Over the Horizon


Isabelle goes on a far journey from home to see what's on the other side of the sun. The moon? Mars? Find out next.

Adventure / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter one: The beginning of a long Era.

A voice through the intercom spoke, "Is that all the astronauts coming?" A deep voice said. " Yes sir, I'm sure!"Said Isabelle. The deep voice replied, "Great. As long as your certain."

A loud noise , almost as loud as a train echoed around the motor of the rocket ship. "We're going into takeoff!" Isabelle said with excitement. Her friend Ruby glanced at her. "Isabelle, hold your horses! Are you nuts?" Isabelle looked at her with a gloomy face, " I was just excited, Ruby. You're such a party pooper!"

Before Ruby could respond, the rocket ship zoomed into the air, leaving the two girls speechless.

Ruby and Isabelle looked at each other with a cheery look on their face. A loud noise was heard by Isabelle, Ruby, and the other astronauts. Isabelle looked at Ruby with fear in her eyes, "W,What was that?" Ruby looked at Isabelle with a smirk, " Oh come on Isabelle. Don't be such a baby all the time. You need to grow up!"

The Rocket Ship's engine began to malfunction. Isabelle looked at Ruby angrily continuing their conversation, "Ruby! How am I being a baby?! The Rocket ship is crashing!" Ruby shrugged and looked back at the Scientific Geek, "Gina, you should know what to do right now...!"

Gina looked at them, "Are you trying to get me in your friend problems?" Gina began to laugh at her own joke.

A fire started at the engine . They was in Outer space, but the engine was about to explode! Gina grabbed only Ruby and Isabelle and took them into the backroom.

"Isabelle, Ruby, open this capsule carefully. It's fragile. Ruby looked at gina and pressed the button. The capsule opened to show a extra astronaut helmets.

Ruby put on her helmet, opened the backdoor and jumped out! Gina looked at Isabelle with her mouth wide open. Isabelle looked back at Gina, "Well, it's a matter of life or death!" , Isabelle got her helmet on and jumped out the backdoor. Gina got her helmet on quickly and jumped.

Gina pulled out a big purple remote that started playing 90's arcade music. Gina clicked a button on the remote and it showed a green screen into the sky of outer space. Gina typed in 'Https;/rocketexe' and a rocket ship appeared. The three girls got in the brand new rocket ship and took off their helmets. Ruby spoke, "Wow! Gina! That was completely awesome!"

Gina smiled, "Well.. Thank you! It's my first time trying that..''

Isabelle smiled, "Well you did great!" Gina smiled, "Now let's start this rocket ship!"

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