Chapter 7

Usagi lay dreaming peacefully in her bed. She sighed and rolled over, almost crushing Luna beneath her as she giggled, “Mamo-chan! Someone could be watching!”

Luna scurried away from the restless form of her charge with a roll of the eyes when the phone rang. Someone picked up . . . then silence . . . then the phone rang again . . . someone picked up . . . then silence . . . then again . . . and again. The same cycle repeated for five minutes straight and didn’t seem like it was letting up.

Curious, Luna padded downstairs to hear Ikuko on the phone, “Stop calling here, there is no Sailor Moon at this number . . .”

Luna’s heart skipped a beat and her ears perked up, listening more intently. Ikuko shook her head, exasperated, “What are you talking about? What interview?! She doesn’t live here! . . . (silence) . . . What?”

Ikuko’s tone changed drastically, the irritation she was giving off melted away to be replaced by heavy concern, “What about Usagi?”

Ikuko remained confused as she said to Kenji over her shoulder, “Honey, turn on the T.V.”

When Kenji picked up the remote control Luna heard numerous cars screech to a halt outside the gates of their driveway. She bounded over to the window in a panic to see countless reporters and civilians running up to the gate taking pictures and making phone calls. Luna’s heart then dropped to the pit of her stomach when the T.V. came to life.

“-Long thought to be an urban legend, finally proven that the Sailor Senshi do indeed exist and live in our own city. This is breaking news, probably the story of our times. The identities of the Sailor Senshi have been discovered; Sailor Moon found to be a mere high school student living in Azabu-Juban named Tsukino Usagi. The other Senshi are just as young, their identities being-”

Luna immediately started shaking when she saw the two photographs on the television that proved the claim. She faintly registered the Tsukino’s gasping in shock as she sprinted upstairs to Usagi’s bedroom, her heart pounding so hard it threatened to burst out of her rib cage.

She pounced on Usagi’s chest and started to bat her face repeatedly with her paws in pure hysteria, “USAGI! USAGI!

Usagi bolted upright scowling at Luna, “Luna! What the hell-”

“EMERGENCY!” Screamed Luna on the verge of hyperventilation, “your identities, it’s all over the news!”

Usagi became instantly alert, fear gripping her chest, “What?!”

Luna’s hair stuck up, “There are hordes of reporters outside and people are flooding the phone lines, the T.V. is talking about Tsukino Usagi being Sailor Moon!!!”

The colour instantly drained from Usagi’s face as she gasped for breath. Kneeling on her bed Usagi looked out the window to see the entire street jam packed with cars and people. The moment she was spotted everyone started screaming and cameras flashed incessantly. Usagi ducked and her breathing started coming in faster spurts. She fumbled for her clock radio and flipped it on.

“-The biggest story to hit Tokyo. Tsukino Usagi; a Roppongi High School student, was discovered to be the infamous super heroine Sailor Moon. Her best friends and classmates have also been proven to be Sailor Senshi. This story broke not long ago from pictures brought forth by a local source clearly showing the identities of the Sailor Senshi. Mizuno Ami, the genius student known in all academic circles is the water Senshi, Sailor Mercury. Hino Rei, Shinto Priestess at Hikawa Jinja wields flames as Sailor Mars. Sailor Jupiter was discovered to be-”

Usagi felt like she was going to vomit. Her world was turning upside down faster than she could breathe. She turned the radio off, slumped down to the floor, and stared at Luna who stared right back at her. Both said nothing. They were at a loss for words. Everything was happening too quickly. It was as if it wasn’t real. Usagi’s eyes glazed over, now vacant as Luna witnessed a certain child-like innocence Usagi had always possessed vanish from her expression. That frightened Luna more than anything. Upon witnessing that Luna walked over to Usagi and climbed in her lap, needing to comfort her Princess and in turn, needing it herself.

Usagi hugged Luna tightly to her as she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Luna looked up at Usagi’s face. She was staring wide-eyed into the floor, her expression somber, almost emotionless, until a solitary tear broke free of her lashes and made a salty path down her cheek.

The footsteps stopped in front of her room and Usagi’s ears could now pick up the soft sobs of her mother. Her door slowly creaked open causing Usagi’s eyes to flutter closed, spilling the tears that had welled up. A feeling of guilt and shame inexplicably overwhelmed her. She was scared to look at her parents . . . scared at what she would see in their eyes. The tumult of emotions churning inside Usagi was too much to handle, but she forced her eyes open.

Ikuko stood just behind her husband sobbing into a tissue looking too frightened to come into the room. Kenji gripped the doorknob tightly, almost as if for support. But it was their eyes. To Usagi’s shock and horror she could unmistakably detect fear within them. Usagi’s tears intensified, and not her usual wailing, these were heavy, silent tears.

Kenji briefly closed his eyes, inhaling deep. “Usagi . . . Is it true?” he choked out, barely audible.

Silence dampened the room for what seemed like an eternity. Ikuko gripped her husband’s shoulder and lowered her tissue, “Is it true Usagi?”

Usagi’s face remained emotionless with continuous tears betraying her as they streamed down her cheeks. She hugged Luna tightly to her chest completely aware that what she was about to say would confirm the end of an era, the end of her carefree life as she knew it.

Usagi shut her eyes, spilling more tears but nodded her head, “It’s true. I’m Sailor Moon.”

Ikuko immediately broke down crying revealing Shingo directly behind her who looked shocked beyond reason.

Usagi’s father stared down at her incredulously and struggled for words, “But how? . . How can this be?” His eyes darted wildly back and forth, “You are just my little girl . . . my klutzy, fun-loving little rabbit!”

Usagi’s tears came pouring down as her face contorted in agony. Throughout the entire confrontation the phone and doorbell rang incessantly.

Ikuko pleaded, “Why did you feel like you had to do something like this? What on Earth possessed you? And not to tell us? Your own parents?”

Kenji shook his head violently as if the movement would magically dislodge this unwelcome revelation, “I just don’t understand! Why would you go out there and risk your life?! Are you really that selfish and careless?! This is real life not one of your video games! I thought you were more responsible than this! Did you even stop to think about your family and what we would do if something happened to you?”

He stared down at his daughter’s silent, crying form, “ANSWER ME!”

Usagi winced at her fathers bellowing voice and that was when Luna had had enough. She jumped out of Usagi’s lap and stood between the Moon Princess and her family, eyes shining with courage, “Don’t blame Usagi. It’s not as you are making it out to be.”

The Tsukino’s gave yelps of surprise as Ikuko fearfully clung to her husband in response to the talking cat. Shingo’s hand shook when he pointed at Luna, “Did . . . Did Luna just speak?” he looked between his parents several times, desperate for verification, “DID LUNA JUST SPEAK?!”

Luna curled her tail around her feet and heightened her posture in a regal manner, “Yes, I can speak, and none of this is Usagi’s ‘fault’. She did not haphazardly choose to become Sailor Moon and she is definitely not selfish or careless.”

The Tsukino’s just stared at the intelligent, talking cat. Luna took their muteness as the perfect opportunity. “Usagi did not choose to become Sailor Moon because she was born Sailor Moon. She is who she is and it was my job to awaken that part of her. I had been searching for the Senshi of the Moon for an entire year before I found Usagi. Evil forces had appeared on Earth, forces that required a unique type of warrior. You have to understand that this is not Usagi’s choice . . . this is her destiny.”

“Her destiny?” Challenged Kenji, visibly confused and more than disturbed talking to a cat, “What is this?! This is Usagi we are talking about! How could she have this destiny?! She is just an ordinary girl! You must have it all wrong.”

“No.” Replied Luna in an assertive, commanding tone, “Usagi is far from ordinary.” She sighed heavily and prepared herself for what came next.

“Your daughter,” Luna started, “is Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom and Crown Princess of the Silver Millennium Solar System Alliance. She is the direct descendant of Queen Selenity of the 35th dynasty from the Silver Millennium Era more than 11,000 years ago.” Luna glanced back to Usagi, “At the time of Serenity’s death, Queen Selenity sent her soul forward through time and was reincarnated as Tsukino Usagi. Other than the colour of her hair, she looks almost exactly as she did then.”

Everyone gasped and took a few steps back.

“Usagi is Eternal Sailor Moon, leader of the Sailor Senshi, heir to the throne of the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millennium, and Neo Crystal Tokyo, and sole possessor of the Ginzuishou; the most powerful mystical crystal in the Galaxy. Usagi is capable of channeling power so colossal that she is able to influence space-time, and can reincarnate human souls . . . I’ve witnessed this myself.”

Ikuko and Kenji dropped to the floor under weak knees as they stared at their daughter, whom they were beginning to think they didn’t know at all. Usagi couldn’t even meet their gaze. What was happening at that very moment was her worst nightmare come true. She had balled her fists up so tight that her nails drew blood.

“I’m sorry,” came her weak, sorrowed voice. She continued to stare into the floor, her eyes hidden behind a curtain of golden hair. “I’m sorry to have hurt you so badly, but . . .” fresh tears brimmed her eyes, “I didn’t ask for this responsibility, I didn’t ask for any of it! But what choice did I have? I am Sailor Moon. It’s my job to stand up to extra-dimensional homicidal maniacs and fight them. It’s my duty to protect this planet and all who live here. I have fought and watched everyone I love die more times than I care to remember, but I always continued on because it is as true now as it was the first day I transformed . . .”

For the first time she lifted her head and looked at her family with eyes that only a Sailor Senshi had. Their breath caught at the sight, tears in their own eyes for they had never seen such a look on their daughter’s face as she said, “I will not let misguided psychopaths take our lives, our sovereignty, or this Earth away from us. Period.”

Luna smiled brilliantly, showing how proud she was of Usagi. “And that,” she said to the Tsukino’s, “Is why she, and only she, is Sailor Moon.”

Mamoru felt better as of late and was beginning to fall back into normalcy. He found that the more physical activity he got, the closer he felt to being his usual self. That was exactly why he was out running that morning. The wind against his face invigorated him and made him feel like he could conquer anything. Mamoru exited the park to jog on the spot at a stoplight when a woman in a passing car glimpsed him and lost control of the vehicle, slamming into a lamppost. Mamoru gaped in surprise at such a seemingly random occurrence when suddenly a slew of other cars passed him and followed suit as they screeched to a halt, some piling up against the first car. Mamoru was in the midst of jogging over to see if anyone was hurt when to his shock, instead of the drivers getting out to yell at each other, they exited their cars and turned, staring at him like he was a ghost.

Mamoru froze dead in his tracks then quickly turned around to check what they were gawking at, when another group of people started jogging towards him in the exact same manner. Nervousness began to creep up on him and then people started screaming and running, “Look! It is Chiba-san!”

“I can’t believe it! Tuxedo Kamen right in front of me! TUXEDO KAMEN!”

Mamoru’s heart thundered as adrenaline gushed into his blood stream. Without thinking he took off in a mad sprint down another street and to his surprise, the people sprinted right after him.

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! What the bloody hell?! How did they know that? No one knows that I’m Tuxedo Kamen!”

He rounded a corner and continued to book it when he slowed to a stop in front of an electronics store. There was a huge crowd of people in front of the window watching fifteen high-tech televisions broadcast the identities of the Sailor Senshi along with pictures, names and facts. Mamoru’s breath left him. His mouth hung wide open as he came to realize that someone had found out about them and leaked it to every news media source out there.

Without warning Mamoru got tackled to the ground by a group of teenage girls screaming as they fell, “Tuxedo Kamen, Oh my God, I love you!”

Suddenly clothes were getting ripped, hair was being pulled, and hands were going everywhere.

Mamoru began to panic but managed to forcefully wrench himself free to briefly notice all the stores empty out. The entire street began filling with people who stared at him, mesmerized.

Countless cameras and cell phones trained their lenses on him and people began closing in. His mind going a mile a minute, Mamoru dashed into the closest shop and bolted through it to the back door. Once in the back alley he heaved a dumpster in front of the door and ran for his life towards his apartment. As he rounded the last corner onto his street Mamoru faltered. The street was packed. Cars filled the entire avenue and reporters were everywhere. As soon as they caught sight of Mamoru, who was heaving in fatigue, they descended on him, flashing cameras ablaze.

“How long have you been Tuxedo Kamen?”

“What is the source of your power?”

“Are you and Sailor Moon a couple?”

“Have you considered her age? Do you have pedophilic tendencies?”

Questions were being fired from every direction with countless microphones and digital recorders being thrust into his face. Mamoru hastily covered his eyes with his sleeve as he tried desperately to get through the throng. “No comment. No Comment. NO COMMENT!”

Dread loomed over him, “What the hell just happened to my life?

Ami was perched in the shadows atop the garage of one of the Tsukino’s neighbours. Despite her best efforts, Ami’s eyes were slowly drifting shut. She forced herself to stay alert; Ami would not forgive herself if Prince Cirius attempted to take Usagi while she was dozing off across the street. Nevertheless her eyes were getting heavier and heavier when the sound of screeching tires yanked her back to reality. A string of cars sped down the street and all jerked to a stop in front of Usagi’s house.

What’s going on?” She wondered.

It got worse with every passing second. From all directions, civilians, cars, and reporters swarmed the area. They surrounded Usagi’s house as more and more people continued to arrive. Ami’s mind reeled wondering what was happening when she heard it. News crews sprang to life and reporters spoke into their respective cameras.

“Good morning. I have just arrived outside the house of the infamous super heroine Sailor Moon, discovered this morning to be a high school student living in Azabu-Juban named Tsukino Usagi. Such a shocking discovery is no doubt shaking the world. People are astounded that the mysterious protector of love and justice, the heroine who faces dangers most of us can’t even comprehend is a mere schoolgirl. How this came to be is still being investigated.” The reporter paused to touch her earpiece, “Also, the Sailor Senshi, those who fight alongside Sailor Moon who wield powers understood by no one have been discovered as well-”

Ami felt more nauseous with every spoken word. She couldn’t believe what was transpiring. Not only were they facing their most dangerous enemy yet and beside themselves with worry over Usagi’s safety, now they had the entire world hovering over them. Effectively protecting Usagi seemed more and more impossible. In a panic for her best friend Ami silently climbed down. She was about to pull out her communicator when someone screamed, “Look! It’s Sailor Mercury!”

Ami freaked when people began jogging towards her so she ran in the opposite direction and ended up in the middle of the street. Before she could blink all of the attention gravitated her way as hundreds of people swarmed her while shouting and flashing their cameras.

Ami began to panic.

The Tsukino’s dropped to the floor gawking at their daughter in shock and awe. The entirety of Usagi’s role and destiny slowly, but surely solidified in their minds. Shingo, who had been practically silent during the whole ordeal, finally stepped into his sister’s room. He sat down on the floor and looked directly into Usagi’s eyes, almost as if searching for something unfamiliar.

He was silent for a moment then said, “I can’t believe it . . . I really can’t believe it! I mean, Usagi, your personality seems so different from Sailor Moon’s. She is so brave and heroic, and you are a ditz-baka who eats like an elephant and has the coordination of a blind, three-legged dog.”

Usagi was about to reply when Luna yelled from the window, “Usagi!”

The tone in Luna’s voice caused Usagi to jump to life and dash over. Despite the mania of flashing cameras at her presence she saw what Luna had spotted. Ami was being hoarded by the paparazzi.

“Ami!” came Usagi’s fearful voice.

Her parents came to look as well and gasped at what they saw. “Oh no.” Breathed Ikuko, “What should we do?”

Usagi’s face shifted defiantly as she grasped her broach, which did not escape Luna’s notice.

“Usagi,” Luna began in apprehension, “there has to be another way. I am not going to feed you to that frenzy!”

Usagi exuded determination, “That frenzy is tearing Ami apart! I can’t just stand here and do nothing.”

She quickly glanced at Luna, hoping that she would understand, “Besides, Sailor Moon can get in and out of there faster than anyone else.”

The Tsukino’s silently watched the conversation taking place between Usagi and her cat. It was honestly just outrageous to observe. Here was their daughter talking to . . . a cat. The most surprising aspect was the dynamic between the feline and Usagi. They could easily sense the fathomless trust between them, as well as the maternal, guiding instinct Luna conveyed, which matched Usagi’s headstrong and impulsive nature perfectly. They could also see the deep respect that Luna and Usagi held for each other, and this all became apparent in the short, but revealing conversation they were having.

“Where will you take her?” Asked Luna.

“I don’t know, not here, that’s for sure.”

The Tsukino’s held their breath in their throats wondering if Usagi was going to do what they thought she was going to do, but not fully believing the days events until it happened right in front of their eyes.

The cover of Usagi’s broach mysteriously disappeared as she brushed her fingers over it, eyes shining as she bellowed, “Moon Eternal! Make-Up!”

In awe, Kenji, Ikuko, and Shingo watched an ethereal glow surround her. The symbol of the crescent Moon blazed upon her brow as her wings unfurled and she began her transformation. During the brief but awesome display they witnessed Usagi become a goddess, and for the first time they could not escape the inspiring feeling that they were in the presence of astounding purity and immense power. The aura Sailor Moon radiated was breathtakingly beautiful and they could barely contain their astonishment. Usagi truly was an angel.

Usagi gladly let the invigorating, silver power of the Moon fuse with her body and run rampant through her veins. Her mind let go, losing herself in the feeling as she had done hundreds of times and secretly loved every second. As a magical breeze blew around her, flowing playfully through her golden hair, she opened her eyes and posed in the final phase of her transformation as Eternal Sailor Moon.

She turned to Luna, trying to ignore the breathless faces of her family, “I’m off,” stated Sailor Moon as she strode over to the window.

“Wait!” Ikuko suddenly blurted out, “Wait, Usa-I mean, Sailor Moon.” She bolted out of the room and down the stairs. They all stood silent wondering what she was doing when she appeared again with a set of keys that she placed in Sailor Moon’s hands.

“Take this,” Ikuko implored looking into her daughter’s shining eyes. “A friend of mine is on sabbatical and gave me her keys to look after her plants and check her mail. I’m sure the paparazzi won’t find you there.” She gave Sailor Moon the address then paused awkwardly before giving her a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek, eyes watering, “Be careful.”

Sailor Moon flooded with elation when her mother pulled her into an embrace. She fought back tears of her own and choked out, “Thanks mom.” Then she suddenly remembered Ami as Sailor Moon bounded to the window and hopped onto the ledge with cameras coming to life as she prepared to jump.

Kenji faltered, “You . . . You’re just going out the window? We’re on the second floor!”

Sailor Moon looked back at him with a sheepish smile, “It’s not a problem.” And with that she jumped into the air, somersaulted and dropped out of sight.

Sailor Moon landed in her front yard, separated from the paparazzi by a six-foot wall and the gate at the end of her driveway. The second she was sighted in the window the screaming and flashing cameras exploded. Civilians and reporters were so excited that they began climbing the walls to get to her. Amid all the incoherency all she could make out was “SAILOR MOON!”

Seeing her jump out of the window her entire family dashed over, needing to witness what she was about to do with their own eyes.

Sailor Moon held up an arm to her eyes in order to block out the searing lights and regain her vision. With her attention fixated solely on Ami, Sailor Moon leapt onto her father’s car then vaulted onto her neighbour’s roof in order to locate her best friend.

Amid the throng she spotted Ami in the centre of a sea of people barely holding her own and trying to keep as much space around her as she could by constantly pushing people away. Sailor Moon’s being on the roof did not help; the second everyone noticed her they started going crazy and began to rush the house. Sailor Moon watched Ami disappear from view.

That was it for Sailor Moon; she had to do something and fast without harming anyone. Her mind drifted back to her very first fight as a Senshi; to an attack she hadn’t used since. Sailor Moon concentrated on activating the crystals on her odango’s as she let out a piercing shriek only Usagi could muster. Supersonic waves radiated out from her in all directions. Everyone in the vicinity fell to the ground while clamping their hands over their ears, cameras smashing on the pavement.

With the entire street buckling to their knees from dementia Sailor Moon spotted a familiar head of blue hair. She immediately leapt off of the roof, into the crowd, scooped Ami up and bounded off, taking to the rooftops before anyone could regain their senses.

By the time Sailor Moon arrived at her mother’s friend’s house Ami had emerged from her stupor. Sailor Moon had taken the long way around and by trespassing through a string of backyards, entered quickly through the back door.

Once inside Ami hastily sat down on the sofa and rubbed her temples with her fingers, “Sailor Moon, we have to find the others.”

Sailor Moon stayed by the window, drawing the curtains, “I know. I just don’t know where to look.” She turned to her friend, “Ami, are you okay? Sorry about that.”

Ami smiled in reassurance and with a flip of her hand said, “Don’t worry about me. It’s everyone else I’m concerned for.”

Ami abruptly jumped in surprise causing Sailor Moon to start, “What? What’s wrong?”

Ami grappled for the remote control and turned the television on. Every single station had interrupted scheduled programming to broadcast the big story. She quickly found live coverage of Rei, Minako, and Makoto being bombarded by the press in a café not too far away. Ami flipped the channel again to show live coverage of Mamoru being cornered in front of his building, which was even closer.

Sailor Moon’s resolve hardened once more as she turned to leave, then stopped. Ami watched her, “What is it Sailor Moon?”

Sailor Moon reached into her space pocket and pulled out her disguise pen. She murmured a silent wish to the Ginzuishou, requesting that it allowed her Senshi to activate the pen’s power. She turned to Ami and dropped it in her hands, “Just in case you need to disguise yourself, take this. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you or the others.”

Before Ami could say anything Sailor Moon had already gone.

About an hour later Eternal Sailor Moon had disappeared again, this time leaving both Ami and Mamoru in the house. After faking out the paparazzi she had quickly ushered Mamoru out and back to the hideout discreetly. Now she was on her way to get Minako, Rei, and Makoto.

She vaulted from rooftop to rooftop with ease and grace closing in on the breakfast cafe where the three ex-Senshi planned on sharing a quiet morning latte.

Sailor Moon reached the landing she wanted and crouched down low to peer over the ledge. She could see the entire street littered with cars and people all buzzing around the cafe snapping pictures and broadcasting news. Inside she spotted Rei, Makoto, and Minako huddled in the back talking to each other exasperatedly, but relatively okay. They must have locked the doors. Sailor Moon began to plan how she was going to get them out of there.

Rei, Makoto, and Minako were growing quite nervous. Just as they wrapped their fingers around scorching hot mugs, the inexplicable media frenzy started. Immediately afterwards they barricaded themselves in by locking the front and back doors when people tried getting in.

Rei tugged at her hair nervously, “I think we just have to make a run for it. We can’t sit here all day, it will just keep getting worse.”

Makoto extended her arms to the front window, “Run where Rei? I’ve never seen a crowd so thick! They’ll maul us alive!”

“You’re both right,” came Minako, “we definitely can’t stay here and we have no where to go. If they know our identities they know where we live.”

Just as they were contemplating wild ideas Makoto’s communicator went off.

She jumped in surprise and dug into the pocket of her mini skirt. She opened her end to see Ami’s concerned face, “What’s up Ami? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m here with Mamoru at a house belonging to a family friend of the Tsukino’s. Sailor Moon is on her way to bail you out as she did for us. Just sit tight, She should be there already.”

All three nodded.

Minako swept her eyes over the mass of people outside practically climbing over each other to get a better view. It was then that she noticed a familiar pair of jeweled odango’s peeking out from the roof across the street.

Minako turned to the others and said in a low voice, “Guys, don’t look, but I spotted Sailor Moon on the roof across the street.”

The girls just nodded slowly as Rei said, “I just wish we knew what she’s going to do. I don’t see an easy way out of here, even for a Senshi.”

Ami and Mamoru sat glued to the television watching the live coverage of Rei, Minako and Makoto barricaded in the cafe. Both of them waited for what Sailor Moon would do.

Sailor Moon considered using her super sonic waves, but she quickly decided against that for she knew that she needed her friends conscious; even transformed she couldn’t carry all three of them. She heaved a heavy sigh and was left with no other option . . . she had to show herself and create a diversion so that the others could at least get out of the cafe. Strangely, butterflies swarmed her stomach. She was used to grabbing the attention of youma and homicidal psychopaths, but this was way too much limelight for her.

With a final moment of deliberation she jumped onto the roof’s ledge with a defiant stance.

“HEY!” She shouted.

Everyone turned around and looked up.

Sailor Moon seized the moment, “How dare you intrude on the private lives of the Senshi who have protected you for years! Have some respect!”

As she said her introductory speech not one person in the street below moved a muscle. Sailor Moon didn’t know how or why, but her little introductions seemed to have a paralyzing effect.

The second she fell silent however, the crowd erupted in a colossal outburst of incoherent noise and immediately rushed towards the building she claimed.

Seeing this, Sailor Moon jumped a few buildings down in order to draw the crowd away from the cafe. As the sea of cattle followed her she noticed Rei, Makoto and Minako disappear into the back of the shop. Seconds later they peeked out from the adjacent alleyway.

Relieved, Sailor Moon then focused on the chaos below her seeing hordes of people run into the building’s front lobby. When the door to the roof burst open spilling streams of people snapping pictures and screaming questions, she vaulted off onto a parked truck.

People now began trying to climb and rock the truck. Appalled at the crowd’s enthusiasm and about to lose her patience, Sailor Moon prepared to keep moving, drawing the crowd further and further away from her friends when she noticed a thick, black mist billow up from the sewer grates and spread through the oblivious crowd.

Sailor Moon froze. Amid the days events she had completely forgotten about what was most important.

Prince Cirius.

In a panic she started yelling into the crowd, “RUN! Get clear! You are in serious danger! If you value your lives get out of here as fast as you can!”

To her horror nobody heeded her warning for they were too obsessed with her, not noticing the mist until it was too late.

Ami and Mamoru watched the live coverage intently while sipping on tea. Sailor Moon had made her cameo then jumped a few buildings away only to be followed by the camera.

Mamoru sat down with his mug securely in his hand, “I’ll bet you two thousand yen that Rei, Makoto, and Minako have made it out of the cafe by now.”

From her position on the floor Ami tossed back, “Yeah, but how are they all going to get here without the paparazzi following them?”

As they continued to swap plausible scenarios both dropped their steaming cups in astonishment as black mist dispersed through the crowd surrounding Sailor Moon.

Before Ami could take her next breath Mamoru was already sprinting out the door. She hastily rose and followed him as fast as her shorter legs would go.

Mamoru’s heart thundered in his chest as adrenaline coursed through his veins so ferociously he thought they would burst from the overload. The only thought in his mind was that he had to get to Usagi and fast. He ran so wildly that he almost bolted directly into traffic. Stopping suddenly and on the verge of panicking from sheer distress Mamoru glanced around frantically for some sort of godsend when he spotted it.

Before Ami could catch her breath to ask him what they should do, she was forced to take off after him again when he ran into the cars idling at the red light.

Mamoru bee lined to a man on a motorbike and with a mumble of apology rammed him off the bike and jumped on. Ami barely had time to hop on behind him before he revved the motor and peeled off at top speed leaving the cursing man behind him.

With everyone so focused on Eternal Sailor Moon no one noticed the unnatural mist until too late. It was only when the mist obscured everyone’s view did the screaming and chaos begin. When Sailor Moon’s sight disappeared her alertness intensified. She listened to the sheer terror in the voices of the civilians when a delirious laugh drowned them out. The laugh started out slow and smug until it sped up, increasing in pitch.

Just as Sailor Moon was about to call Prince Cirius out, the laughter mysteriously ceased followed by the immediate dissipation of the mist surrounding her. The second Sailor Moon could see her brain registered the sight of ten Kirikuma hurtling towards her.

On pure instinct Sailor Moon mustered her leg power and vaulted into the air to land on a narrow fifth story balcony.

All ten demons landed on top of the truck she had claimed and looked up to Sailor Moon, letting out a piercing shriek. Sailor Moon winced in discomfort but did not waste another second as she hurled her tiara at them while summoning her Eternal Tiare.

Before her tiara could slice through any of them they had all dispersed. Cursing, Sailor Moon prepared to jump somewhere else when a Kirikuma dropped onto the balcony railing directly in front of her. It prepared to pounce when Sailor Moon flicked her wrist, causing her tiara to come speeding towards her. It slammed into the creature’s back forcing it to dissipate.

While sailing through the air to a new destination Sailor Moon sighed, “Well, that’s one down.

Rei, Minako, and Makoto almost died witnessing Sailor Moon’s battle, knowing they could not help her in the way that they wished.

Reeling in frustration Makoto looked around desperately for anything they could use. Her eyes locked onto a sight from heaven. Finding a stray piece of brick she ran over to a black Lexus and smashed its side window. Clearing the excess glass she reached in and pulled out three golf clubs from the bag in the back seat. Makoto quickly tossed one to each of her comrades and ran into the fray.

As Sailor Moon battled her way up and down the street her heart skipped a few beats when she sighted Rei, Makoto, and Minako running into battle with golf clubs in hand. She knew that sitting on the sidelines was impossible for them, transformed or not. What they failed to understand was that Sailor Moon’s concentration was severely hindered when they were in the midst of battle in civilian form because she was scared to death for their safety.

Minako sprinted up to a creature from behind and clubbed it in the head with deadly force. It fell limp to the ground as the other demons became aware of the reinforcements. The eight remaining Kirikuma went airborne then vanished into invisibility.

Shit!” Thought Sailor Moon. She instantly began running in random patterns, hair flailing about while yelling to her friends, “You guys, please! Find cover and let me handle this!”

“Not on your life!” Yelled Rei running through the street while swinging her golf club in every direction she could.

Minako mimicked Rei’s movements, “We will not let them get you Sailor Moon!”

Suddenly everything started to go very wrong. Makoto darted through the maze of cars when an invisible force drove into her, slamming her body into an SUV. With the air knocked out of her Makoto tried to move but was held firmly in place by the transparent demon.

In mid stride Minako felt a grip on her ankle then fell face first into the pavement with a sickening thud, blood erupting from her nose. Amid the stars in her vision she attempted to get up but was unable to due to the weight on top of her.

Rei scurried in random directions when she felt something grab her hair and roughly jerk her backwards, colliding with the asphalt. She too tried to get up but was pinned down with unnatural force.

Sailor Moon called back her tiara and bounded over to her friends, determined to rescue them. She was within an arms length of Rei when a Kirikuma burst into visibility in front of her and slammed into her chest, knocking her to the ground. Despite the weight of the creature she lifted the hand her sceptre rested in and began beating the demon repeatedly with it. Shrieking at the top of their lungs, two other demons suddenly became visible; one dug its claws into the flesh of her right arm while the other did the same to her left, causing Sailor Moon to wince in pain, dropping her weapon.

Feeling his connection to Sailor Moon surge with urgency Mamoru said a silent prayer, “Please don’t let me be too late!” when he finally spotted the street he wanted.

Making a hard right turn with a loud as hell tire screech and black streaks on the pavement to prove it, he looked up and felt bile rise into his throat. His first sight was that of Sailor Moon being held down by three Kirikuma, their claws embedded into her flesh.

Mamoru’s eyes snapped open, enraged while Ami let out a horrific gasp behind him. As if sensing what he was going to do Ami held on tight when he floored it, burning rubber as they launched forward.

The Kirikuma heard the commotion and turned to see Mamoru and Ami on a motorbike ripping down the street at top speed heading directly for them. That was when they began to drag Sailor Moon across the pavement in the opposite direction amidst her furious struggles.

Sailor Moon fought with all her might but she couldn’t seem to get free. Upon hearing screeching tires she looked past the demon on her chest to see Mamoru speeding towards her. Her face erupted with hope as she screamed, “Mamo-chan!”

Mamoru felt like he was breaking the sound barrier. His steel blue eyes focused hard on the love of his life as he got closer and closer. Hearing her call his name infused with hope caused his stomach to churn in apprehension. He was going to reach her . . . He had to.

His heart pounded against his ribs with the knowledge that he would get to her in seconds when the atmosphere suddenly ripped behind Sailor Moon and an ink-black portal shimmered into existence. Terror unlike any they had ever experienced gripped the ex-Senshi when Prince Cirius slowly emerged from the void, standing in its entrance watching Sailor Moon get dragged towards him with barely concealed impatience. The perverted look etched upon his face caused Mamoru to scream at the top of his lungs in a murderous rage.

Mamoru’s chest felt ready to explode while staring into Sailor Moon’s trusting eyes. Now seconds from her rescue a demon appeared out of nowhere and tackled both Ami and Mamoru off the bike. From traveling at such a high speed, once they hit the pavement Ami and Mamoru skidded off like stones on water, accumulating bruises and burns until they crashed into a wall.

Ignoring their injuries Ami and Mamoru hobbled up, blood dripping from various places and sprinted towards Sailor Moon who inched closer and closer to Prince Cirius. Two Kirikuma quickly pounced, forcing their chests to the pavement.

Sailor Moon screamed when she saw Mamoru and Ami skid off the pavement then crash into a cement wall. Struggling more than ever now she had almost wrenched herself free when the creature on her chest bit into the bow of her fuku and ripped her broach away. Usagi unwillingly de-transformed, her super strength leaving her. She was then lifted off the ground into the arms of her uncle.

Mamoru clawed at the pavement trying anything he could to get free, “NO! NO! USAKO!!!!! YOU BASTARD! FUCKING DEGENERATE! I’LL KILL YOU I SWEAR TO GOD!”

The girls surged with strength upon seeing Usagi in the hands of Prince Cirius, “Usagi NO!”

The moment Prince Cirius touched Usagi he began to tremble with pleasure. He lifted her to his height and closed the space between them, leaning into her. Terrified at what he was going to do Usagi gasped when he closed his eyes, put one forceful hand on the side of her head, buried his nose in her hair and breathed deeply, eyes fluttering in ecstasy and obsession.

Upon contact Usagi stiffened at his touch and was so revolted by him she almost threw up. After he inhaled her scent his eyes opened. The desperate lust inside them slowly turned to hatred and he spat in Usagi’s face, now disgusted by her. Prince Cirius laughed arrogantly again then punched her in the jaw with brute force. Usagi hit the ground unconscious as he bent down to grab a fistful of her hair, as if holding a leash.

Mamoru’s heart stalled when he saw Prince Cirius put his hands on Usagi . . . his pure hearted, angelic Usako. Then an awesome fury detonated within him the second Prince Cirius hit her.

With a blood curdling, almost insane cry Mamoru burst free of the demon with super human strength, closing the gap separating himself from Usagi. In response Prince Cirius grinned intently at him, then began dragging Usagi by her hair into the darkness.

Sprinting towards them Mamoru watched as Prince Cirius disappeared into the void, followed by inch after inch of Usagi’s hair. Mamoru pumped his legs harder upon seeing Usagi’s limp, unconscious body get dragged towards the portal. He witnessed her beautiful face scraping sickeningly against the pavement and then disappear into nothingness; the darkness swallowing her neck and torso. Soon her legs were disappearing and just as Usagi’s sandaled feet began to enter the void, Mamoru got close enough to dive for them. His hands clamped around her ankles forcefully with Mamoru digging his heels in order to pull her out, only to watch Usagi’s feet get ripped out of his grasp and disappear into ink black, the portal dissipating instantly. Mamoru doubled over on the pavement with his chest heaving like crazy as he stared wide-eyed at his clenched fists. Usagi was supposed to be in his arms. Instead, all he held was air. The deserted street fell eerily silent and calm. The Kirikuma were now gone, the mist was gone, Prince Cirius was gone . . . and Usagi was gone.

Usagi . . . was gone.

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