One Love:Two Worlds

Team Seven, Emma's Breakdown

Back to Team 7…
What had Iruka gotten himself into? Today was supposed to be a nice relaxing day off for him, one away from his normal duties as a teacher. What a wonderful day he had planned for himself! First he'd sleep in until ten, then he'd treat himself to a hearty breakfast. Maybe he could even get himself a date with that cute new waitress he'd had his eye on for the last two weeks.

Next he planned on buying himself the newest bestseller from the bookstore. It was supposed to be a really good action-adventure story, receiving rave reviews from all of Konoha's most renowned critics. Then he'd planned on visiting an old friend of his who he never got to see as much as he'd like to. Iruka had known Tenchi since he was eight, and Tenchi was eleven. Tenchi was always like a type of older brother to Iruka growing up, and often the two would play pranks on unsuspecting passersby.

Today was nothing like Iruka had planned. On his way to breakfast he'd unexpectedly ran into Konoha's newest resident. She seemed nice enough at first, that was until he'd tried to help her. He'd only read her a simple list, but then in a turn of fate she'd become a raving lunatic! What followed was a scene he was certain he'd not forget, even if he'd tried, for quite some time. The next thing he knew he'd accepted to do a favor for Kakashi, seeing as the Jounin now found himself with an urgent matter to take care of.

After being left with the children, Iruka explained what today's mission was. He figured it would be best to do so ahead of time so they (the students) wouldn't offend their "employers". It was a good thing he did too because the reactions he received were none to happy ones.

Sasuke, though it was hard to tell, was slightly offended and saw it as a waste of his skills. And much as he always seems to do when he's upset, Sasuke humphed in dissatisfaction and anger.

Sakura, seeming to read Sasuke's mind, whined a little about how lame a mission it was. "Shouldn't the couple get a nurse to do this, instead of using ninjas?" she pouted. Inside, however, she was reacting quite differently. 'How could the Hokage do this to us? Missions like this are an insult to Sasuke-kun and his superior abilities!'

Meanwhile, not to anyone's surprise, Naruto was none too happy either. "You've gotta be kidding Iruka-sensei! Babysitting a couple of old farts isn't a mission for ninjas! How am I ever going to prove myself as future Hokage if all I get is lame missions like this?" Naruto whined.

"Calm down everybody, today's mission isn't all that bad. Learning how to take care of others is a good skill for any ninja to know. What if you were on a mission and one of your comrades was badly hurt? You'd have to know how to take care them, wouldn't you?" Iruka smiled.

"But we've already taken first-aid classes!" Naruto pointed out.

Iruka nodded. "Yes, you have. But first-aid is only one part of taking care of someone. Depending on hurt your comrade is, you may also have to help dress them, feed them, bathe them, and-"

"Clothe them? BATHE THEM?" Sakura and Naruto shouted, eyes bugging-out. Sasuke, though not reacting like his teammates, was also quite surprised at this.

Iruka sighed. "Yes, you may have to do those things in the future-BUT not today though. You're all still too young and immature to do such things. I'm sure we won't be asked to such things today. And even if we are, I'll do those things myself, okay?"

The once shocked children, now took on a look of great relief as they nodded in response. Thus leading us up to where he was now. Group seven and himself were only at the Masaki's house for not even half an hour now, and already things had gotten WAY out of hand.

After being given a list of what was expected of them by the young couple, and a short yet sweet goodbye between the couple and their parents, the team began their mission. First on the list of things to do today was to cook, then feed, the older couple their breakfast. Doesn't sound that hard to do, right? Unfortunately the fact of the matter was that it was far from that.

"We have to cook for them?" Naruto whined.

"Yes." Iruka replied. "Remember what I said about helping a fallen comrade?"

Scrunching his face while trying to remember, Naruto finally sighed in defeat as he recalled his sensei's words earlier. That settled, the next problem was to decide on what to cook for the couple. However, like many other things that day, that was something easier said then done. Mr. and Mrs. Masaki couldn't decide on something they both would want. He wanted soba noodles, she wanted miso soup. The couple argued with each other over what to eat for five minutes before Iruka suggested a solution.

"Why don't we cook you both what you want? Mr. Masaki, you can have your noodles. Mrs. Masaki, you too will have your soup. Is that okay with everyone?" Iruka asked. The couple thought it over for a minute before finally agreeing to the suggestion. Iruka smiled. "Good. Now, while we cook you your food, why don't you two relax and read today's paper?" he suggested, handing the couple the paper. Nodding in agreement, the couple took the paper. Well, more like Mr. Masaki took the paper while Mrs. Masaki reminded him that she wanted the local section.

"I knew that!" he replied quite annoyed, handing his wife her section of the paper.

Leaving the couple to their reading, Team 7 proceeded into the kitchen. Next they had to actually cook the food. Dividing the tasks between the three, Iruka handed out orders to each of his students. Sasuke was given the task of collecting all the ingredients, Sakura was to mix them, and Naruto had to boil the water.

Well boiling water wasn't Naruto's idea of an important task. So Iruka had to explain how learning how to boil water and cook food was actually an essential part of being a ninja. "Knowing how to cook one's own food is a need to know for all ninjas. Otherwise one might starve to death while out on missions. And the art of boiling water is the basic, yet most important, skill to know." Iruka explained.

Naruto looked at him skeptically. "But how hard is it to boil water! It's easy!" he whined.

Iruka shook his head. "Not so. If one doesn't pay close enough attention to the water they could accidentally loose track of it. Doing so could result in boiling all of the water away, wasting time and much needed water. The argument seemed enough to satisfy Naruto, as he finally quit complaining and did as he was told.

It was now some time later since they started their cooking, and the trouble was beginning to rise. For some odd reason Naruto thought it necessary to stir the boiling water. Plain stirring itself would've been no biggie really, but it seemed as though Naruto was in overdrive mode. Splashing the water, which was getting increasingly hotter, all over and onto his fellow teammates.

Iruka, seeing the mess, tried to stop his student. "Naruto please, if you must stir the water, do so gently? You're getting water everywhere and someone might fa-"


Poor Sakura. She'd been carrying the noodles over to Naruto to cook them in the boiling water, when she slipped in the water on the floor and went sliding into the adjacent wall, spilling the bowl of noodles.

"-all." Iruka sighed, finishing his sentence.

'Idiot.' thought Sasuke, watching the scene from his post.

Sighing, Iruka reached out his hand towards Sakura to take. "You okay?" he asked her.

"Yeah, I'm fine…just a little sore though." replied Sakura, grabbing Iruka's hand and pulling herself up.

"Oh Sakura!" cried Naruto. "I didn't mean to get the floor all wet, believe it! I just got carried away and…" Naruto shut it when he saw the angry glare Sakura was giving him.

"Just help me pick up the noodles and wash them off, I think they're still salvageable." Sakura commented roughly. Inside though, she was far less considerate. 'Naruto is such a loser!' she thought to herself. 'I swear, if I get any bruises from this I'm gonna kick his ass!' Smiling bashfully, Naruto did as he was told and helped Sakura pick up the noodles, placing them back into the bowl.

"Good job Naruto, Sakura." Iruka commented, looking at each as he spoke their names. "Would you mind finding the mop and cleaning up the water, Naruto?" he asked.

"Sure thing, Iruka-sensei!" Naruto beamed, running for the closet he'd seen earlier. Not even five seconds after he'd left the kitchen, there came another


"Ouch, my hip!" cried the old man, as Naruto collided into him. Running into the living room, Iruka (and the other two) noticed both Naruto and Mr. Masaki sprawled out on the floor.

"What happened?" Iruka wondered.

"Well I was going to get the mop you wanted when-"


The old man bitch-smacked Naruto up-side his head, stopping him mid-sentence. "This young hooligan came running in and jumped me when I was trying to get to the bathroom!" Mr. Masaki growled.

"WHAT?" Naruto yelled. "You shut up, old man! You know nothing! Why would I wanna jump you?"


Once again, Mr. Masaki slapped Naruto up-side his head. "How should I know? I don't read minds! Not like there'd be anything for me read if I did, you'd have to have a mind first for me to read it!" Mr. Masaki spat.

Naruto grimaced. "What was that, you old fart?" he bellowed.

"You never learn, do you?" Sasuke mumbled.

"You shut up too, Sasuke!" Naruto screamed, angrily pointing his finger at him.

Hearing this got Sakura angry. "Don't talk to Sasuke like that!" she yelled. "It's not his fault you tried to attack the client!"

Iruka sighed heavily. "Now, now, let's all just settle down and-"

"Settle down?" cried Mr. Masaki. "How can I settle down when my hip is broken?"

Just then Mrs. Masaki spoke up. "Oh shut up, Yosho! You know damn well you have the body and stamina of a forty-five year-old, the doctor said so herself! So just you leave the poor boy alone, it was obviously an accident anyways!"

"Hush woman!" cried the old man, as his wife glared at him.

"The name's Achica, not woman, you half-less twit!" she scolded. "And if you keep up with that attitude, you'll be sleeping on the couch tonight!"

After five or so minutes of tedious arguing later, and Iruka had just about had enough. If he didn't calm everybody down soon, he was sure he'd go off. So first taking a deep sigh, and counting to ten, he was prepared to intervene. "Ahem!" Iruka cleared his throat to get attention, but it was to no avail. "Excuse me, everyone can you please just-I said, would you all just calm down so we can-we uhh…we gotta talk some things over and…" Damn! No matter how hard he'd tried to get their attention, Iruka wasn't being heard.

"Will everybody just please SHUT UP?" he yelled, now thoroughly pissed. On the up side, it worked. Everyone in the room had not stopped what they were doing/saying and looked right at him. On the down side, Iruka didn't have the slightest clue about what to say. Clearing his throat again, and regaining what little composure he had left, Iruka tried his best to come to an understanding. "As I was trying to say, we all have to calm down so we can talk things over." Iruka smiled halfheartedly.

Mr. Masaki growled. "Calm down! How can I calm down when-?"

"Shut your pie-hole Yosho!" Mrs. Masaki scolded. "Now, Mr. Iruka, you were saying?" she asked. Iruka's smile brightened as he took a deep sigh of gratitude. He'd been able to get through!

"Well first thing's first." Iruka stated. "Naruto, you apologize for running into Mr. Masaki and making him fall."

Naruto pouted. "Why should I apologize? It was an accident and-!"

"Just do it Naruto, please?" Iruka half pleaded, half demanded.

"Fine." Naruto spat. "I'm sorry for ACCIDENTALLY falling on you." he mumbled.

"Well, you should be!" Mr. Masaki retorted.

Mrs. Masaki glared at her husband. "Yosho, you behave! Now, I want you to apologize for hurting this nice young man, AND for accusing him of trying to purposely hurt you!" Mr. Masaki's eyes widened at what she'd just said. But then noticing the look he was being given right now, he conceded with her wishes.

"Oh…Okay! I'm sorry for hurting you, and for jumping to conclusions so quickly without giving you a chance to explain yourself." Mr. Masaki pouted.

Mrs. Masaki smiled hearing this. "Good, now, I do believe you nice young people have a list of chores to do today?"

"Oh yeah, we do!" Iruka chuckled, rubbing his head.

"Then might I suggest you check on the food? It's starting to smoke in the kitchen and-" Mrs. Masaki stated.

"Oh no, the noodles!" Sakura freaked, running back into the kitchen, followed shortly by the rest of her team.

Back at Kakashi's Apartment…



'What the hell…?' Emma thought, finally waking up to a rather loud commotion in the kitchen. "Ugh, talk about a headache!" she commented to herself, gently rubbing the side of her head. Then, straining to sit up, Emma felt a sudden surge or pain shoot down her spine. She cringed in pain as she took in a deep breath. 'Holy shit, that hurt!' she grimaced, falling back into the sofa.

"How in the hell do women do this?" boomed Kakashi's voice from the kitchen.

Emma cocked an eyebrow. 'Well, THAT was a sexist comment!' she thought. "What's wrong?" she yelled.


What in God's name was Kakashi doing in that kitchen anyways? It sounded like WWIII up in there! "Oh, you're up?" Kakashi commented, walking out into the living room completely soaked and covered in various food particles.

"Uh…yeah, I am." Emma stated, sizing up the soaked Jounin.

Kakashi beamed. "Good, I'm glad. How are you feeling? After what happened today I'm sure you must be in quite a lot of pain."

"Yeah, I am." Emma replied. "How did I get here anyways? The last thing I remember was going to find a pharmacy and-"


Emma was cut short by the sound of someone knocking on the door.

"Hold on a sec, okay?" Kakashi smiled.

Walking over to the door, Kakashi opened it only to find Shina standing in the hall outside. "Shina, how may I help you?" Kakashi asked, eying her up in confusion.

Cho giggled playfully as she played with a stray lock of her hair. "Oh no I'm Cho, Shina's twin, remember? Anyways I just wanted to say how sorry I am about what happened the other day. My sister told me what happened and I thought she behaved rather badly. Also, since I'm the cashier at Miroku's Adult Emporium and Bookstore, I thought I might drop by to see how you liked the newest book you bought from us?" she answered, her voice playful yet husky.

Emma rolled her eyes. 'Oh, get a room!'

"Well I'm not quite done with it yet, but I like what I've seen so far." he stated plainly.

"Good, I'm glad." Cho laughed. "May I come in?"

"Uh sure, why not?" the silver-haired Jounin replied, welcoming her in.

Quickly surveying the room (kitchen), Cho turned around and leaned over towards Kakashi. Placing a stray finger on his chest, she then proceeded to 'feel her way around'. "My Kakashi…" she whispered, "it's no wonder you have such a following. My sister was right, you certainly appear to be one of the fittest ninjas in the whole village."

Kakashi sighed heavily. It was true, he did have "a following", so to say. It wasn't like Sasuke's following-not every single girl around his age in Konoha had the hots for him. But there was a small group of about four or five women who insisted on making him their own. He even heard there was a hand full of members who lived outside the village. While it was a little nice to know he was wanted, his fan-club was little less then discrete about their feelings towards him and were quite a nuisance around the holidays.

Ugh! Emma thought she would wretch hearing this. Could this girl possibly be any more obvious? Emma was quite sure the woman didn't come here for the reason she provided, but rather for a more intimate reason. (Hint-Hint.) Just as Cho leaned in to kiss him a pot of boiling soup exploded all over the room, sending the lid crashing into her head.


Emma laughed as she saw the woman's head meet the tiled floor through the doorway. Dear Lord God, could this get any funnier? "Oh my God!" Emma chuckled, trying her best to restrain her laughter. "Is she alright?"

Kakashi, still in shock at what just happened, turned the stove off then bent over to help the woman. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Cho moaned deeply. "Yeah, I just got a bit of a headache is all." she replied, taking his hand and standing up. Then, dusting herself off, Cho finally noticed the sounds of choked laughter coming from the living room. Wondering as to what, or who, was making that noise, she peered into the next room to find Emma laughing her ass off on the couch. 'So it WAS true! What Shina told the group was right! Kakashi is sleeping with another girl!' Infuriated, Cho slapped Kakashi across the face. "How DARE you!" she yelled.

Kakashi looked at the woman in confusion. "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG? I'll tell you what's wrong-HER! She's what's wrong!" Cho shouted, pointing at Emma.

"Emma? What about her?" the Jounin asked.

Cho glared at him. "What do you mean 'what about her'? It's obvious you're sleeping with her! You two have only been together for at least two days now! When exactly were you planning on telling people this, huh?"

Emma's laughing stopped as she choked at the implications this woman was making. It didn't honestly look like what she'd described, did it? Sure Kakashi was cute and all, but he could never actually fall for someone like her! 'Could he? No! He couldn't. I mean, who in their right mind would? He could do SO much better then me! I could never possibly hope to meet or live up to the high standards he's used to in women. Just look at the girl, I could never DREAM of competing with someone who looks like her!'

Meanwhile Kakashi himself was also shocked. Him and Emma? How could anybody think th--Oh wait. Never mind, he knew. It was now quite obvious how Cho had seemed to get the wrong impression. For a long time now Kakashi has held a reputation for being a "pervert". Sure he read 'adult graphic novels' and would 'entertain' himself every so often, but he was far from being a pervert!

"It's not what it looks like." Kakashi tried explaining. "She was hurt and-"

"I've had enough of your ridiculous stories Kakashi!" Cho screeched. "Everybody knows how bad a liar you are, so don't even try!" Then, turning towards Emma, she gave a menacing look. "And YOU'D better watch where you're going! I refuse to let a little girl like you get in the way of me and my man!" That said, Cho proceeded towards the door before barging out and slamming the door.

Emma just there, staring at the door for a minute. "Well," she stated calmly, "somebody has a major problem! Can we say at-ti-tude?"

Kakashi chuckled. "Yeah, I get that a lot."

"No, really? Hadn't noticed." Emma scoffed, causing the Jounin to chuckle again. "By the way she was talking you'd think she OWNED you or something!" she joked, rolling her eyes.

"Maybe she does." Kakashi shrugged.

Emma looked perplexed at this. "You mean, she's you're girlfriend?" she asked.

"No, no she isn't." he smiled. Then, noticing her look of confusion growing, he continued his explanation. "What I mean to say is, maybe she's told all the other girls in the village that I'm all hers."

"But you said you aren't, right?" Emma asked.

"No, I'm perfectly single." replied the silver-haired Jounin cocking an eyebrow, a small and interested smirk playing on his lips.

"So what you're trying to say is that she's marking her territory and trying to scare off all the other women?" she asked.

Kakashi nodded. "All of them do that."

Emma cocked an eyebrow. "All of who?" she pondered.

A slight blush rose on Kakashi's cheeks. "My fan club." he replied, slightly bashful.

Just then Emma smelt smoke coming from the kitchen. "Uh, Kakashi?" she interjected.


"I think something's burning."

"What?" he questioned, before sniffing the air himself. "Crap, the rice!" he shouted, running into the kitchen and dousing the burning grains under the running faucet.

"What were you cooking?" Emma asked, walking into the kitchen.

Kakashi sighed as he placed the pot back on the now unlit stove. "I was trying to make you dinner." he informed her.

Emma blink in confusion. "You did this…for me?" she asked, looking at the pot of burnt rice.

"Yeah well, you were hurt and all so…" Kakashi trailed off.

Emma furrowed her brow, slightly confused. "So then, you were worried about me?"

To tell the truth, he was. He didn't know why exactly, but he WAS worried about her. Kakashi guessed it was because she reminded him a lot of himself. Both seemed to put up a happy-go-lucky front, while meanwhile, deep down inside, they were both suffering. Glancing down quickly, Kakashi sighed slightly before recovering his cool. "It was no biggie." he smiled. "But since you're up now, and since I do make such a lousy cook, we can go out to eat."

"But I don't have any-" Emma started to explain, before being cut off by Kakashi.

"My treat." he stated.

Emma shrugged. "Why the hell not? I am kind hungry after all. And since you ARE offering to pay and all…"

Kakashi smiled. "Good, then it's settled. I'll wait here while you get ready."

"Get ready?" Emma questioned, looking down at herself. "But I'm already dressed."

"Yes, but you've been sleeping all afternoon and your hair is kinda messy." the Jounin chuckled, pointing to her head.

Emma blushed slightly. "Oh yeah, I forgot." she chuckled. "I'll be right back." Hurrying into the bathroom, Emma glanced at herself in the mirror. Kakashi was right, her hair DID look a mess. Oh well, no problem. Picking up her hairbrush and running it under the sink, Emma shook off the excess water before brushing her hair.

"Honestly!" she stated to herself, trying her best to tame her messy hair. "I look like a poodle with static cling!" Just then came a slight, husky chuckle from the doorway. Emma turned to see Kakashi standing there. "What's so funny?" she asked him.

"You are, Miss Poodle." he replied slyly.

"Ha-ha, VERY funny." Emma remarked, as sarcastic as ever.

Kakashi leaned against the door-frame. "Yeah, I know." he smiled.

Emma shook her head, then put down the hairbrush. "Ready." she told him.

"Not quite." he stated, walking over to her.

Emma looked at the Jounin wearily as he approached her. "What are you-?" she asked, watching him raise his hand level with her chest. "HEY!" she screamed, as Kakashi glided his palm over her right (A-HEM!)


"What the FUCK do you think you're doing?" Emma screamed, kicking the Jounin in his shin.

Kakashi winced slightly as he held up his hand. "You had some lint." he stated, showing her a small piece of lint in his palm.

Emma blinked in shock, gazing down at the piece of fuzz in his hand. "Oh, heh-heh." she laughed nervously. "Sorry about that. You know, the whole kicking you thing?"

"No problem." Kakashi replied as he shook his head. "It was a simple mistake. Anyone else would've done the same."

"Yeah well, I'm still sorry and all." Emma apologized, her cheeks a slight shade of crimson.

"So, uh…where are we going to eat?" Emma asked as Kakashi lead her through the streets of Konoha.

"We're going to Taku's place, Genki." he replied, turning the page in his book.

"Oh okay that sounds-SHIT!" Emma retorted, just now remembering something. "I totally forgot! I was supposed to start working tonight!"

Kakashi gave her an inquisitive look. "How's that?" he asked.

"Never mind that!" Emma blurted. "Just hurry up and take me to the bar before I get in trouble!"

"Okay then, hold on." Kakashi stated, picking Emma up bridal style as he quickly ran them to their destination.

"ACK! Holy shit Kakashi! What are you doiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?" Emma screamed as the Jounin picked her up and raced through town.

"You said to hurry, so I'm hurrying." he smiled.

The ride Emma was being given now was kinda rough and bumpy, as Kakashi ran through the streets, dodging people as he went.

"Hurry d-doesn't mean to UGH to grab me and r-run, you id-idiot!" Emma scolded, still freaked by how fast he was going. "Now put me d-!"

"We're here." Kakashi beamed, putting Emma down outside the door to the bar.

"-own." Emma finished, double blinking n shock. "Uh…thanks?" she continued, noticing where she was.

Kakashi smiled. "No problem. Coming?" he asked, holding the door open for her.

"Oh yeah, sure." Emma replied, walking into the bar.

"There you are!" shouted Taku as he noticed her walking in. "Where were you? You're late!" he scolded.

"I'm sorry but I-" Emma began to explain.

Taku sighed. "Never mind, just get to work!"

"Uhh…yeah! Sure thing, Sir!" Emma answered, running towards the kitchen to get ready.

Her first day of work was horrible! No matter how hard she tried she couldn't keep up with everything. She'd gotten several orders wrong, broken several plates, accidentally lit her apron on fire, and even spilt food on a couple of the customers. With all the drunks barking orders at her, the relentless comments about how clumsy she was, and her now beer-stained clothing, it was everything Emma could do not to break down in the middle of the restaurant.

Emma 's thoughts were going wild, torn between wanting to cry and the urge to kick somebody's ass. All the annoying drunks made her want to throttle somebody, BADLY! And every time she made a mistake she felt lower then dirt. She'd thought being a waitress wouldn't be all that hard. Boy, was she wrong! What a fool she was to even think she could do this! Oh how she felt like crying, as her eyes glossed over with the tears she was doing her best to restrain. But no matter what, Emma had to maintain a look of professionalism. If she were to give in to her negative thoughts and emotions she'd be fired for sure! And Emma couldn't afford to loose this job, she had to be able to support herself if she was going to survive in this strange new place.

Twelve hours later and Emma was totally beat! Between seating people, taking orders, cleaning up the few dishes she broke, and trying not to throttle the couple of annoying customers she'd gotten, Emma was ready for bed. After everyone in the bar had left (the customers that is), Emma was left with her thoughts as she finished toweling-down the table tops and getting ready to leave. 'God, what a day! Not only was I late, but I was a complete wreck! I mean how STUPID was I to even THINK I could do this! I can't do this, no matter how hard I try!' SIGH. 'I wish I was back home. Back where things weren't so crazy, where I had a job I COULD do.'

"See you tomorrow around six, and don't be late!" Taku shouted as Emma left the bar, waving goodbye.

It was now six o'clock in the morning, and Emma had to find her own way home. 'You'd think he'd wait for me or something!" she commented to herself. 'Oh well,' she sighed, 'it's not as if he cares about me or anything to actually stay and walk me home. Besides, he probably has a big mission tomorrow that he needed to get ready for.'

"Oh, who do you think you're kidding!" Emma muttered to herself. 'He probably just got tired of being in the same room as you! Why would anyone, let alone a guy like him, even want to walk a looser like you home?' 'You're ugly, stupid, and not worth any guy's time. No wonder you've never had a boyfriend! You're not worthy of having one! You're not worth loving, you ugly freak! Face it Emma, you're meant to die alone, alone and unloved. The sooner you learn to accept that, the sooner you can go on with your miserable excuse for an existence.'

Emma sniffed, trying her best to restrain the tears that were now flowing freely from her eyes. 'It's not like it's your home anyways, you're just staying with him until Chii comes back.' Sigh. 'I bet I know why Chii hasn't returned yet, it's because of me. She probably can't stand having someone like me as a roommate. Just look at me, I'm nothing but an ugly, stupid, and worthless freak. I bet my family and friends back home don't even miss me!'

Tears started streaming down Emma's cheeks even faster as she finally found her way back to Kakashi's place. Noticing the door was unlocked, she opened it and lied down on the couch. 'Kakashi must be in bed now, seeing as he left early and all.' Emma reasoned, pulling the covers over herself.

But alas, no matter how hard Emma tried, she couldn't get to sleep. All of her negative thoughts and emotions were filling her head, not allowing her a moment's rest. 'Everyone must be happy to have me gone.' she thought, letting out a defeated laugh. 'I bet anything nobody misses me. They're probably throwing a party right now to celebrate!'

Thinking about how bad her first day of work was, she started to cry even harder. 'I can't seem to do anything right!' she thought, slowly sitting up on the couch, wrapping her arms around her legs and crying into her chest. 'Whether it's at work or home, I always seem to mess things up!' Emma scoffed at herself. 'I bet if I were to die right now nobody would miss me. If anything Chii and Kakashi would be happy that they don't have to share their apartments with me anymore. And Taku could hire a waitress who actually knows what she's doing!'

Meanwhile, Kakashi was also finding it hard to sleep. His friends' words were playing back in his head.

(Flashback to after Kakashi took Emma to the bar, as he sat down with a group of his friends…)

"So, she that new girl you told us about?" asked Asuma.

Kakashi nodded. "Yeah, that's' her." he stated, turning another page in his book.

"Looks kinda weird to me." Genma remarked, sizing her up.

Kurenai gave him a dirty look. "Be nice, Genma!" she commented.

Genma shrugged her off. "So anyways, what's here name?"

"Emma." Kakashi noted, looking up at his friend from his book. "Why you all so interested anyway?"

Asuma shrugged. "Dunno, I guess it's because she's new and all. So, where's she staying anyways?"

Kakashi sighed as he placed his book into his pocket. He knew his answer was sure to surprise them and lead to an annoying interrogation. "She was staying with Chii. But for now, she's with me." The silver-haired Jounin informed them.

"WHAT?" Raidô yelled, sitting himself next to Asuma.

"Oh, hi Raidô." Kakashi greeted.

Raidô gave him a cold look. "Don't try acting cool Kakashi! What do you mean she's staying with YOU?"

"Yeah Kakashi, why in hell would she do that? Does the Hokage know?" Kurenai interjected.

Kakashi nodded. "He knows, and he's fine with it. It's only temporary, until Chii gets back."

"So Kakashi, how good is she anyways?" Asuma asked, winking.


Kurenai bitch-smacked Asuma across the head.

"What was that for?" Asuma shouted.

"You know damn well what that was for, you pervert!" Kurenai yelled back.

Kakashi just chuckled. "It's not like that guys, she's just an acquaintance."

"An acquaintance, huh? Than why is she staying you, if that's all she is?" Raidô questioned.

"I told you, she has no where else to stay. So for the time being, she's staying with me. It's not like what you guys are implying at all. I only just met her the other day." stated Kakashi.

"But what about that one-night stand you had a few years ago?" Raidô pointed out.

Kakashi sighed. "Yeah, well, that was a long time ago okay? Tweleve years actualy. So please just drop it, will you?" The whole conversation pretty much continued like that for a while, until Gai walked in and told Kakashi the Hokage requested his attention. "Alright then, I'm coming." Kakashi said, getting up to go. "I'll see you guys later, okay?" he stated, waving goodbye.

Turns out the Hokage didn't know about Emma staying with Kakashi after all. Well, not until he'd overheard it from two interns at his office. (The interns were women who were in Kakashi's fan-club, so that's how they knew.) That was why he summoned Kakashi in the first place, to find out why Emma was staying with him. Kakashi explained everything to him, and how he figured Emma's staying with him would be best for her protection. The Hokage reluctantly agreed with his reasoning, Kakashi WAS one of Konoha's best ninjas.

"Okay, Emma may stay with you for the time being, until Chii gets back from her mission. But no funny business, got it?" the Hokage more demanded then asked.

"Yes Sir." Kakashi answered. Jeez, even the Hokage thought of Kakashi as a dirty pervert! How lovely was THAT?

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