Black Wings

Small Chapter

He felt a sort of a longing, wandering, wanting to find where she was. The woman with the black hair... The wind whistled and drifted through his large wings.

Cooro's face jerked slightly back from the car window. He saw his face and exhaled the breath that he was holding in.

Jonathan slightly tapped Cooro's upper arm in a quick gesture and gave him a knowing look. Cooro nodded in return at him and looked down at his now locked up fingers. This was from his anxiety at his vision Cooro guessed, and he thought of so many questions that he didn't know just how to answer. And, now his shoulders throbbed under the still slightly wet clay. He wanted to rub them but ignored the discomfort.

Jonathan's mom dropped Cooro off at the church called New Beginnings. All in the car said goodbye heartily, some waved, and then the car pulled out of the small gravel parking lot.

Cooro with his small red duffel bag full of his partly wet clothes and drinking bottle ran to the side door of the small church and pulled a key out from under a straw mat that said "Today is the day to start a new chapter." He unlocked the door and went inside. Today is a Thursday, so no congregation today, he thought while grinning from the happiness of being home.

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