Chapter 13

It was barely after midnight and the penthouse hallway of Mamoru’s building remained empty and uneventful. A spark of golden light materialized directly in front of Mamoru’s front door and inflated to form a surging, seven-foot mass of golden energy. The blinding light dissipated to reveal a very regal looking Eternal Endymion holding his gorgeous, giggling bride in his arms. Upon powering down Mamoru fumbled awkwardly to place his key in the lock.

Usagi laid her head on his shoulder, “You could have just teleported inside your apartment you know.”

Mamoru smiled playfully at her as he bumped the door open and hoisted her up further in his arms. “I’m only getting married once Usako, so let’s just keep with tradition,” and he walked over the threshold.

Usagi blushed furiously but was thankful that it was hidden in the darkness. Mamoru shut the door, nudged the light on, and carried Usagi into the living room to place her delicately on the couch. After staring at her briefly Mamoru bent over and kissed her lips reverently a few times.

“Welcome home,” he whispered to her.

Mamoru smiled and walked away to hang his tuxedo jacket up in the hallway closet. Usagi sighed, sinking delightfully into the couch while staring dreamily at the Tokyo skyline. She sifted through two lifetimes of memories reminiscing about the literal blood, sweat, tears, and millennia it took for them to reach the altar. Usagi was overwhelmed with emotion and knew she would remember this moment vividly for the rest of her life.

Mamoru carefully draped his suit jacket on a hanger and placed it in the hallway closet. The seemingly calm exterior he projected was completely at odds with the chaos churning inside him. Mamoru sank deeper into the repetitive cycle of his thoughts.

“Should I make love to Usako tonight? Is she ready for this? Is making love the furthest thing from her mind right now? Is it acceptable for me to even attempt it after what just happened to her?-” The stream of mental chatter was endless.

Mamoru shut his eyes, suppressing his fantasies of consuming her. “For God’s sake Mamoru! She was just held captive where she was molested constantly. The thought of being touched must seem repulsive to her right now.”

He glanced over to the back of her head, “How could I have even thought she would be up for this?” he denounced miserably.

The cloud of hopelessness surrounding Mamoru was so dense and oppressive that he was unable to see every reason he conjured not to consummate their love was a lame excuse; no matter how valid it seemed to him.

Far from the realm of his conscious mind Mamoru was barely treading water. Due to witnessing Usagi’s torture and years of guilt festering beneath that, Mamoru was now deathly close to drowning but remained blissfully unaware. Mamoru’s sole focus was Usagi and her well being to the point that Mamoru remained completely blind to the fact that he himself was an emotional wreck. Even though Mamoru could barely hold himself together on a subconscious level, outwardly he was functioning normally and now found himself married to the love of his life. His expertly crafted denial could not counter the psychological disaster churning within him, desperately trying to seek an outlet. Due to his intense feelings of failure and the freshness of the Prince Cirius ordeal, Mamoru had subliminally convinced himself that he did not deserve to be with Usagi. This deep-seated, unconscious belief was the reason why Mamoru’s judgments were heavily skewed.

He automatically tried to justify his foolishness, “It’s very late anyway and I can tell Usako is tired. She probably just wants to crash.”

From her position on the couch Usagi stared blissfully at the city of Tokyo. She was Mamoru’s wife! Usagi could scarcely believe it but glanced down to the third finger on her left hand where her wedding ring glittered brilliantly. It was solely comprised of a collection of various shades of blue and white diamonds gleaming brightly like clouds in the summer sky. Mamoru had coincidentally found the ring inside the breast pocket of Eternal Endymion’s coat, knowing instantly that it belonged to his previous mother, the Queen of Earth.

She heard Mamoru call to her, “Usako, do you want anything from the kitchen?”

Usagi grinned wistfully, “Surprise me.”

Mamoru instantly froze and cursed himself. He had been soaring so high once Usagi agreed to marry him that he had forgotten to stock up on groceries for their honeymoon. He dismally opened the fridge to be greeted by a sight straight from heaven. His fridge was fully loaded with gourmet food ready to prepare and throw together at a moments notice. Makoto and the girls had given him three days worth of fantastic meals, snacks, champagne, deserts, and everything you could imagine. Mamoru noticed a folded pink note standing on top of a meringue pie. He picked it up and opened it.

Mamoru, you are such a guy. Do we have to think of everything?! Consider this our wedding present to the both of you. (Even Usagi’s appetite won’t be disappointed ; )

He glanced down to something small written at the bottom,

“Don’t do anything Mamoru would do.”

He frowned in confusion at the last part then scanned over all the food once again. Mamoru was so relieved the girls had covered his ass and was even more relieved because he wasn’t apprehensive anymore about what they were up to.

Mamoru smiled, “I guess that was what they were hiding.”

Usagi heard Mamoru open the fridge door then immediately shot up and bolted to the bedroom. She casually called out, “I’m just going to change out of this dress.”

With his head buried in the fridge Mamoru smiled pleasantly at that. Dancing with Usagi all night in that knockout dress had driven him to insanity. Her body so thinly veiled and pressing into him in all the right places as they danced was absolute torture. He clenched his fists and wanted so badly to believe that she just wanted to go to sleep. He noticed a few things tied with red ribbon: a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh oysters, exotic cheeses . . . failing to see the point Mamoru formulated his own plan.

Usagi opened the door to Mamoru’s darkened corner bedroom and shut herself in. Once the lights were on she froze in stunned silence at the sight before her. Strings of tiny, soft glowing, crescent moon shaped lights draped across the ceiling and dangled over the bed. The ambiance was immediately soft, low, and seductive. The balcony door sat slightly ajar showing the Moon creeping its way above the horizon through curtains billowing gently in the cool breeze. Beneath the dangling lights stood a brand new, majestic king topped with creamy-white down covers, Persian style pillows, and red rose petals that spilled onto the floor. The stereo was on very low but emitted pleasant, suggestive sounds. It was absolutely surreal and Usagi tried not to burst with excitement and sudden nervousness. This was rock solid confirmation that Mamoru was sexually attracted to her and he was going make love to her tonight, she was sure of it. Why else would he do something so obvious and amazing?

Usagi spotted her bag and skipped over to it in a frenzy to rummage inside. She immediately noticed a pink envelope on top of all her things. Curious, Usagi picked it up and instantly recognized Minako’s handwriting scrawled on the front. It read:

If all else fails . . .

Usagi furrowed her brow in confusion but opened the envelope, took out the note, and unfolded it. When Usagi read what was written inside she could only stare at it in puzzlement wondering why they would recommend she do something so strange. Why that, of all things? And what do they mean if all else fails? Usagi couldn’t understand what they were talking about or why they hinted for her to do something so peculiar. In any case Usagi shrugged her shoulders and remembered the choice she had to make. She had two options for her wedding night extravaganza. One was sexy, but safe, and the other was borderline scandalous. She breathed deeply for a moment and took in all the romantic details that Mamoru had attended to in his bedroom, immediately finding the courage she needed. Turning to the scandalous option Usagi held up the white lace, barely two-piece and could easily see through most of it. She blushed excitedly while grabbing her toiletries and darted for the bathroom.

Mamoru brought out the tray of snacks and champagne to the living room, “This is perfect.” He thought.

Here was Mamoru, shamefully hoping that feeding Usagi more food and champagne would put her right to sleep. He knew her well and resorted to knocking her out through food before, only when her cavalier attitude to his personal space pushed him to the point where he could pin her beneath him and rip off her clothes.

Mamoru sat gingerly on the edge of his couch while carefully rolling up the sleeves of his shirt thinking, “We’re finally married. I really don’t deser-”

Before his self-critical thoughts could drag him into oblivion his ears picked up Usagi’s squeal of delight behind him.

“Mamo-chan!” Usagi gasped. She spied the champagne, oysters, chocolate strawberries, and exotic cheeses. Usagi was now fully ecstatic and her breathing intensified from anticipation, though she tried to conceal it.

“What would it be like,” she wondered, “Making love to Mamo-chan?”

“This is the best!” Usagi blurted out and couldn’t believe how romantic he was being. It was turning her on unbelievably.

Mamoru finished rolling up his sleeves while grinning to himself, picturing Usagi in her typical nightwear of pink booty shorts and a loose t-shirt. He turned to face her just as Usagi migrated towards the couch, distracted by food, completely forgetting about the entrance she intended to make.

As Usagi’s eyes darted over the spread of delicacies before her Mamoru was struck completely dumb, gaping at her like a deer caught in the sexiest headlights imaginable. His eyes locked onto Usagi’s almost nude body as if seeing her for the first time and could not blink, unwilling to interrupt the sight of her delicious physique for even one moment.

With food being her only concern Usagi cheerfully bent over to grab a few strawberries and some cheese while Mamoru took intricate, detailed notice of her white, low-cut lace thong irresistibly covering the upper portion of her ass to reveal her naked and supple round bottoms.

Usagi obtained her munchies and happily plunked herself down next to Mamoru. Mamoru watched intently as her perfectly rounded, naked ass cheeks reached out to him, full and glorious before descending into the cushion on his left. Mamoru swallowed dryly as Usagi absentmindedly ducked under his arm and plastered herself to one side of his chest staring up at him through her dusty eyelashes.

“Mamo-chan! Everything is perfect!”

“Did Usako just say something?” Mamoru wasn’t sure because all he could register was the immaculately soft bed of cleavage about to burst from the confines of her strapless, white lace bodice that didn’t even reach her navel. It was as if her breasts were perched there, presenting themselves only to him, luring Mamoru in like a gravitational field. Every natural instinct pulsed through his body like a potent drug, compelling him to reach out and consume his wife like any normal man would.

Mamoru, however, was a far cry from normalcy. Usagi’s trauma dissolving into the mists of time was indeed a fortunate blessing, but such a thing did not happen to Mamoru. For him everything was fresh, raw, and all consuming.

Mamoru wasn’t even remotely conscious of being dangerously close to a total psychological collapse.

The only aspect Mamoru could sense was a gnawing feeling of self-hate, which was becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Deep down he burned with the belief that he did not deserve to even touch her. Peppering his subconscious were repeating scenes of Usagi’s torture. Memories of her vacant face, her desolate voice, and wretched screams were burned so deeply into his psyche that he truly was not the same. This wholehearted belief of unworthiness had manifested into Mamoru habitually resisting every opportunity to be one with her. Regardless, Mamoru’s sexual instincts pounded him relentlessly. The fierce effort to withstand caused his palms to sweat madly and his breath began to hitch.

Usagi had her eyes closed nibbling happily on a chocolate strawberry as she sat glued to Mamoru’s side, completely content in the present moment.

She smiled thinking to herself, “Mamoru has a fantastic body, it’s practically all muscle.” Following that thought Usagi felt a pleasant heat spread throughout her being and pool between her legs.

Mamoru sat rigid and tense, his gaze never leaving her many exposed curves while inhaling her wonderfully sweet scent. Despite the myriad of emotions boiling inside him, Mamoru snaked his arm around her, holding Usagi closely. There was nothing he could do about that because it was natural and instinctive.

Usagi sighed and pressed into him even more upon feeling his embrace while Mamoru traversed the beginning stages of insanity. She was plastered to him in pretty much a thong and half a bra. His hand could feel nothing but the soft skin of her stomach and practically bare hips. Mamoru experienced the strongest impulse to pounce and devour her, but he resisted, instantly leaning forward to jolt Usagi out of her bliss.

“Some champagne?” He gushed, now fidgeting with the bottle’s wire pin a little too aggressively.

Usagi thought his abruptness strange but then remembered the romantic picnic in the living room.

Usagi responded, “Yes please,” and couldn’t help but blush like crazy, looking down into her lap.

As Usagi’s gaze dropped she received a full glimpse of the lingerie she had completely forgotten she was wearing the moment she spotted the food. Usagi recalled her actions in the last few seconds and died of embarrassment, flaming beet red. She had planned to walk in all seductive-like and knock his socks off, but instead she shoveled her mouth with food and adored him like she was fifteen years old. Usagi sighed inwardly, beyond upset with herself. All she wanted was to appear sexy in Mamoru’s eyes, but Usagi firmly believed she was consistently failing at that.

Mamoru proceeded to ease the cork out of the bottle and willed his heart to slow down its rapid pace if only a little. The parts of his body that Usagi had pressed up against were burning fire hot and he was having difficultly controlling the swelling that threatened to make his pants uncomfortably tight. His mind drowned in images of creamy soft skin, more than ample cleavage, and white lace. The cork popped out and Mamoru shakily poured two foaming glasses. He took a courageous breath and turned to face her, now fully concentrating on keeping his eyes above her shoulders.

“Cheers,” He enthused, now somewhat composed as he handed Usagi’s glass to her.

Now that Usagi was paying attention she took her glass and became very aware that Mamoru did not steal even one glance below her neck.

“Wow.” She dejectedly thought to herself, beginning to feel absolutely ridiculous and very self-conscious. She hugged an arm to her body as if she could hide her embarrassment and apparent childishness. Mamoru noticed this and a little too eagerly grabbed the blanket on the back of the couch and draped it around her shoulders, covering up her gorgeous lingerie.

“You must be cold.” Mamoru stated rather than inquired.

The fabric felt especially heavily upon Usagi’s shoulders, as if it single handedly botched her efforts at seduction.

“Wow,” was all she could think for the second time.

Suddenly, the most ear-splitting crack of lightning and thunder ripped through the silence, striking the building. All of the lights immediately went out.

Usagi yelped and attached herself to Mamoru like a magnet, causing them both to fall into the couch. Usagi was now on top of him clinging for dear life and Mamoru could have sworn that there was not a cloud in the sky.

Upon plowing into him Mamoru wrapped his arms around her due to his protective instinct. He felt every part of her scantily clad body wiggle delightfully against him as she trembled, face buried in his chest. He tried his best to concentrate and rubbed her back gently.

“It’s alright Usako.”

Knowing that thunder storms were near the top of Usagi’s phobia list Mamoru continued to whisper comforting reassurances in her ear, his Adam’s apple twitching with strain and the swelling in his groin worsening beneath her trembling body. Mamoru clamped his eyes shut, his sexual self-control slipping out of his grasp like grains of sand, but he squeezed them desperately, still believing that he was not worthy of her love.

As soon as Usagi calmed down she opened her eyes and comprehended the situation. She had just tackled Mamoru out of her fear of thunder. Usagi became strikingly aware of how childish she had acted. Again. Her cheeks flushed in mortal embarrassment and she couldn’t believe how stupid and immature she was being, and on their wedding night too! It was no wonder Mamoru showed no interest in her sexually because he obviously didn’t see her as a woman yet. Usagi’s self esteem took a steep nosedive.

As Usagi obliviously squirmed against Mamoru, the dam of mental self-control collapsed. Barreling into the forefront of his consciousness were Mamoru’s forbidden fantasies. He could imagine pinning her forcefully to the floor in astonishing detail. He could see his hands grip the back of her thighs, slowly spreading her legs for her. The moment that scene played out in his mind Mamoru felt himself become rock hard in his pants. There was nothing he could do about it now and two layers of clothing were the only things keeping him outside of her. Free from mental restraint he greedily indulged in his desires, imagining tasting every succulent part of her body. Mamoru paused and forced himself to take a long, deep breath in an attempt to remain still while his thoughts provoked him mercilessly. He could picture himself descending into her, completely enveloping her world and erasing their boundaries with waves of intense pleasure.

Usagi remained obliviously lost in her own nonsense. From her self-esteem lacking perspective she felt his secure hand tracing warm circles on her back, almost as if comforting a child. She became mortified and scolded herself for not being seductive enough to make proper use of the lingerie she had paid good money for, and not being the sexy woman that Mamoru deserved. Usagi wished intensely that she could be as exotic and strikingly beautiful like Rei, or graceful and voluptuous like Makoto. If only she was classically gorgeous and bright like Minako, or delicate and sensual like Ami. If she could be any less ‘Usagi’ she would be happy. She peeked up from where her face was buried in Mamoru’s chest and could see nothing but the underside of his jaw. She watched his Adam’s apple constrict and felt him take a long, calming breath.

Usagi felt even worse. She perceived this as irritation, Mamoru placating her childishness yet again. “He must be so tired of this,” she lamented, “probably wondering when I’m going to grow up.”

Mamoru felt Usagi stiffen against him. Upon her sudden stillness he panicked and tried to discreetly distance his hips from hers so that she couldn’t feel his massive hard on. Mamoru would rather die than ruin the comfort he believed Usagi felt around him. To Mamoru’s delusional mind the fact that Usagi could put on lingerie like that and prance around in front of him convinced him that she had no clue how her actions, clothes, or lack thereof pushed the limits of his sexual self-control.

The fathomless guilt eating Mamoru alive would not allow him to see how desperately hard Usagi was trying to get him to surrender.

While wallowing in her own self-loathing Usagi felt Mamoru try to subtly pull away from her even though she was the one on top. Even more humiliated Usagi instantly dismounted his body to sit on the far end of the couch by herself. With her legs held tightly together she hugged her arms around her body and turned away from him, hiding her eyes behind her twin odangos and cascading curls. Usagi’s body language mirrored her desire to hide her embarrassment and not appear any more like a child.

As Mamoru tried to focus on hiding the obvious sign of his undeniable attraction, he felt Usagi freeze. In the span of one breath she had vacated the space on top of him to sit silently an arms length away. Startled, Mamoru had propped himself up on his forearms staring at her inquisitively, wondering what had caused the sudden change. He instantly took notice of her legs clamped together, her face hidden from him, almost shameful, and her arms folded around her body. His face constricted with knowing pain. She must have felt his erection, he was sure of it. She must have felt it raging against her and freaked out, now feeling nervous and unsure.

“Fuck!” cursed Mamoru. He flooded with hatred for himself and his lack of self-control, hanging his head in immense shame.

Usagi fought hard to conceal her embarrassment and spoke in a small whisper, “Mamo-chan?”

Mamoru heard her quiet voice full of uncertainty and wanted to stab himself, “Yes . . . Usako?”

Silence swelled between them for a few intense moments until she asked, “Why . . . Why did you propose to me Mamo-chan?”

Mamoru’s face flashed with agony as she continued, “Why did you marry me?”

Mamoru internally crucified himself, “You can’t do anything right can you?” he spat, “She felt it right through your pants and now Usako thinks that you only married her to get her in bed! Have I shattered her trust in me?”

He studied Usagi’s small frame, her silken hair hiding her eyes and cascading in a pool of blonde between them. He leaned towards her with an overwhelming longing, stress racking his entire body. His hand reached out, wanting to pull her aggressively back on top of him, but watched helplessly as his hand robotically took hers and squeezed . . . almost as if attempting to do anything more would finally cause Mamoru to spontaneously combust in his mounting guilt and incinerate until there was nothing of him left.

Usagi was astounded that she found the courage to ask that question, but sat still in her position. She remembered Mamoru’s words the night he proposed to her.

“I really believed that you were lost to me forever . . . Life without you is not worth living.”

Usagi shuddered to think that perhaps he rushed to propose to her because he had no clue what would happen next week.

“We could all die very soon,” Usagi recalled, “. . . or not. Who knew? Did Mamo-chan just want to make it official in case anything else happened, regardless of the fact that he doesn’t see me as sexually desirable yet?

“Is that why we’re married right now?” She startled herself, “Is it some sort of insurance policy?!”

She didn’t want to consider such things but couldn’t ignore the signs glaring her in the face.

The silence between the newly weds lingered causing the distance between them to expand. Usagi became more and more alarmed at the continued silence. Was the question really that difficult for him to answer?! Then she felt his warm, gentle hand on hers.

“There it is again,” She thought, “that condescending squeeze.”

Usagi might as well be sitting next to her brother, and for the first time felt resentment arise within her.

Mamoru felt saturated with shame, “Usako,” he began pathetically, trying to hide the pain in his voice as he stuttered. “You-Of course you know how much I love you . . . You know that I would never do anything to make you uncomfortable . . .” Mamoru struggled for words, now becoming frustrated. “I can’t help it . . . I mean . . .” then he finally belted out the truth, “Look at yourself! Can you blame me?!”

Usagi’s expression melted away to leave her face empty and blank. Since her sexual self-esteem was so fragile when it came to Mamoru, she could perceive only one meaning from what he had just said.

Usagi remained convinced that her apparent childish behaviour irritated Mamoru to the point that he snapped at her in his growing frustration. She hardly believed he could explode like that, as if his annoyance had been building for years.

Usagi’s eyes flushed with hot tears and her blood boiled with anger, though it was mostly at herself. She rose heatedly from her seat, still not facing him.

Mamoru watched his new bride quickly rise to her feet. He hoped that she wouldn’t hold his sexual instincts against him and began to feel relieved that he had finally brought it up.

As she stood there unmoving Mamoru longed for her to say something . . . to say anything. His nerves settled, taking faith in the fact that she was without a doubt the most understanding person he knew.

“Usako?” he pressed cautiously.

Usagi slowly turned around. Her hot tears, quivering eyes, and angry sneer delivered a nauseating punch to Mamoru’s gut.

Usagi’s voice dripped with sarcastic fury. “Well, excuse me for trying to hold on to some of my youthful innocence!”

The look that flashed across Mamoru’s face almost made her falter. It was a mixture of stabbing pain, self-hatred, and collapsing sorrow, but she was much too angry to comprehend it.

Usagi glowered at him. “Allow me to apologize for not being as mature as you Mamo-chan.”

Fuming mad and totally embarrassed Usagi wanted desperately to escape, not wanting to have a conversation that made her feel even more of how she did not want to feel.

Fervently holding back her tears Usagi spun around. “You know what? It doesn’t even matter. It’s probably past my bedtime anyway.” And she stormed towards the bedroom.

Mamoru remained on the couch imprisoned in a moment of intense grief. The amount of anger he witnessed on her face distressed him. What had come out of her mouth collapsed him. Mamoru firmly believed that she had just accused him outright of wanting to steal her innocence.

Despicable, self-hating tears gathered in the corner of his eyes, but they would not spill. Mamoru was now teetering on the brink of a complete mental breakdown, but evaded it temporarily as he instinctively launched after her.

Catching up to her in the hallway he grabbed Usagi’s wrist, “Usako, please . . . forgive me.”

Without even turning to face him Usagi wrenched her wrist out of his grasp. Her voice trembled, “I really just . . . don’t want to talk to you right now.”

Those words were equivalent to a dull knife plunging forcefully into Mamoru’s chest. His eyes glazed over and the misery simmering under the surface was becoming too much, pushing forcibly against the mountain of denial struggling to keep it buried.

Usagi opened the bedroom door as Mamoru found his voice.

“Usako,” he barely sounded like the man he normally was. His voice so small and pleading, “please, try to understand-”

It was then Mamoru caught a glimpse of his bedroom.

Usagi was curious as to why Mamoru stopped talking so she swallowed her pride and turned to face him. Mamoru stood there in shock looking at his bedroom. He surveyed the intricate lights draping across the ceiling and hanging over a bed that was not his, covered in rich, new fabric and red rose petals.

Mamoru implored, “What the hell happened in here?!”

Usagi felt like she had been slapped in the face, “You . . . You didn’t do any of this?”

Mamoru hadn’t surpassed the shock yet, “What the hell?”

The moment Usagi realized that Mamoru was not the one responsible for the romantic transformation in his bedroom her mouth went bone dry. She had been so excited . . . so sure that Mamoru wanted her that she chose the scandalous lingerie based upon what she thought Mamoru had done, but he wasn’t responsible for any of it.

Like a bolt from the blue she remembered her friends. Usagi felt so stupid. Of course it was the Senshi, how did she not see it before? This had Minako’s name written all over it.

Usagi’s mouth quivered, now fully believing that she had been right all along. Her big, feeling heart shattered when Usagi wrongly concluded that she was Mamoru’s wife at that moment not because he wanted to be one with her, but because they had never made it to the altar before disaster had struck.

Usagi felt embarrassed and cheap, extremely hurt, and very stupid. All of these emotions converged into white-hot fury that demanded to be projected at something, and Mamoru was a locked target.

Once Mamoru overcame the surprise of his surroundings he turned his attention back to Usagi to find an incomprehensible look of hurt on her face. Before he could attempt to wonder what had caused it, he witnessed a single tear slip from her eye followed by the door slamming violently in his face.

Mamoru stood motionless in the hallway with his bedroom door a breath away from the tip of his nose. Usagi had locked him out. For a few moments Mamoru was unable to move, staring into a door he could not see. Consuming his vision was the expression of hurt and sadness on Usagi’s face. The solitary tear that dripped from her eye just before she shut him out was sure to be sobs by now. Oh that’s right. Mamoru almost forgot. He remembered that all he was good at was hurting her.

He could hear Usagi’s muffled cries inside his room. The sound proved to be the very thing able to uncork the emotions eating him from the inside.

Usagi’s quiet sobs pierced through his eardrums and steadily increased in intensity. The sound kept rising and her cries became more desperate and miserable. He covered his ears but Usagi’s sobs, now turned into wretched screams continued to grow louder and more traumatic. Mamoru stumbled backwards, unable to cope and kept distancing himself from the door as if it would lessen the noise.

Mamoru pressed his hands ever harder over his ears, trying in vain to mute it out but Usagi’s tortured screams kept getting louder. When Mamoru opened his eyes his apartment was no longer visible. Instead, he saw Usagi chained to the floor at his feet, malnourished, and broken. Prince Cirius had her cradled in his arms while Usagi moaned in despair, realizing that he would never let her die. It was such a disturbing sound.

Mamoru shook his head, “No!” his hands still clamped firmly on his ears.

The scene suddenly changed and with a loud crack Prince Cirius had kicked Usagi in the centre of her chest, shattering her sternum. Usagi flew into the air until her chains brought her down to collide with the floor.

Mamoru trembled, “Please . . . stop.”

Prince Cirius kept beating her, each blow harder than the last. Mamoru wanted nothing more than to look away, to eradicate this sick vision, but it felt all too real and he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the desolate emptiness on Usagi’s face.

While these hallucinations of torture consumed him, Mamoru continued to stumble backwards haphazardly with the ghastly scenes following him like a shadow.

Mamoru heard Usagi plead, “Please . . . Just let me die.”

New scenes came bulldozing in, things that Mamoru had suppressed for years. He saw himself treating Usagi like shit and tearing down her self-esteem so that she would hate him, evading her dismal future foretold in a dream. He remembered fragments of her being abused by Nehelenia because Usagi was determined to save him. He could relive himself as Prince Endymion attacking Sailor Moon in Beryl’s throne room, beating her mercilessly while she pleaded for him to remember and would not lift a finger to attack him. He saw himself raise his sword over her with the intent to kill.

Mamoru groaned, “Stop . . . Please! Usako . . . Forgive me . . . I don’t deserve you.”

Mamoru could not endure any more. The strength in his legs vanished causing him to collapse unceremoniously to the floor with hands secured tightly over his ears.

After slamming the door in the face of her new husband Usagi stripped off her lingerie as if it were burning her skin. Tossing it violently aside she pulled on a pair of panties and a tank top and collapsed onto the bed. The cloud of rose petals she sent up gently rained down on Usagi as she sobbed quietly. This was not how she pictured her wedding night at all. Here she was, finally Mamoru’s wife . . . and all to ensure their marriage before anything else could separate them. Usagi cried even harder.
As she lay there weeping Usagi felt the sorrow in her heart deepen rapidly. When the pain in her chest kept increasing Usagi stopped crying and sat up, now confused. Her tears subsided and she began to recognize that the sorrow she felt was not her own . . . it was coming from someone else. Usagi wiped her eyes and after a moment of silent contemplation and lingering anger at Mamoru, she relented and reached out with her heart hoping to sense him through their strengthened, eternal connection. The amount of pain and despair she felt emanating from Mamoru was so overwhelming, so powerful and unbearable that she was forced to pull back almost immediately.

Usagi gasped as if she had been drowning. She clutched her throat and was barely able to breathe from the suffocating shock. Mamoru was in immense pain . . . much more pain than she would have ever imagined. Her heart thudded for him but she was absolutely baffled. What could have Mamoru hurting this deeply?

Usagi instinctively flew to the door propelled by her unconditional love for him, but strangely stopped dead before opening it. Feeling unsure of what to do Usagi continued to grip the handle, unmoving. She knew very well that a massive gulf had opened between them, and Mamoru could put up a twenty-foot wall in front of the truth if he felt he needed to spare her pain. In an attempt to get the truth of what was going on with him she tried something different, relying on her newly heightened powers.

She closed her eyes and reached out as far as she could in their connection, constantly fighting the urge to pull back due to the strength of his misery. For the briefest of moments Usagi shared Mamoru’s mental and emotional space. Like a blunt force to the head she was bombarded with every image relentlessly thrashing through his mind. She saw visions of herself being tortured and molested by her uncle. She heard her voice pleading for death.

Usagi’s entire body jerked with shock. She had no clue that Mamoru had been forced to watch Prince Cirius degrade her. The idea that Mamoru had successfully hidden something so unbelievably staggering to spare her pain caused Usagi’s stomach to lurch.

She then saw images of Endymion beating her while under Beryl’s control. That was quite a blow. All these years Mamoru had sworn to her that he couldn’t remember a single thing from that experience. More importantly, in addition to these visual images she could feel Mamoru’s wretchedness. It was absolutely unendurable but at least now she understood . . . All she could feel coming from Mamoru was unworthiness. Mamoru fully believed that he did not deserve to be her husband; that he did not deserve to have her love, or deserve to be her protector. For the first time Usagi knew implicitly that Mamoru was engulfed by failure and guilt.

After intruding on Mamoru’s mental and emotional space, the intensity of his feelings caused Usagi to involuntarily succumb, weeping in his deep-rooted pain. She clutched the place in her chest that felt like a gaping black hole, feeling emotions so powerful it took over half an hour to ride it out.

Usagi was rocked by this revelation. Had she not felt him out Usagi would never have guessed that Mamoru was suffering as much as he was. But how could she have known? Mamoru’s number one concern was only her safety and her happiness; his own needs always falling by the wayside. After a few seconds Usagi was honestly confused as to why Mamoru would feel this way, but it soon became obvious. Usagi was heartily ashamed that she hadn’t realized it before. As if lifting a dense fog Usagi recalled for herself the months of torture under Prince Cirius. Her mind knew that this had only occurred three days ago, yet for some reason it felt like years back. Usagi’s intuition hinted that she had her mother to thank for this, but there was a very unwelcome side effect. It put an immeasurable distance between both of their realities. Mamoru’s raw, fresh, and all consuming, and hers, distant and manageable.

Usagi’s healing meant that the debilitating events would not dominate her mind, allowing her to focus on normal, everyday things. On top of that Mamoru had proposed to her almost immediately after the ordeal and then the whirlwind of dealing with her family, answering a million questions, and fantasizing about her wedding night took over. How could she have been so blind, insensitive, and selfish? Here she was passing judgment on Mamoru and becoming angry with him while he was absolutely destroyed and struggling to make her happy.

What killed Usagi was that Mamoru did not understand that he hadn’t failed at anything. Ever. Mamoru was her strength and quite literally the source of her power. How could he think that he was unworthy? How could he believe he was a failure?! Usagi’s heart bled for him and she was determined to put an end to all of it.

Usagi twisted the handle and cautiously exited the bedroom. She took a deep breath and with slow, delicate steps made her way through the darkness to find him. As Usagi entered the living room her eyes could pick up nothing but shadows when she heard him through the dark.

“Forgive me Usako . . . I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Usagi’s heart constricted upon hearing his scratchy voice, but that was nothing when she found him cross-legged on the floor behind the couch. Mamoru sat there with his face buried in his hands rocking slightly back and forth, completely consumed by his visions.

Tears spilled from Usagi’s eyes the moment she saw him. This picture of Mamoru was so foreign to her and felt horribly wrong. Mamoru was the strongest man that she knew. He was her pillar of strength. To see him this way sent spasms through her so strong that she collapsed down on the floor next to him.

At that precise moment the Moon had risen high enough in the sky to peek over the back of the couch and sparkle off the ebony of Mamoru’s hair. As each second passed the moonlight embraced him more and more as Usagi reached out to her husband. Her hands brushed over his hair, caressed his hands and lifted his head to face her.

Mamoru continued to suffer the onslaught of his guilt to the point that he wasn’t even aware Usagi had found him on the floor.

Mamoru watched Prince Cirius beat Usagi incessantly when the mental images shattered like glass to reveal a sight straight from heaven. Instead of pain and suffering Mamoru looked into Usagi’s beautiful face staring back at him infused with empathy and hope.

Upon seeing her Mamoru’s hands inched slowly along her outstretched arms, desperately reaching for her, needing her, but resisting that same desire with everything he had. Torn between both emotions and his eyes burning with shame Mamoru grasped Usagi firmly and without further hesitation pulled her into him as if she was the only thing that could keep him alive. He could not manage to speak but groaned quietly instead, crushing her in his embrace. Usagi grasped him just as tightly feeling dark waves of raw pain flood through her.

Usagi’s heart shuddered under the deluge of his grief. Without being able to speak herself they sat awkwardly on the floor, clinging to each other roughly, urgently, words loosing their usefulness under the onslaught of raw emotion. Usagi willingly breathed Mamoru’s torment into herself and barely noticed her powers activating in response. Hidden in her subspace pocket the Ginzuishou sensed Mamoru’s suffering through Usagi’s heart. Due to her unconscious intent it poured its healing light through her and into Mamoru.

As they embraced on the floor the power of the Silver Crystal and the power of Usagi’s heart pierced into Mamoru’s darkness. It cut through the layers of rotten earth burying him alive to pierce through the core of his being. As the seconds ticked by the aching in Mamoru’s chest began to slowly subside and the constriction in his throat relaxed. Mamoru’s hold on his wife lessened so that he wasn’t crushing her, but remained holding her tightly nonetheless. The pace of his lungs gradually evened out and the atmosphere settled within and around them, though they were both unaware of what was truly happening. The healing was unconscious but very much effective, the only physical proof being a slight tingling throughout Mamoru’s body.

Usagi’s freshly sweet smell broke through Mamoru’s senses causing him to release a pent up sigh, exhaling the last of his guilt and pain. Mamoru relaxed his weight burying his nose deeper into her hair, now completely content.

Mamoru hovered outside of reality, which was why he instinctively pulled Usagi into his lap. He held her closer, lost in what felt like a lucid dream.

Usagi floated in the serene, thoughtless aftermath until she felt his strong arms lift her effortlessly into his lap followed by Mamoru closing around her with her hips now locked into his. Their navels were pressed firmly together and her breasts smeared against his chest. Usagi was unsure if the lowest of moans escaped Mamoru’s throat . . . It was probably just her imagination. Regardless, the sudden shift in his mood and the feel of him against her shocked Usagi back into the present.

Usagi’s cheeks flooded with pink heat as she realized that his pulling her closer forced her legs to encircle Mamoru’s waist, straddling him. The weight of his body melding against hers caused Usagi’s heart to quicken its pace and the heat in her cheeks raced throughout the rest of her body, causing a throbbing ache between her legs that was by now very familiar. Usagi felt his steady, hot breath filter through her hair and sweetly tickle her neck. A shiver ran up Usagi’s spine followed by Mamoru shifting his weight underneath her, rubbing himself against the engorged, hot flesh covered by her panties ever so slightly. Electricity shot through her body and an involuntary gasp escaped Usagi’s throat.

The sharp sound caused Mamoru’s eyes to flutter open. After a few short seconds he took everything in.

Even though Usagi had just healed Mamoru, though they didn’t know it, his automatic behavioural patterns were not so quick to disappear. With eyes wide-open Mamoru could not recall for the life of him how Usagi ended up firmly in his lap on the living room floor. Without even grasping the reason for his actions Mamoru habitually created a distance between them.

Just before Usagi could fall victim to her potent desires, Mamoru gravitated away. Unlike every other instance before, Usagi pulled herself back towards him, though not close enough to be against the hard warmth of his chest.

“Mamo-chan?” Usagi squeaked out as her eyes darted back and forth between his. She could not detect any distress in his eyes or his demeanor and she became wary and perplexed. Usagi couldn’t tell if Mamoru was putting up a wall of normalcy around the suffering that he seemed to be drowning in moments ago or if something strange had happened.

As they stared at each other unmoving Usagi had a hard time discerning what to do. Mamoru’s emotional health was her only concern, of course . . . but it was becoming difficult for Usagi to concentrate now that she had him straddled and her body throbbed for him. The palpable attraction to the man in front of her was suddenly overwhelming, and then a feeling of guilt washed through her. How could she be feeling and thinking these things at such a moment?!

“Well, it’s not my fault!” Usagi mentally defended. “He’s the one that pulled me into his lap holding me so tightly that I practically fused to his chest!” A sudden flash of what it felt like when her hips pushed down into his caused a wave of pleasure to involuntarily ripple through her body, followed by another wave of guilt.

There was no more room for argument. Usagi wanted Mamoru and she wanted him now, but her mind told her that this was not the time.

Maybe Mamo-chan needs a few days,” She thought.

As compassionate as that sounded her logic was not quite strong enough to tame the desperate need for Mamoru to touch her, kiss her, and make love to her right there.

Finding a tiny bit of courage where she thought she had none, Usagi pulled herself just a little closer to Mamoru. Given the circumstances Usagi couldn’t convince herself to just lunge for his chest once again, desperately wanting to feel him. Instead, reflecting her self-doubt she only moved close enough for her breasts to brush timidly against his chest. Once she had done that Usagi became delightfully aware that her nipples tingled with electricity when they touched, becoming instantly hard as another pulse of blood flooded between her legs. Another wave of guilt washed through her as she finally admitted that she was willfully coming on to him, more so than any other instance before.

Usagi’s cheeks bloomed with colour upon this revelation even though she forced herself to remain concerned for his emotional state. What Usagi couldn’t realize was that she was fighting against an idea that wasn’t relevant anymore. She could see for herself that there was no sign of trauma in Mamoru’s eyes, face, or heart. Yet, Usagi couldn’t know that she had just healed him so she remained cautious, trying to hold on to her empathy and concern when her instincts were telling her to forget it.

Mamoru continued on autopilot. He instinctively created a safe distance between Usagi and himself without consciously knowing why. He felt resistance in Usagi’s interlaced fingers at the back of his neck as she pulled herself back towards him. Usagi inched slightly closer and Mamoru felt the arousing sensation of her pebbled nipples grazing across his chest. The tingling warmth spread like wildfire throughout his body. In wordless silence they stared at each other, Usagi’s eyes searching his in the moonlight trying to find the courage to express what she wanted to convey. Mamoru was very much aware of every part of her body that touched his yet he felt this inexplicable urge to resist.

The dense fog in his mind suddenly lifted for him to vividly recall Usagi accusing him of wanting to steal her innocence. A small jolt of pain shot through his stomach and he broke their gaze in order to hide his shame. Mamoru leaned back forcing his chest to separate from hers.

When Mamoru avoided her gaze and pulled away from her Usagi rolled her eyes in supreme annoyance. As much as she loved this man, boy was he a piece of work! She had never met anyone with such a strong sense of responsibility, no matter how far gone his sense of responsibility was. Usagi could understand that Mamoru still felt some type of guilt but she was beginning to get impatient. Something inside of her was suddenly desperate to get this man on top of her. Four long years of not making a move had to stop now as Usagi realized if she waited for Mamoru she would wait forever . . . but what exactly to do? Could she really force herself on him? That thought did not appeal to her, though it remained an alluring option if the end result worked out.

Like a distant echo Usagi heard words in her head that sounded like her own voice, but not quite.

“If all else fails . . .”

Usagi recalled the cryptic note the girls had left in her bag. She remembered what it had said inside.

“Should I do that?” Usagi hesitantly thought, “Right now?”

She honestly didn’t understand the suggestion but for some incomprehensible reason she felt that she should do it.

While Mamoru remained in a confused state of resistance Usagi bit her lower lip, digging up the determination she needed while not knowing what good the performance would do.

“Well . . . Here goes nothing.”

Mamoru was fragmented. The heat of attraction and desire burned strongly in his body but he could not look at her, feeling shameful that Usagi thought he wanted to force her into sex. Mamoru wanted nothing more than to quench his unquenchable thirst and make love to Usagi, the only experience remaining unexplored between them. The flame burned within him growing hotter with each passing second, because the years of guilt and pain that always kept it in check were now nonexistent.
Usagi’s natural perfume pushed against his senses and he felt a pulse of hot blood flood his veins. Mamoru could detect the rise and fall of her chest with each breath she took. He subconsciously licked his lips but remained focused on her legs wrapped loosely around him, trying stubbornly not to visualize the paradise nestled between.

Unexpectedly, Mamoru began feeling a mystical but very familiar sensation that caught him completely off guard. He knew this feeling very well yet it didn’t register until he watched it happen with his own eyes.

Translucent, shimmering ribbons encircled Usagi’s legs, winding tightly up to her knees to then materialize into bright red high-heeled boots with white trim. His now wide-eyed gaze lifted to see her panties and tank top dissolve away. For a lingering moment he caught sight of her beautifully nude body. The full swell of her breasts, the soft pink of her nipples, and the small tuft of golden curls crowning the entrance to his own personal nirvana. He was rock hard immediately, and his mind began to shut down.

The ribbons wrapped themselves intricately around Usagi’s torso becoming a bodysuit that flashed into bright white. More ribbons tied themselves into a bow on her chest that popped into bright red. When the ribbons snaked around her forearms Mamoru finally comprehended that Usagi was transforming into Sailor Moon . . . the original Sailor Moon in blue, white, and red whom he used to fantasize about constantly before he knew her true identity. During the few short seconds the ribbons tightened around her skin, Mamoru caught a whiff of the most glorious scent wafting up from between her legs and his body began radiating uncontrollable lust and passion.

Something inside Mamoru, something that had been building for a long, long time . . . detonated.

“Well . . . Here goes nothing.”

Usagi threw caution to the wind and willed herself to do what the girls had instructed within the note, which had read:

Transform into the original version of Sailor Moon (red and blue) in front of Mamoru . . . and make sure to slow it down. ;)

As instructed, Usagi concentrated on slowing down the transformation. She immersed herself in the old sensation of shimmering ribbons entwining up her legs and encircling her body. As each piece of clothing flashed into existence a playful gust of wind swirled her hair around them, magically weaving itself into odango sprouting pigtails once again. Usagi’s heart shaped lips pouted irresistibly and sparkled with newfound colour, her glamour now emanating from her face. Sailor Moon’s deep blue fuku skirt folded its way around her waist and her tiara condensed into solidity over her crescent Moon birthmark.

Sailor Moon exhaled and leisurely opened her eyes wondering what she would see on Mamoru’s face. Usagi entertained the lingering belief that she had just embarrassed herself yet again.

Sailor Moon’s eyelids had barely begun to part when Mamoru’s desperate lips assaulted hers aggressively and hungrily, his tongue immediately plunging into her mouth exuding a heavy, persistent groan. The instant his lips collided with hers Sailor Moon felt herself fly through the air to collide heavily with the wall, Mamoru enthusiastically pressing himself against her. Usagi felt Mamoru all over her because he was all there was to feel, and her senses were thoroughly overwhelmed. Due to Mamoru’s sensual roughness Usagi’s breasts had spilled out of her fuku, her rosebud nipples absolutely begging to be put in his mouth. Without even a hint of hesitation he gripped her ass cheeks and hoisted her up so that he could bury his face in her chest, nuzzling every inch of her, tasting her, drowning in her. His hands wandered possessively along her body, gripping and caressing everything he could while his mouth gravitated all over her though never strayed from her lips for too long.

It all happened so fast that it barely registered in Usagi’s mind that it was really happening, as all she could do was moan instinctively. Usagi was aware of nothing other than the powerful sensation of how intensely Mamoru desired her. It was immediately obvious to Usagi that Mamoru had been sitting on a mountain of suppressed sexual energy raging out of control only for her. Each stroke of his tongue and deep ripple from his throat in addition to the eager pressure of his hips and the urgency of his hands made it crystal clear to Usagi that Mamoru wanted her just as badly as she wanted him, if not much more.

Now that her brain finally caught pace with the situation, Sailor Moon snapped out of her stupor and responded. Mamoru felt Usagi kiss him back ravenously, her delicate tongue aggressively dancing with his. Sailor Moon’s arms clamped around his neck as her gloved fingers wove roughly through his hair, gripping and pulling in earnest. The moment Mamoru felt Sailor Moon dynamically respond to him he whimpered in infinite pleasure, now pouring more of himself into his wild new bride. Constricted within his pants, Mamoru’s erection forcibly rubbed against the soft cloth of her bodysuit and the sweet, swollen flesh beneath it. As Mamoru rubbed against her Sailor Moon felt herself swell even more, throbbing overtop of him. Mamoru fervently bit her bottom lip once he felt her damp heat through their clothes.

Usagi could sense an intense pressure building inside Mamoru; it felt like he was about to loose all control. While massaging her breasts and tasting every corner of her mouth Mamoru gripped her behind the knee to pin her leg vigorously against the wall, Usagi’s leg naturally hooking over his shoulder. Barely able to contain himself Mamoru reached for his pants, frantic to free himself from the tight confines of his clothes. Mamoru was pleasantly surprised when Usagi’s hands fumbled with his, quickly unfastening and unzipping them in record time.

Now free from its prison Mamoru’s erection pulsated against her, thick, rigid, and hot with Usagi moaning shamelessly. Mamoru’s warm lips traveled up her neck and with barely a hint of patience his anxious fingers grasped at the soft cloth of bodysuit blocking his way to where he wanted to be the most. Mamoru hastily pulled the fabric to one side. His lips made his way back to hers moaning,

“Usak-” in a deep tenor just as she pleaded,


And he slid into her, both of them unable to finish the other’s name because a titanic injection of pleasure unlike either of them had ever experienced exploded within both of them. Mamoru groaned deeply and Usagi could only inhale in sharp ecstasy. The moment he entered her Usagi was unable to hold on to her transformation, which promptly erupted in a vibrant explosion of ribbons and feathers. Immediately frustrated at the sudden barrier created by her tank top and panties, Mamoru’s hands ripped her underwear clean off. He then slipped off her tank top in one smooth motion so that Mamoru could resume his love making deeper and deeper, his murmurs of deep, frenzied satisfaction reverberating across her tongue and into her throat. Usagi’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and the energy around them ignited. She had no idea that he would feel this phenomenal, the most exquisite sensual oneness that made every other experience obsolete. She knew she wanted to feel this way forever . . . it was absolutely glorious. Their lips fervently kneaded together, both of them moaning recklessly with tongues intertwined while Mamoru repeatedly found his way inside her.

The sound of Usagi’s all consuming pleasure caused the most explosive shock of arousal to tear through Mamoru’s body. He hurriedly pulled Usagi away from the wall and Usagi’s legs encircled tightly around him. Mamoru’s hands supported Usagi’s weight as her eager hips continued to move with his, Mamoru wanting to loose himself in her even more. With their lips locked together and hands migrating everywhere the newly weds clumsily stumbled towards the bedroom. Usagi’s delicate fingers ripped Mamoru’s dress shirt apart and pulled it unsympathetically down his arms. Mamoru impatiently tossed the shirt somewhere behind him with Usagi moving her eager hands along his back, chest and abs; greedily consuming every inch of his physique she could get her hands on. His mouth found its way back to her breasts as he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled on it achingly. Usagi’s head obediently fell back while murmuring sounds of unintelligible pleasure. Stumbling through his apartment the frantic couple knocked over a lamp, a chair, a side table, and kicked over two plants.

As they passed the kitchen Mamoru paused their journey. He impatiently plunked her down on the first hard surface available so that he would be able to loose himself in her fully once again, the bedroom seeming too far away. Usagi’s naked rear end smacked down on the countertop as she pulled Mamoru against her.

With hands now free to migrate at will Mamoru grasped Usagi vitally, now lost within every sensual thrust and caress. Unable to think Mamoru focused all of his attention on how it felt every time he entered her, feeling her tighten around him in every way while kissing him with unimaginable passion. She was so wild, warm, and sweet that Mamoru shuddered in uncontrollable delight. After the brief interlude in the kitchen he suddenly remembered his goal.

The bedroom.

Mamoru eagerly picked her back up and continued devouring her while they stumbled down the hall. The buildings electricity magically returned but neither of them noticed. Mamoru sandwiched Usagi against the wall and they clumsily steamrolled over each other, haphazardly making their way to their destination with Mamoru making love to her all the while.

Once at the doorway Mamoru whisked Usagi to their new bed and his fevered behaviour gradually calmed as he gently laid her down. Mamoru paused and looked over her ethereal beauty underneath the soft glow of the crescent moon shaped lights dangling above them. Atop the creamy-white duvet, the velvety soft rose petals and her silken blonde hair, Usagi lay staring seductively at him through half-lidded eyes in all her nude glory. Mamoru’s gaze unabashedly raked over every inch of her body, releasing a long, contented sigh before he descended upon her kissing her softly along her face and across her mouth. Mamoru traced his slow, explorative lips and tongue down her neck and over the swell of her breasts to brush delicately over her nipples, pausing there for some time; licking, nipping, sucking and kneading Usagi into a mindless frenzy before slowly making his way down the trim line of her stomach, around her hipbone, and down her thigh.

Mamoru teasingly migrated his mouth and hands along every square inch of Usagi’s skin, completely worshipping every aspect of her, and as he did Usagi’s breathing grew louder and more erratic until finally, finally Mamoru approached her crowning glory. Usagi’s intoxicated, panting breaths paused in blissful silence as Mamoru detached himself from the skin of her inner thigh to revel in the sight of her genitalia, wide open before him. He could not restrain himself from taking a few, exploratory lashes with his tongue, sampling the ecstasy of her taste; delving into her heat with Usagi gasping euphorically.

Mamoru’s penis was painfully hard and throbbing with desire. It only had a brief taste itself and wanted nothing more than to return to Usagi’s inner recesses, but Mamoru’s mouth had laid claim for the moment. Usagi began to shake in pleasure and anticipation as Mamoru glanced up at her, taking in her expression and her eyes. Usagi radiated thick waves of unrestrained desire. Her pupils were fully dilated; all of her muscles vibrating with tension and need. Her mouth had parted open and she had begun licking her lips. Usagi had also unconsciously started to caress herself and her eyes were fixed on Mamoru’s astonishingly erect penis.

When their eyes met they recognized that they were both not holding back anymore. Their unrestrained, almost obsessive sexual desire for the other was on full display and seemed to take up the whole room with its heady implications. They were hopelessly addicted to each other now and knew that they would never get enough of the other. It was obvious in the mindless, raw lust and passionate love that poured from both of their eyes and hearts. Such a heated and vulnerable gaze caused Usagi’s body to practically quiver with need and Mamrou’s erection to twitch aggressively. With such a hot pulse of arousal all thought patterns evaporated to leave behind pure, unadulterated, insistent sexual magnetism with a level of force neither could have foreseen or comprehended; It completely consumed them both while taking on a life of its own.

He plunged his tongue into her sex, burying it in her as far as it could go, lapping up her juices and exploring every aspect eagerly.

God, the smell of her, the taste of her. I’ve wanted to be with her like this for so long. The very idea that she is lying here opening her legs for me all swollen and thick and dripping wet at my touch . . . I can barely contain myself. I could come right here and now from just that. Fuck, I want to . . . I think I need to . . . I don’t think . . . I can hold back! She’s just . . . so . . . . Oooooh God!”

After a few hazy moments Mamoru was immediately embarrassed, thinking he had just prematurely run away with himself but was surprised and even more aroused when he felt Usagi’s inner recesses clamp down and convulse to join him in his unexpected and uncontrollable orgasm. They were both astonished and slightly abashed at how fast and easily they had both climaxed. After the momentous occurrence they settled, still staring at each other, almost unsure of how to proceed. She gave Mamoru a look that was somewhat shy but not hiding the passionate fire still burning within her. Seeing this, Mamoru exhaled to reveal that he felt the same way, his penis hardening more and more with every passing moment. They smiled softly at each other. Mamoru’s smile then faded into seriousness as he reached out to brush his thumb around her clit, his eyes watching her face intently. She cried out unabashedly as her legs twitched and her face flushed. She opened her eyes, all clouded and heavy, then reached out and stroked his penis confidently and aggressively.

Mamoru jerked in erotic shock. God, her touch felt outstanding! She reached for him again and her hands worked him like they were made to do so. As if the blueprint for his manhood’s utmost pleasure was encoded into her palms and fingers. It was shocking, seeing this side of Usagi. If Mamoru wasn’t unequivocally in the midst of a state of pleasure unlike anything he had ever known, he might have chided himself for the now transparent ridiculousness of his delusions of Usagi’s non-existent libido and sexual naivety. The thought seemed so foolish to him now as he watched and felt Usagi stroke and massage his genitals as if she had wanted nothing else for an eternity.

Yes, he knew that this was the first time Usagi was engaging in sex, but he was forced to admit that her sexual instincts were maturely developed and more than eager. Mamoru could now see very clearly that Usagi had been fantasizing about him as much as he was about her. Her fluid movements thus far spoke of being intimately familiar with her own body, and the way she was confidently touching him and exploring him hinted to Usagi’s contemplating such things countless times. A small part of Mamoru’s brain could hardly believe that his self-made assumptions and guilt had been the means of denying them both the connection and sexual intimacy they were obviously craving for a long time. However, instead of focusing on his past mistakes, the only frequency Mamoru was attuned to at that moment was the fervent, sexual need radiating from Usagi in potent waves. The way in which she was looking at him, touching him, and kissing him with such yearning was sending Mamoru over the edge.

“I need her forever,” he confessed to himself, falling deeper into the unprecedented abyss of their sexual union. Mamoru knew this now more than he ever did. “She is all I want.”

He could see her eyes glued to his member, fascination and pure want on her face. She suddenly drew herself forward, bringing her face closer to it, then, as Mamoru held his breath, he watched her open her heart shaped lips and dash her tongue out to taste the slick opening. Mamoru shuddered in delight, almost loosing his vision for a moment.

Usagi’s eyes darkened further and she pressed her wet, puckered lips to the tip and began to work Mamoru into her mouth with small, gentle suctions and generous laps of her tongue. He was paralyzed by the pleasure, watching her obsessively. She began taking in large swallows of him, and moaned in delight when she took it as deep as she could.

Mamoru almost succumbed to orgasm right then and there.

Then she went back to exploring and tasting, driving him to insanity. As she took him in fully once more, she instinctually added her hands and delicate fingers to his pleasure, exploring her husbands genitals intimately for the first time. All too soon Mamoru was at her mercy and did his best to give a grunt of warning but probably only managed to whisper something unintelligible as he shot into the stratosphere of a powerful orgasm only minutes after the first.

Mamoru could barely comprehend that ecstasy of this caliber even existed. Sometime later as he regained his senses, Mamoru watched Usagi lap up his come devotedly while stroking his penis and touching herself. Even though Mamoru had just come, his penis remained engorged due to watching Usagi perform her erotic ministrations affectionately and greedily. Overwhelmed, he couldn’t help but press himself against her lips and she opened for Mamoru instantly and excitedly, using her tongue to swallow him deeper. He stroked her cheeks reverently before losing himself as he pushed back into her eager mouth. Her nipples were taught and erect and Mamoru could see that her vaginal folds were open like a flower in bloom and slick with wet. At his next thrust Mamoru became fully rigid once again, then began gaining rhythm, depth, and speed. All the while Mamoru caressed every inch he could find of her creamy, soft skin as Usagi’s moans became reckless and vibrated into him, adding another layer of pleasure. Usagi suddenly couldn’t help but join Mamoru in massaging her breasts and nipples as she got taken away once again by an unimaginable orgasm.

Mamoru was intensely aware that they had both lost control and fell into orgasm from the singular, immense pleasure of performing oral sex on the other. His heart pulsed at this revelation. He removed himself from her mouth and overtaken with his love for her all over again descended onto her lips like a magnet as they kissed and entangled themselves passionately, rolling all over the expanse of the bed in reckless abandon. They pressed their bodies together in every way they could manage, seemingly convinced that there was a way they could get closer. After a while they gradually settled into one position while still attached to the others mouth; kissing passionately, then reverently; frenzied, then seductively slow for what seemed like forever.

There was a brief parting of the thick, sensual cloudiness in their eyes as they gazed at one another, communicating a depth of connection and union that could not be expressed otherwise. Then, the tip of his penis found its way back to the threshold of her sex. Looking deep into her eyes Mamoru rubbed himself against her opening and it was so swollen and wet that he slid right into her yet again. They both fell back into unimaginable bliss and moved expressively together, panting, moaning, and clutching wantonly. He hooked her leg over his shoulder once again as he reached for her nipple and began coaxing it while he used his other hand to tease her clitoris relentlessly. Usagi was now writhing, gasping and moaning his name with love and pleasure as he continued to work himself into her from various angles, not aware that her own name was escaping his lips like a coveted, whispered prayer.

Usagi’s muscles tightened aggressively before she began to convulse, moaning and succumbing thoroughly to an intense, full body orgasm. There was absolutely no shyness present in Usagi. She displayed herself unapologetically to her soul mate with eager vulnerability and full exposure of one’s self and desires with no shame. Of course Mamoru couldn’t resist and succumbed along with her, both convulsing in unison, enjoying it so much it felt almost hedonistic.

They were insatiable, explorative, and thoroughly lost in a profound spiritual and sexual connection. They continued making love like this for hours, hardly speaking and without any breaks. It was almost inhuman. It was like they were locked in orbit about a common centre of mass made up of both their hearts and souls; two stars unable to break away and continually falling into each other to create a sensual, cosmic harmony.

After an indeterminable amount of time they slowed to lay in each other’s arms covered in sweat, the sheets thoroughly damp, and both of them panting after many hours of thorough sexual exploration and mind-boggling pleasure. A mess of intertwined limbs they fell asleep immediately from utter exhaustion and overwhelming satiation.

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