A Life With You


Kim Hyne and Kim Taehyung are best friends who are from two different societies. Friends since ever they can remember but even after knowing each other for so long, there were still many secrets that needed to be revived. Kim Hyne a 21-year-old who has seen fear and torture from a young age. She acts “normal” in front of all because it is what she is forced to do but inside her life is a mess. Kim Taehyung, also 21 who belongs to the rich and famous Kim’s is a college heartthrob. Everyone is jealous of him and wants him. But no one takes the time to see the real him inside. Because if they do they notice that he is just a young man who has hate for his family and the Kim name. See how these two friends come to learn of each other hidden selves and come to lean on each other.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1


"Annyeonghaseyo my name is Kim Hyne, I am 21 years old. I go to Big Hit college, I am an art student " she bows her head in respect.

"Annyeong I Am Kim Taehyung that idiot up there is her best friend" he points his fingers at her "I am also 21 but older than her. Also going to the same college as her. I live with my so-called parents. Cool, sexy and rich asf. I am everything a girl wants" he gives a playful smirk.

"That was totally unnecessary stupid. Why do you have to embarrass me like that?" She sighs at him in annoyance "anyway let me tell you about me and him. We are best friends like he said. He is an insane guy who loves to flaunt his father money-" Taehyung gaps at her remarks.

"excuse me what? My father's money? Is the money that I work hard for! Do you think being born in that house comes in a silver spoon? That ancient selfish man who god forbid to take with him will let you touch his money?" he side-eye her with a disbelief manner.

"Anyone who thinks that you will ever work for anything is differently living under a rock. Everyone knows that Kim Taehyung hates working hard. If you ever see him in school you will know. It always sleeping and if he did manage to keep his dirty eyes open then it always on our history teacher" she laughs seeing the way Taehyung is glaring at her.

"don't tell lies there might be a kid here! Why don't you just confess that you are jealous that I give all my attention to those hot girls and not you? Besides, I can't control myself to fall asleep, those stupid class are for a nerdy boring student like you, not a future superstar like myself" Taehyung proudly stands and bows.

"And this is why you don't daydream because you will certainly forget the reality. You don't focus on class because you don't know what to do in it. All he knows is to flirt with that plastic wanna be Barbie bitches. I still don't know how that brainless idiot falls for your foolish techies" she sighs as Taehyung moves to her side sliding his arm around her shoulder.

"Because of unlikely someone, they know they can't miss a guy like me. You shouldn't either, come to me will you can because no other guy is going to fall for that ugliness" he smirks leaning his head to rest on her.

"I don't think my days are that pitiful for me to fall for you. I don't have time for idiots I need to study get an education-".

"yah whatever your smartass and study belong in the trash, not in my bed anyway. The only guy that is suitable for you is the other nerd who keeps staring at you like a creep. Trust me it the perfect match for you, both of you are annoying, smart" he teases.

"shut up Tae! That guy is not like you, his name is Kimhyun, the best student in our school, why would he be staring at me?" she asks him only to be returned with a shrug.

"didn't know you took notice of him. If you want I can set him for you." she raises her brow at him as he gives her a knowing smiling.

"You won't dare?" he smirks leaning to her.

"I will take that as a yes" his laughs can be heard down the hall as he runs away from her.


WELCOME!!! I hope u all support this story too! Thank you all!

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