One Love:Two Worlds

Where's the Love?

Tapping Gai lightly on the shoulder, Kakashi laughed slightly at his scared expression. "Kakashi, my eternal rival!" Gai exclaimed quietly. "You've bested me once again with your stealth tech-!" Kakashi cut Gai off by placing his hand over Gai's mouth.

"Shhh…!" the Jounin hissed. "They might hear you." Half scared that they'd been heard, and half annoyed with Kakashi's silencing technique, Gai scowled as he nodded in understanding. "You take the guard on the right, and I'll get the one on the left." Kakashi informed Gai.

Gai grimaced. "Why do you get to decide?" he asked.

Kakashi sighed lightly. "Does it really matter who you get?"

"No, but still…" Gai whined.

"Fine, I'll take the right, you get the left. Okay?" Kakashi asked, slightly annoyed at Gai's childish behavior at the moment. Gai agreed reluctantly and quietly jumped his assigned target before he could warn the others. Kakashi got his target as well. After that the two Leaf nins disarmed the guards and tied them to the ceiling, blindfolded and gagged. But before the two could get into the room, another guard appeared to block their way.

"Going somewhere?" he asked the two.

"Indeed, we are." the silver haired Jounin answered, as Gai kicked the man in his throat. The guard made no attempt to stop Gai's attack, but instead he let himself get kicked. He smirked at Gai's reaction when he (Gai) realized he hadn't hurt the man at all.

'He didn't move!' Gai thought astonishingly. 'He didn't even flinch! Why didn't he get hurt?'

The guard also made an impression on Kakashi. 'Impressive, finally there's a worthy opponent in the whole place.' he smiled. 'Still, I don't like it. He doesn't look like a push-over, and we've got little time to rescue Chii. Best to hurry things up, for her sake.' he grimaced.

"I'm sorry, was that supposed to hurt?" the guard mocked. Still in shock, and slightly annoyed/scared, Gai tried several more attacks. However, much like the fist attack, none of Gai's moves could neither move nor harm the man. After failing to hurt his opponent, Gai decided to use three of his shuriken in an attempt to pin him to the wall. Unfortunately the man was able to catch all three with his hands, after which he returned the favor to Gai ten fold. What kind of person was this guy? It was almost as if he were invincible!

Dodging the attack, one managed to cut Gai's left check as it flew by. After which Kakashi used his Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique to pull the guard into the ground/floor, thus burying him from the neck down. "Not bad." the guard laughed. "But not good either." he smiled as he broke himself free, jumping into the air. "Enough foreplay, I'm getting bored." the guard yawned as he landed next to Gai. That said, he punched Gai so hard in his stomach he was sent flying 20 feet before finally hitting a wall.

Next he ran over to Kakashi, fist ready. Barely dodging the attack, Kakashi grabbed his arm and through him through the door. Needless to say, this alerted the four men in the room. All of whom, until now, had given no signs they'd heard/noticed what was happening in the hall.

"Get them!" yelled (what appeared to be) the head guard. As the guards went for Kakashi Iruka fell/jumped out of the vent, landing on the guard Kakashi threw through the door.

"Just in time for the fun." Kakashi joked, at odds with one of the guards. Iruka smiled half-heartedly as he jumped off the guard he landed on and fought another. Gai, who was semi-conscious in the hall until now, got up and ran in to join the fight.

"That's it, get 'em!" Chii cheered, glad to finally be rescued. "Kakashi look behind you! Gai, kick that guy in the jaw for me! Go Iruka, kick his ass!" she grunted out in slight pain. Jump kicking his opponent into a wall, Kakashi used his Body Flicker Technique to disappear. Reappearing behind Chii, he then cut her bindings with a kunai. "Thanks." Chii smiled, struggling to get up only to have her knees buckle beneath her weight.

"Stay still, we'll get you out." Kakashi told her as he caught her. "Iruka will take you somewhere safe for now." he stated, motioning for Iruka. Nodding in agreement, Iruka kicked his opponent into another guard before running to grab Chii.

"Here, let me help you." Iruka smiled as he lifted Chii in his arms.

"Go-NOW!" Kakashi demanded. "Gai and I will finish them off while you escape." Iruka nodded before jumping through the (closed) window nearby, shattering the glass as he did so. Without noticing it, the first guard from the hall got back up, staggering. Silently stumbling over to Kakashi, he threw a kunai at the back of Kakashi's neck.

"Ugh!" Kakashi groaned as the kunai plunged itself into his neck. Then, taking advantage of Kakashi's distraction, the guard he was fighting jabbed him in the stomach. After which Kakashi punched him in the nose, while tossing a pouch of blinding powder (100x more powerful and painful then mace), sending the guard falling back onto the floor in pain. Turning around fast, Kakashi watched as Gai snuck up behind the hallway guard and used a neck pinch to render the man unconscious.

"Thanks." Kakashi smiled. "But let's go now before more come."

Gai reluctantly agreed. He would've liked to see which of the two of them could beat the most guards, but Iruka would need their help taking Chii back to the village. The rest of the ninjas in the village followed the group with swift attacks. As expected, Kakashi and Gai fought back, while staying safely close to Iruka and Chii, to help their friends escape. The Aneian ninjas fought viciously and with out mercy, pushing the two Leaf nins to the edge of their fighting capacity. All was not without hope though, for the two also did their fare share ass kicking.

Quite some time later the four managed to loose them by using Kakashi's Nin-dogs as a distraction. After which the three men took turns carrying Chii on their backs. (Gai of coarse insisted on a "Who can carry her the longest?" contest.)

Meanwhile, In Konoha…

All had been going well so far. The festival was living up to it's reputation for being one of the best of Konoha's holidays. There was music, games, lights, several plays reenacting great battles the shinobi of the village have fought, etc.

"Steady…steady…" Emma mumbled to herself, lining up the target with the kunai she was holding.

"You can do it Emma!" Sakura cheered from behind.

Emma smiled. "I highly doubt it, but I'll try." That said, she launched the kunai at the target.




"Shit!" Emma pouted, her kunai missing the target completely and landing into a pan of fried dough. (The fried dough booth was just behind the kunai toss booth.)

"Holy shit…!" yelled the girl who was manning the fried dough station, as she was splashed by boiling oil.

Emma gave a guilty/apologetic smile to her. "Heh, sorry!" she yelled.

Sakura dead-panned before bursting into hysterics. "Nice aim!" she laughed.

"Shut up, bitch." Emma half grimaced, half smirked.

"Whatever." Sakura responded, slowly calming down. "Let's get back to Mom now, our break is over." she said, walking back towards their booth.

Emma sighed as she jogged to catch up with her. "Yeah, I kno-" she replied, getting cut off by the sounds of fireworks.




"Oooooo…!" Everybody stared in awe at the flowers of sparkling lights lit the sky above.

"I wish Sasuke was here to share this moment with me." Sakura sighed.

Emma shook her head. 'This girl never gives up!' she thought.

WOOSH! All the sudden a blue and black object streaked past the two girls, shocking them both. "What the fuck was THAT?" Emma asked.

"It looked like Sasuke!" Sakura smiled.

Emma looked puzzled. "But how could you…? Wait, ninja…right…!" she nodded in understanding.

"I wonder where he was go-" Sakura pondered before gasping.

"What? What is it?" Emma asked.

"Look over there, there's smoke coming from the Hokage's office!" Sakura pointed out in the direction Sasuke went. Emma looked where she was told. Sure enough Sakura was right, there was smoke coming from the building!




Three more figures ran past the girls towards the Hokage's office. One of which almost knocked Emma down. Luckily Sakura broke her fall, literally! "UGH! Get off me!" Sakura yelled.

"Oh, sorry about that." Emma smiled as she got up.

"I wonder what's going on?" Sakura asked thoughtfully as she too stood back up.

Emma shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe it's a fi-"

"Sakura! There you two are!" Mr. Haruno yelled as he ran over towards the girls.

"Dad, what's going on?" Sakura questioned. Mr. Haruno shook his head as he took the girls by the hand and walked them through the now flustered crowd.

"We don't know yet. Which is why I need you girls to run home with your mother while I go help." He stated. Following his instructions, the girls met up with Sakura's mother and went back to the Haruno household. Five minutes later there came a nock at the door.

"Sakura! Are you there? It's me, Naruto!" came the boy's voice from outside.

"Ugh! What does HE want?" Sakura grimaced as she went to open the door. (Emma and Mrs. Haruno were sitting on the couch and going over the evacuation plan while she did so.) Naruto beamed as Sakura opened the door. "What do YOU want?" Sakura sneered.

"Now, Sakura, don't be so rude!" Mrs. Haruno scolded as she walked over to the door. "Why don't you come in here where it's safe?" she asked Naruto. The blonde boy smiled and nodded as he stepped into the house, causing Sakura to sigh heavily as her mother shut the door.

"So, what did you want?" Emma asked.

"I wanted to see if Sakura was okay, and if she'd like to help me beat the enemy ninjas." he responded. Emma and Mrs. Haruno looked slightly confused at Naruto upon hearing what he said.

"Enemy ninjas?" Mrs. Haruno asked. "That explains all the smoke we saw."

"That must be where Sasuke is! Can I go Mom, can I?" Sakura pleaded.

Naruto grimaced. 'Why's Sakura so concerned about Sasuke all the time! It's not he's the one who asked her to come!'

Mrs. Haruno shook her head. "Your father said to stay here, remember?"

Sakura huffed. "I know. But Sasuke could be in danger! He might need our help!"

"I'm sure the Hokage has all his ninjas working on this. Sasuke should be fine." Mrs. H smiled.

"But that's just it, the Hokage doesn't have ALL his ninjas working on it!" Sakura argued. "I'm a ninja now too, remember? And I have the right to protect my village!"

"Oh, alright." Mrs. Haruno sighed. "But be careful. The first sign of trouble and you get out, okay?"

"Got it." Sakura smiled, hugging her mom before leaving with Naruto.

"Would you mind keeping an eye on them for me?" Mrs. Haruno asked Emma as soon as the two were alone.

"Me? Watch them?" Emma exasperated. "They're ninjas, I'm not!"

Mrs. Haruno smiled. "I know dear, but I would make me feel better if you did."

"I'd love to b-"

"Good!" Mrs. H interrupted. "I knew I could trust you!" she beamed as she pushed Emma out the door.

Emma sweat-dropped. "But I can't fight ninjas!" she screamed, pounding on the door to Sakura's house. "That's why the Hokage assigned Chii and Kakashi to look after me! Remember?" It was no use, no matter how hard Emma would pound or kick the door Mrs. Haruno refused to answer. Sighing heavily, Emma decided to head back to Kakashi's place, where she would be safe…hopefully. It took Emma about half an hour to finally make it to Kakashi's place, what with all the commotion outside. When she finally did get there she noticed a small brown package in front of the door.

"What's this?" she wondered, picking it up. Deciding to give it to Kakashi hen he got back, she walked into the apartment and placed the package on the kitchen table. After which she ran into Kakashi's bedroom to hid under the bed. "What the…?" she yelled, finding a surprise under the bed. Oh God, this was too much! Not only did Kakashi like hentai, but he apparently had several porno movies under his bed as well!

"Hey, what are you doing under there?" came a gruff voice from behind her.

"Holy shit…!" Emma yelled, startled.


"Fuck!" Emma yelled as she hit her head against the bottom of the bed. Ducking back down and crawling out from under the bed, Emma turned around to find the pug from earlier.

"Are you deaf, or just stupid?" he asked.

"Neither." Emma grimaced, rubbing the bump on her head.

"Then answer me." he demanded. "What are you doing under Kakashi's bed?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm hiding!" she answered.

Pakkun laughed. "Not the brave type, are we?" he mocked.

"No, not really." Emma replied, wondering why she was talking to a dog. "In case you haven't noticed, I'm no ninja."

"I know, but that doesn't mean you should hide under his bed."

"Well, where else am I gunna hide?"

"The closet, for one." he stated. "It's much cleaner.

Emma cocked an eyebrow. "Really?"

Pakkun nodded. "Yep. Just a bunch of clothes and stuff." Curious, Emma walked over to the closet and opened it. Sure enough there were several sets of clothing, all of which were in a huge pile on the floor. Meanwhile on the closet wall hung a virtual collage of weaponry and scrolls a ninja might use.

"Wow, cool." She awed. "But I think you'll have to move all the dirty clothes first."

"Me?" Pakkun asked.

"Well, the closet was your idea." Emma stated in a sing-song voice.

Pakkun huffed. "Forget it, hide under the bed then."

"No thank you." Emma sneered, looking at the bed. "How about I just borrow some ninja stars and-OH! That sword looks kick-ass!"

"I thought you didn't know how to use those."

"Just because I'm not a ninja doesn't mean I'm stupid! I do watch anime and action movies you know."

"Whatever, but if you get hurt don't come crying to me."

"I won't. Besides, I don't intend on actually going out to fight, I just want to be prepared in case somebody decides to stop by. Is that so ba-?" Emma was cut short by the sound of footsteps outside the bedroom. Freezing where she was, Emma felt her heart race as sweat streamed down her brow. Thoughts of her impending doom crept into her as her subconscious screamed for her to run and hide.

The floor outside the door squeaked once again, causing Emma to turn around slowly. As she did so she heard more sounds, swift and eerie sounds. And though many fearful thoughts were swelling through her head, making it almost impossible for her to concentrate, Emma thought she heard more then one set of feet outside the room. As her eyes finally fell upon the door Emma froze in fear. There, standing in the door way, was a rather large and terrifying ninja. His face was covered, much like Kakashi's. All that Emma could see were his eyes which were beady and seemed to glow an eerie red.

'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…!' Nervous as hell, and fearful for her life, Emma turned around to grab a shuriken and (turned back around as she) tossed it towards the doorway, closing her eyes in fear.



The ninja in the door way fell face-forward into the room, prompting an ear-piercing and horror filled cry from Emma. Eyes still closed, she then grabbed around for more shuriken and tossed one blindly towards the door.

"Emma, you all ri-?" came Sakura's voice as she walked into the bedroom. Lucky for Sakura Emma is a bad shot. The shuriken she (Emma) threw, which was meant for the doorway, instead plunged itself into the wall a foot from the door, just below the one she'd thrown earlier. "What the hell…?" cried Sakura, gazing at the shuriken Emma threw.

"Huh?" Emma mumbled, finally opening her eyes. "Sakura?" she questioned in amazement. Taking her gaze from the weapon protruding from the wall, Sakura turned around to face her friend.

"Emma, I thought you were with Mom?" she stated, confused.

"I was, but then she told me to follow you, and I wanted to…kinda…but, I…well…I was scared." Emma stuttered, trying her best to explain.

"Sakura, I thought I heard somebody sc-!" Naruto yelled as he ran into the room, Sasuke following suit. "Oh, hi Emma!" he (Naruto) beamed. Emma smiled back faintly.

"Anyway…" Sakura interrupted. "I think that was the last of the enemy ninjas still left in the village."

"Thank God!" Emma exasperated happily. Naruto nodded in agreement as Sasuke just 'Humph'ed his reply.

"Don't you think you should tell her, Sakura?" Sasuke asked gruffly.

"Oh, yeah." Sakura replied, downtrodden.

Emma cocked an eyebrow in confusion. "Tell me what?" she asked.

"Well…" Sakura began.

"They took your car!" Naruto shouted.

Emma's jaw dropped hearing this. "They WHAT?" she shouted.

"Naruto!" Sakura scolded, slapping the blond-haired boy up-side his head.

"OW! What was that for, Sakura?" Naruto yelped.

"You can be so un-tactful!" Sakura yelled.

"What?" Naruto questioned, dumbfounded.

Sasuke grimaced. "She means you're an idiot, looser." he huffed.

"Don't call me an idiot, asshole!" Naruto yelled back in defense.

"Hold everything!" Emma yelled, arms raised. Shocked, the three ninjas stared at Emma in shock at her outburst. Now, trying her best to calm herself from her sudden outburst, Emma decided to try a more diplomatic approach to her question. "As I was saying…Who took what?" she asked.

"Didn't you hear me?" Naruto asked. "I said th-"


"OW!" Naruto yelled as Sakura slapped him once again.

"What Naruto means…" Sakura stated, gazing daggers at her teammate for his stupidity. "What he means is that we tried our best, but unfortunately the enemy ninjas were able to take your car."

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Emma let this new information sink in. "That's okay. Thank you for telling me Sakura." she replied. The three looked at her questionably.

"You mean you're okay with this?" Naruto asked, baffled.

"Of coarse I'm not okay!" Emma yelled. "Do you know how much I paid for that thing? I had to work double shifts and weekends just to save up for it! And now some fuck'n jackasses decide to just come and take it, after all I've been through!" Emma paced about the room, her arms flailing as she ranted insistently. All the meanwhile her three friends watched in shock as she broke down in front of their eyes.

"I saved up all that money…" Emma sniffled, as she was now reduced to a blubbering mass of sorrow. "And I was really proud of myself, it was so hard not to spend the money…" Shaking herself free from her shocked state, Sakura walked over to her friend, who was now crouched over sitting on Kakashi's bed. Then, waving the two boys out of the room, she placed a supportive hand on Emma's shoulder.

"Shh…it's alright." Sakura whispered, sitting next to Emma as she embraced her for support.

Emma shook her head. "No, it's not. Everything was finally going okay, but then…but then…I got lost in that stupid fog and end in fuck'n Oz!" Emma half cried-half growled.

'Oz?' Sakura pondered to herself. For close to an hour the two boys silently waited in Kakashi's living room. They listened carefully as Sakura tried her best to console their grieving friend. They'd never seen Emma like this before, and they were at a loss for what to do.

"I'll go see if the Hokage has found out anything." Sasuke told Naruto.

"I'll come with you!"


"Why not?"

"You need to stay here to tell the girls where I've gone. Besides, Sakura might need your help." Naruto grimaced. He didn't want to stay, nor did he want Sasuke to be the hero again. But, as much as it pained him to admit it, his teammate was right. Naruto gave a disappointed huff as he nodded in understanding. "I shouldn't be long." Sasuke informed him before leaving.

Back to Kakashi's Team…

After several more hours the group finally found themselves back home in Konoha. Upon being let in by the guards at the gate, they then checked Chii and themselves into the hospital for some much needed R and R. Not long after they were checked in, the Hokage decided to pay a visit to the group.

"I'm glad to see your mission was a success." he stated. The tree men nodded.

"Do you know if Chii will be alright?" Iruka asked. "The doctors haven't told us anything yet."

Sarutobi nodded. "She is in the ER for now, and the doctors inform she is doing nicely."

"THE ER?" Gai shouted, shocked.

The Hokage nodded. "Yes, she's broken her two legs and right arm. And aside from sustaining several lesions on her back and neck, the rest of her injuries are minor flesh wounds."

"I hope she get better quickly." Iruka stated. Kakashi nodded in agreement, as did Sarutobi. Gai, however, was furious.

"THOSE BASTARDS SHALL PAY FOR HARMING THE LOVELY CHII!" he yelled. "HOW DARE THEY HARM MY FRIEND! REST ASSURED, KONOHA'S GREEN BEAST WILL NOT REST UNTILL THOSE SCOUNDRELS ARE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE!" Iruka, Kakashi, the Hokage and his assistant, as well as everyone within ear-shot, dead-panned. Wanting to avenge one's friend and uphold justice was one thing, but why must Gai always make a spectacle of himself?

"SHHH…!" the head nurse hushed Gai. "This is a hospital! We have a lot of sick and injured people here who need their rest! And if you don't quite down I'll be forced to muzzle you!" Gai nodded sheepishly, slightly fearful of the plump little woman (the head nurse). Iruka and the Hokage sweat-dropped as Kakashi chuckled merrily at Gai's shocked expression.

"Yes, well…" Sarutobi huffed. "I'm not sure if you've been informed yet, but while you were gone a group of enemy ninjas attacked the village."

"WHAT?" Gai shouted, earning him an evil glair and kick in the shin from the head nurse.

"Why?" Iruka questioned.

The Hokage took a long drag on his pipe. "It would appear that their main objective was to capture Emma's car. As of now we have no idea how they knew of it, but I'm certain we'll find out as quickly as possible."

"Is Emma okay?" Kakashi asked, a worried tone in his voice.

"That has yet to be determined." Sarutobi answered.


"That's it!" the head nurse yelled, grabbing Gai by the ear and pulling him out of the room roughly. As she did, one could hear Gai's frantic pleads echoing threw the halls as he was dragged out.


"What do you mean?" Kakashi questioned the Hokage, ignoring Gai's painful cries. Iruka looked Kakashi after he asked this. From the way he spoke, it almost sounded like he was worried.

The Hokage shook his head in disappointment of Gai before continuing. "We were caught by surprise and everyone has yet to all be accounted for. However, I have sent team seven to check on her and they should be reporting back shortly." Sarutobi stated. Iruka noticed a slight and thankful sigh escape Kakashi's lips as he heard this.

'Was I right? Was Kakashi actually worried about Emma?' Iruka wondered. 'It couldn't be. For as long as I've known him, Kakashi has never been one to worry. Then again…' Iruka's thoughts were caught short as Sasuke entered the room.

"Ah…Sasuke, I trust you have some news of Miss. Solinger's whereabouts for us?" Sarutobi asked.

Sasuke nodded. "Team seven and I found her hiding in Kakashi's bedroom, after defeating an enemy ninja inside the apartment."

"And she's there now as well?" asked the Hokage.

"Yes. Sakura is consoling her while Naruto stands guard. I thought it best that one of us should inform you of our findings, so I came here." answered the raven-haired boy.

'Consoling?' Kakashi wondered. 'Does that mean Emma is crying again? What for though?' Just as Iruka was going to ask why Emma needed consoling, Kakashi spoke. "Good job Sasuke." Kakashi smiled half-heartedly. "With your permission Hokage, I would like to see how Emma is doing myself."

The Hokage thought about his request. "I suppose, If it's okay with the doctor, that is."

"In my professional opinion, it would appear that Mr. Hatake could stand the exercise back to apartment. Providing he rest when he gets there that is." smiled Dr. Wong. No sooner had the doctor finished his sentence did Kakashi leap out the window, heading for home.

"Sensei!" yelled Naruto as Kakashi opened the door to his apartment. Ignoring his student completely, the Jounin walked swiftly to his bedroom. Inside he found a half awake Emma, cheeks stained and eyes puffy from crying, leaning on Sakura's shoulder for support.

"Hello Kakashi-sensei." Sakura smiled up at him. The scarecrow nodded his reply as he sat next to Emma. Hesitantly, he placed a hand on her back and started rubbing it for comfort as he did so. Emma jumped slightly at his touch, but soon welcomed it, finding his touch both warm and gentle.

"How is she?" he asked. Sakura looked up at her sensei, her brow wrinkled in slight awe and confusion. She'd never seen this side of him before, it was weird.

"She'll be okay. I think she's all cried out for the time being." she answered. 'Could Kakashi-sensei really be worried about her?' thought Sakura. It was doubtful. Kakashi never really seemed to care that much about anyone or anything. No matter what happened, or how dangerous the situation was, he always seemed to keep a cool head about things.

That wasn't to say that he was without human compassion. Sakura knew he cared about the village, his friends, and even their team. But it was uncharacteristic for him actually look or sound worried. He'd usually hide it behind a sarcastic remark or stern orders. 'Maybe he's just too tired to actually hide his feelings because of how exhausting his mission was?' she wondered. Yeah, that makes sense. Kakashi was so tired from his mission he forgot to put his mental guard up. That had to be it!

"Sakura, did you hear me?" asked Kakashi.

"Huh?" Sakura questioned, finally snapping out her own thoughts.

Her sensei smiled. "I said you and Naruto can go home now if you want. I'm sure your parents are worried about by now."

"You sure?" she asked.

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of Emma." he smiled, gently grabbing Emma around her waist and pulling her against his chest. Sudden thoughts of her sensei taking advantage of Em-chan's vulnerable mental state flashed threw Sakura's mind.

"I bet you would!" she yelled, pulling Emma away from him by yanking her wrist. However, Sakura yanked so hard that she sent Emma flying into her. The sudden impact caused Sakura to loose her balance, sending both girls colliding into the floor. "Oof!" cried Sakura as she hit the floor.

"Ugh!" Emma exasperated as she fell atop of Sakura. The sudden racket coming from Kakashi's room prompted Naruto to come running in at a most inopportune moment. What the blonde boy saw when he entered the room looked like Emma had suddenly decided to wrestle Sakura.

"Ah! Em-chan, quit attacking Sakura-chan!" yelled Naruto. As the two girls got up, Sakura glared at her teammate.

"She didn't attack me, idiot!" she yelled. "Em-chan fell on me by accident!"

"Oh…!" Naruto exclaimed, rubbing his head as a dorky/innocent smile crept onto his face. 'I have no idea why Em-chan would fall on her, but I'll act like I do!' Forgetting her idiotic teammate for the time being, Sakura turned her attention towards Kakashi.

"Sensei, I think it would be best if Em-chan spent the night over my house." smiled Sakura.

"It's okay, Sakura." yawned Emma. "It is his mission to protect me after all, not yours."

"But what if Kakashi-sensei tries something?" questioned Sakura.

Kakashi gave a look of mock disappointment. "Why Sakura, why would I do something like that?" he smirked.

"You see?" Sakura shouted, pointing an accusing finger at him. "If we go he'll try something, I know!"

Emma shook her head. "He hasn't yet. And besides, I've an idea of the type of girls he goes for, and I'm not it."

"Are you sure about that?" Kakashi questioned playfully, cocking an eyebrow at her. Emma's cheeks turned pink from embarrassment.

"See, I knew it!" Sakura shouted. "You're coming with me!" she demanded, grabbing Emma by the wrist.

"It'll be okay Sakura." Emma insisted, pulling free of the pink-haired girl's grasp. "If he DOES try anything, which is HIGHLY doubtful, I'll just castrate him." she smiled. Naruto and Kakashi cringed at that thought. (Though Kakashi wasn't as noticeable.)

"You sure?" questioned Sakura, still not convinced.

Emma nodded her head sleepily. "Yes, now please go? I'm really tired and I need my sl-" Before Emma could finish her sentence she blacked-out and her knees buckled, sending her flying backwards. Luckily for her, Kakashi caught her in his arms a split-second before any harm could be done.

"Em-chan!" yelled Sakura and Naruto worriedly.

"It's okay, I got her." Kakashi smiled, picking her up bridal-style. Sakura, who'd been holding her breath while watching Emma fall, finally sighed in relief.

"Will she be okay?" asked Naruto.

Kakashi nodded, laying her gently on his bed. "I think she'll be okay after she's gotten some sleep."

"You sure?" Sakura questioned worriedly. "I could go to the hospital and get some help."

The silver-haired scarecrow shook his head. "If she's not doing okay by tomorrow I'll take her myself. Now, I think it'll be best if you both head home now."

"But-!" cried Sakura.

"That's an order." Kakashi insisted. Sighing in defeat, Sakura and Naruto both said their goodbyes before finally leaving. After watching his students leave, Kakashi went and got a damp towel from the bathroom. Placing the towel on Emma's forehead, he then tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

"Aww…how cute." Pakkun mocked, entering the room.

"Where were you?" Kakashi asked, ignoring the remark.

"Where was I? Where were you?" grimaced the dog.

"Shhh…!" Kakashi hushed him.

"Don't you hush me! I leave for a couple of days to visit my sick mother, and what do I find when I get back? You've got two idiotic girlfriends, living here no less! You think I'd get a warning ahead of time, but no…!"

"Yeah, sorry about that." Kakashi smiled. "I wasn't expecting her."

"Neither was I, no thanks to you! Oh, by the way, your girlfriend here is a total nut case! Can you believe she actually accused me of not being able to talk! She thought I was rigged with a walkie-talkie! Can you believe th-?" Before he could finish his sentence, Pakkun was silenced by Kakashi's hand over his mouth.

"I'm sorry, Pakkun, okay? But neither Emma nor I are feeling well right now. So if you don't mind, we'll talk about this later, okay?"

Mumbling a "Fine!", Pakkun left the room in a huff. Getting ready to leave, Kakashi turned off the light on his nightstand and tucked Emma in for the night. But before he could go the Jounin noticed she had (unconsciously) grabbed his hand.

"Don't go…" she mumbled. Figuring she was having a nightmare, and that she might want some support, Kakashi reluctantly decided to stay.

"Don't worry…I, I won't go." he stuttered slightly, slipping under the covers next to her. Slightly uncomfortable, Kakashi got ready for bed by taking off his headband, mask, and shirt. (As mentioned before he preferred to sleep naked, but he didn't think his "roommate" would appreciate it much.) Before he knew it Emma had reached over and hugged him close to her, nuzzling her head into his chest. Now is was his turn to cringe. But much like Emma had done earlier, he soon relaxed himself in her embrace. 'Why do I feel like this?' he wondered. It wasn't as if he hadn't slept with other girls before. In fact he'd "slept" with a couple of girls. But somehow, for some unknown reason, she seemed different.

The next mourning Kakashi awoke to the scent of vanilla (Emma's shampoo). He smiled happily as he snuggled closer, holding her tightly in his arms. When he finally opened his eyes he was greeted to the sight of Emma slumbering form entangled with his own. She looked so peaceful sleeping there; it was almost as if what'd happened last night hadn't happened at all. Yet knowing fully that it had, he began to wonder the true depths of her depression. 'What happened to you, Emma?' he pondered. 'What horrible thing could've happened to make you so unhappy?'

The Jounin knew nothing about psychology or the inner working of the female psyche. Nor did he know the reasoning behind Emma's depression. Heck, he'd just the girl not even two weeks ago! But there was something about her that reached out to him. If anybody could possibly understand Emma, it was him. Kakashi himself knew what it was like to be so unhappy. To be completely carefree and happy on the outside, yet deeply pained within. He wished that there were some way he could make her stop hurting, so that she could be as peaceful as she was now forever. But Kakashi himself was broken, so how could he possibly hope to help the heart of another when his own heart was shattered as well? Then, without thinking, Kakashi lowered his lips to meet Emma's. However, just as suddenly as his lips met hers, he pulled away.

Half shocked, half confused, and just a tiny bit scared, the silver-haired Jounin bolted from his bed and ran into the bathroom. Undressing quickly, he promptly jumped into a cold shower as thoughts of what'd just happened filled his head. Never before had he felt the way he did when he kissed her. When their lips connected Kakashi felt a surge of electricity flow up his spine. His heart raced while his stomach twisted itself in knots.

It wasn't as if the scarecrow hadn't felt "sparks" before, but these were more then mere sparks, they were…they were…CONFUSING! That's what they were! That wasn't to say that Kakashi didn't find Emma to be attractive, in a "girl next-door" type of way. Emma was just, well…different. So then, why was he attracted to her? What on Earth was happening to him? What was it that compelled him to kiss Emma? And probably most importantly of all, why did he feel so turned on by a simple kiss?

Dear Lord God, even the freezing cold water blasting down on his naked body didn't help to subdue all of it! That's when it hit him. If a cold shower wouldn't be able to cure the lust he was feeling, maybe some exercise would? So, turning off the shower (and getting dried of coarse), Kakashi got dressed as quickly as possible and bolted out the apartment door.

'Am I missing something?' wondered Pakkun. 'Where's the fire?' Half an hour later Emma woke up by accidentally rolling off the bed.


'Ugh! Don't tell me I rolled off AGAIN!' Emma thought as she groggily rubbed her eyes. Untangling herself from the mass of blankets atop of her, Emma then stood up, yawning and stretching as she did so.

"Hey, you know why Kakashi left in such a hurry this mourning?" Pakkun asked as he entered the room.

"Uhh…no." Emma answered, rubbing her sore head. Pakkun just looked back up at her, still confused the Jounin's strange behavior that mourning.

"Well, when he gets back can you tell him I went for a walk?" Pakkun more so told Emma then asked as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Left alone again, Emma took a shower, got dressed, and then ate breakfast. After which she decided to go and visit Chii in the hospital.

1:32 PM, the Bridge…

Team seven had been waiting over two hours for their sensei to arrive. "Why can't Kakashi-sensei ever be on time?" whined Naruto.

"Calm down, Naruto!" Sakura demanded. "Complaining never solved anything!" 'Kakashi better have a good reason for being late this time!' she thought angrily. As if on cue a puff of smoke appeared in front of the three, reveling their late sensei.

"Sorry I'm so late." Kakashi stated, rubbing the back of his head. "I wasn't feeling quite myself this mourning and had to go see a professional for treatment." Sasuke scuffed at the Jounin's lame excuse.

"You don't look sick to me, liar!" boomed Naruto.

"Yeah sensei, you're never sick, stop lying!" demanded Sakura.

Kakashi shook his finger at the two. "I don't recall saying I was sick, only that I wasn't myself." he corrected them.

'And that's a bad thing?' thought Sasuke.

"Well if you weren't sick, then what was wrong?" Sakura inquired.

"Did somebody get you hooked with those fish-lips of yours?" teased Naruto.

Kakashi sweat-dropped. "No, nothing like that." he chuckled. "But my being late is besides the point. Today we have another mission."

"Oh boy, a mission!" cheered Naruto.

"What kind of mission is it?" questioned Sakura.

Kakashi smirked as he held out mops and buckets of soapy water. "Today we will be helping to clean up after the festival last night." Now it was Sasuke's turn to sweat-drop while Sakura and Naruto dead-panned.

At the Hokage's Office…

"Sir, our intel suggests that the enemies who attacked us last night were from Anei." stated Suichii (the Hokage's assistant). "Furthermore we believe that the attack on Chii was a set-up by them as well."

"I see." nodded Sarutobi. "And what of their intentions for the car?"

"Though nothing has yet to be confirmed, all of our evidence suggests that the Aneians intend to modify and replicate mass numbers of them to use in a full-on strike against us and other nations."

"They mean to start a war?"

"Yes Sir, it would appear so."

Taking a long puff of his pipe, the Hokage got up from his desk and walked over to the window. 'I always knew that the Aneians were a power-hungry people, but I never imagined that they would be capable of such malevolence. To be willing to start a war such as this implicates that things are worse then I'd imagined.'

"Sir, there's one more thing."


"It has come to our attention that the Yokoshima has found the ancient Raijin no Tama Scroll." (Stone of the Lightening God Scroll.) Hearing this, the Hokage turned around, a questionable glair on his face.

"Assuming you're correct, it would appear that the legendary jutsu is no longer mere myth. In any case, we must assemble a team to retrieve both it and the car, as well as warning all the other nations of this possible threat." Sarutobi sighed.

Suichii nodded. "Already done Sir. All we need is you're approval and we will be ready to go."

"Very well then, do it."

Team Seven…

'Stupid, no good cleaning duty! What kind of ninja mission is THIS?' thought Naruto. 'How am I ever gunna become Hokage if I never get to prove myself?' "I can't take this anymore!" shouted Naruto. "I'm a REL ninja, not some janitor, and I demand a REAL ninja mission!"


"Shhh…! Calm down Naruto!" scolded Sakura, pounding the blond boy up-side his head.

"Ouch!" Naruto cried, rubbing the lump Sakura gave him. "What was that for, Sakura?" Clamping her hands over Naruto's mouth, Sakura shushed him once again.

"Shhh…! Naruto, if you're not quite Kakashi-sensei might hear you!" whispered Sakura firmly. Naruto looked at Sakura in confusion then mumbled something incoherent. "What was that?" questioned Sakura, releasing her grasp from Naruto.

"I said: Why don't you want Kakashi-sensei to hear us?"

"Because, Naruto, haven't you noticed how different he's been acting today?" Sakura asked him.

Sasuke scoffed. 'She expects this moron to actually take notice of something?' Naruto glared at Sasuke then shook his head at Sakura.

'Figures he wouldn't notice!' Sakura thought sweat-dropping. Calming herself, Sakura then pointed-out their sensei to Naruto. "Look at him, doesn't he seem a bit out of it today?" she asked.

Naruto looked closely, trying to see what Sakura what hinting at. 'Hmm…Kakashi-sensei seems to be reading his hentai novels again. But how is that any different then any other day?' pondered Naruto. "Oh, I get it!" smiled Naruto. "Kakashi-sensei is reading a new book, right?" Sasuke and Sakura dead-panned at their teammate's utter cluelessness.

"How is it that Kakashi-sensei is reading his book when he's holding it upside-down, bozo?" Sasuke more so pointed-out then asked. Naruto peered at the book in his sensei's hands. It WAS upside-down!

"Heh-he, of coarse I noticed that, Sasuke!" laughed Naruto. "I just wanted to see if you could spot it as well!"

Sakura shook her head at his obvious lye. "What do you think he's thinking about?" she asked Sasuke.

"Why should I care?" Sasuke responded coldly.

'Oh no!' thought Sakura. 'Could it be that my curiosity has upset Sasuke? Maybe he thinks I'm being meddlesome?' "Oh…heh-heh!" she laughed. "I know, it's really stupid of me to ask. Why should I care what our sensei thinks?" Sasuke didn't reply this time. Instead he simply continued his job of mopping up the dried blood and dirt. 'I knew it! Sasuke does think I'm meddlesome!' Sakura innerly pouted. Still, she couldn't quite shake the feeling that something was off about Kakashi. 'But what?'

At the Hospital…

It was now 4:52 and Emma had spent the last six hours visiting with Chii, and telling her about everything she's missed while she was gone. But since she had to be at work by 5PM, it was now time to say her farewells. "Alright, see you later then. OH! And thanks again for the flowers!" Chii shouted, waving goodbye to Emma from her hospital bed.

Emma waved back as she left. "No problem, I'll see you later!" 'Well that was good. I'm glad to see that Chii is doing better after everything she's been through. The doctor even said she should be home in about a week! Maybe if she can handle being tortured, I can stand being a waitress for at least a little while longer?' thought Emma, walking to her job.

The good news is that Emma did make it through the entire day of work, so that was okay. The bad news, however, was that she got demoted to bussing tables. Although being a busser meant less income, Emma was happy that not only was it less intensive then being a waitress, but that also she wasn't fired. Sometime around 7:30PM or so, while Emma was still working, Kakashi came in to join his friends at the bar (Genki).

"Hey, Kakashi, over here!" Asuma yelled, motioning the Jounin over from where he sat with the others. Smiling, Kakashi graciously accepted the invite and sat down between Asuma and Iruka. "So Kakashi, did you hear the good news?" Asuma asked playfully.

Iruka blushed. "Must you tell everyone?"

Asuma smirked, taking a long drag of his cigarette. "Yup."

"What news?" responded the scarecrow.

"It seems our friend Iruka here has finally asked out the new girl at the ramen stand." Asuma smiled, patting Iruka playfully on the back.

"That all?" Kakashi asked, just now noticing Emma cleaning off a table across the room.

"What do you mean, is that all?" shouted Gai, embarrassing Iruka even further. "Don't you know how long it's taken Iruka to ask her?" But Kakashi just toned him out, as usual, as he watched Emma. There she was, the girl who haunted his mind the whole day. Ever since this mourning after the umm…after what happened, Kakashi couldn't stop thinking about her. Even his attempt at a jog around the village had proved fatal in his attempt to forget. Good Lord, what a disaster that was! Emma completely controlled his thoughts.

"Kakashi, are you listening?" shouted Gai, finally succeeding in bringing the Jounin back to reality.

"Huh? Did you say something?" Kakashi asked.

Gai dead-panned. "How hip! It would seem that Kakashi, my eternal rival, has once again proven his superior coolness over me! I shall have to-!"


Gai was cut-off mid sentence as the sound of crashing plates filled the room. Quick to take notice, Kakashi and his friends turned their attention to the back-right corner of the bar. What they saw appeared to be a pissed-off Cho pinning a shocked Emma to the wall.

"Uh…excuse me, but what was that for?" Emma asked, pissed.

Cho smirked evilly. "As if you didn't know, you man stealer!" she yelled, punching Emma in her nose.


Emma fell to the floor, grabbing her now broken nose. That was it! Emma had had enough of this world! Enough of not knowing where she was, of strange people she didn't know, of be accused of things she didn't do, of having her shit stolen, and of prissy sluts who's only way of validating their pathetic existence was to screw as many men as possible! Picking Emma up by her hair, Cho threw her across the room. Lucky for Emma she was caught by Kakashi before she hit the floor.

"Are you alright?" he asked her worriedly. Emma just smirked, laughing maniacally. She'd had so much of this world that she finally snapped!

"What the HELL are you laughing at, BITCH?" shouted Cho. Chuckling evilly, Emma raised her head up. Her eyes seemed to glow as she glared at Cho in defiance. (A/N: Think of Wrath from FMA when he's pissed.)

"You have no idea who you're fucking with!" shouted Emma (in true Blade fashion) as she ripped herself free of Kakashi's grasp and dove at Cho. It took a full thirty seconds or so before Kakashi finally pulled Emma off of Cho. And let it be stated, Emma did NOT want to be pulled off! "Let me at that Bimbo Barbie!" Emma shouted, right before she bit Kakashi's arm.

"I don't think so…." Kakashi replied, wincing slightly in pain. Emma (literally) growled as she continued to kick and punch Kakashi in defiance.

"I think you should take the rest of the night off, Emma." Niota stated, picking up a badly beaten Cho.

"I agree." Kakashi stated.

"But what are you going to tell your brother?" Urusai asked.

"When Taku gets back I'll tell him Emma left early because she wasn't feeling herself."

"Good idea." Kakashi smiled, struggling to keep his hold of Emma. "I'm sure Emma will thank you for covering for her when she calms down."

"You want me to calm down?" shouted Emma. "Then let me go!"

Urusai scoffed. "Please, you should consider yourself lucky to be held in arms as lovely as Kakashi's." he stated, winking at the silver-haired Jounin. Kakashi sweat-dropped. Damn his roguish good looks!

"Thanks, but Emma and I have to go now." smiled Kakashi, disappearing in a cloud of smoke. Once again Kakashi was forced to carry an enraged Emma (who was) kicking and screaming, all the way back to his apartment. When he finally got there, and Emma had yet to fully calm down, he decided it would be best to lock her into the apartment with him. After which he finally laid, or rather pinned, Emma down onto his sofa.

"Calm down already, will you?" he pleaded.

Emma sneered at him. "NO!" she shouted. "I've had all that I can fuck'n handle of this hell hole, and I want to go home!" Kakashi sighed, his grip loosening slightly as he straddled Emma.

"I'm sorry that you're so home sick, and I wish there were something I could do to help."

Emma smiled cockily. "Then get the fuck off me and give me the keys!" she snapped at him, grabbing for the keys around his belt.

"These keys?" Kakashi smiled, grabbing the keys and dropping them down his pants. Emma's eyes widened in shock. Satisfied that Emma was finally trapped with him, and therefore couldn't escape to hurt Cho (or herself), Kakashi released his grip from Emma's wrists and stood up. "You can leave if you wish." smirked the scarecrow. "But the only way out, is in my pants." It wasn't until after he said it did Kakashi realize how wrong that sounded.

Slightly agitated by this little set back, Emma still had just enough rage left in her take him up on his offer. "You think you're so cleaver, don't you?" she smirked.

Kakashi nodded his head as he lean against the door. "Maybe."

If it weren't for her sheer stubbornness and determination to leave, and the fact that she was still too pissed to give a damn, Emma might not've done what she did next. Standing up slowly, Emma strode over to the Jounin, a playful look on her face. Kakashi, slightly surprised by her actions, watched intensively and with increasing interest. Every step she took closer to him filled him with want and desire.

Maybe she took him seriously? 'No…she wouldn't. Would she?' he wondered. Could Emma...would Emma, would she…would she seriously stick her hands down his…? Oh God! Even as ridiculous as it sounded, the thought of Emma touching him down there made the scarecrow start to stiffen. And in more ways then one!

Then, without warning, Emma grabbed the hem of his pants, ready to go "treasure hunting" (for the keys).

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