Black Wings

What The Tattoo?

As he walked further inside the church building's hallway, a middle-aged man with light brown hair turned a corner greeted him.

"Cooro, my boy, how are you?"

"I am just great!" Cooro responded right away. No one can see through me! he thought mischievously because he still felt mellow and shocked inside from the vision he saw.

"Well, let's hope that stays true then," the man said warmly. Cooro accepted the hug the man gave him and immediately felt much better. The man is the youth pastor of the church and helped raised Cooro.

Cooro was told by him to wash up before dinner was ready and was told where to wash up also. He cheerfully went to the lush outside. While whistling a short tune, he walked to side of the church with the water spigot. He loved the feel of the cooled water in the summer heat. Refreshing!

Then, as he was about to go back the way he came, Cooro noticed a black mark on the side of his right lower shoulder. He thought it might be more clay… So, he stopped to inspect the whole of his shoulder. He started to feel anxiety as he saw the rest of what looked like a tattoo. There was a large black spiral shape with four also black tear shaped marks on the outside of the spiral. Each teardrop shape got larger near the end of the outer part of the spiral. His fingers rested on the shape for a moment. Then, Cooro in panic noticed the other shoulder had one as well.

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