Black Wings

Little Angel Of Death

Cooro felt a sense of elation and saw a crow in his mind's eye flying, and he thought of that pushy hawk. He laughed about the hawk and felt something extraordinary, weight on his back and something feathery… big black feathers were on his arms! They were beautiful. Cooro felt both awe and confusion, maybe scared.

Okay. A lot scared.

Feathers on my arms? Why are feathers on my arms?! He felt the weight on his back lesson a bit and knew that something was going on there too. Shadows the size of big dogs- Cooro is scared of large dogs in particular- shown by his sides, connected… to-his-shadow.

He started to tear up and rubbed at his eyes still seeing those black feathers. Some were drifting in the air around him.

"Cooro! Dinner is ready now!" He heard that call. Cooro wanted to eat so much, and sloppily flapped his big wings. Then, he slouched on the ground.

Don't panic- I can't tell Tom or the pastor or mom! Oh. They'll think I am some sort of angel of death!

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