative to explain it. Now to convince the woman he loved he was sincere, but how?

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