New Moon: The Darkward Tale Continues

Making Love and Getting out of Bondage

WARNING!! This chapter contains graphic sexual (and sensual) imagery, is not work or school safe, and is the sole reason for the "mature" rating.

"Edward!" Tanya squealed. "You're back! I knew you'd come back to me." She reached out, took my hand, and yanked me inside. "C'mere, you!"

"Yagh!" Not the most intelligent I could have said, but she took me completely by surprise. She pulled me quickly through the house. I was only able to get out a hurried "hello" to everyone we passed. She pulled me into her bedroom and turned to close the door. I turned to face her, but she pushed me down onto her bed. I landed sprawled out and more than a little bewildered, on a pile of throw pillows and soft blankets. Tanya apparently lounged around here a lot.

She looked down at my prone figure with a predatory gleam in her eyes. "Take 'em off."

I stared incredulously at her. "Pardon?"

"Your pants. Take them off."

At this point I was still pretty addled. "Um, why?"

"Because I've wanted to fuck your brains out for a long time now, and because if you don't, in three seconds I will shred them off you with or without your consent."

Her declarative statement sent a thrill through me, part fear and part lusty excitement. I could tell she was serious, so I quickly squirmed out of my khakis. By then she'd removed her shirt, and was unfastening her own pants, so I finished the job of undressing, drawing my shirt over my head. When we were both bared, she smiled mischievously down at me.

"Let's see if you have as much fire in you as your red hair suggests, tiger."

By then I was all too ready to play. "Only one way to find out." I beckoned her down to me with one finger. "Bring it on, honey."

She licked her lips provocatively and said, "Love to. Rawr!" before pouncing on me.

She quickly straddled my hips and lowered herself onto my erect cock. She took only about an inch or two inside her before clenching her muscles and raising herself up again. Let me tell you, a lamia can really clench. I only barely stifled a moan of pleasure just from that brief contact. She lowered herself again, taking me deeper this time, but still not all, before moving up again as before, teasing me. Next time she came down on me I was ready for her. When she was about to raise herself up again, I grabbed her hips and pulled her down to me, thrusting my hips up at the same time. Her eyes widened and she cried out in surprise, then her expression settled into a smile as she looked down at my face.

"Mmm, I think Edward's getting a little impatient."

"I know he is. I thought you were serious about this. Was I wrong?"

"Just see if you can keep up with me," she challenged, just before kicking up the pace.

There was nothing particularly romantic or loving about our "love-making." Truth be told, I think the surest sign of "success" would have been for one or both of us to suffer a broken pelvis. It certainly seemed likely, with the force of our coupling. One thing I did know: this was something both of us needed.

When some of the after-glow of rough, satisfying sex had worn off, I made an uncomfortable discovery. Sometime during our furious activity, Tanya had managed to cuff me to the headboard's metal bar. With fuzzy pink handcuffs.

I pulled lightly against them. "Tanya. Seriously?"

"What? I thought you liked bondage play. Isn't this all right?"

"I can give you nine hundred ninety-nine reasons why this isn't 'all right,' starting with 'they're pink and fuzzy' and ending with 'they're binding me to your headboard.'"

"Edward, I've fantasized about having you to myself ever since you turned me down so long ago. I've only built on those fantasies since then, and even added an additional element-well, an additional person, really. Come in, Lovey!" she called toward the door.

The door opened, and a vampire I didn't recognize came through it. He was tall, with soft, dirty blond hair, and his eyes had a greenish tinge to them that I couldn't help but notice. He was slim and his body seemed composed of lean muscle. I didn't go for men, but I still recognized that he was probably very attractive.

"Edward, this is my new beau, Victor," she said, just as if this was a formal introduction between equals, and I really wasn't cuffed to the headboard with fuzzy pink bracelets. "And Victor, this is Edward, the boy I was telling you about before."

He nodded in my direction, and I half-expected him to put out his hand for a handshake. That was absurd, of course, for there was no way I could meet that handshake, but I expected it nonetheless, so bizarre was this meeting.

"Victor here became much more fun when he was turned," Tanya continued, apparently oblivious to my unease. "He was already bisexual—that hasn't changed—and a very considerate lover—which also hasn't changed."

"That's nice and all, and it's so nice to meet you, Victor, but how can he be more fun if he hasn't changed?"

"Oh, but he did change—into a nymphomaniac." Now I eyed him more closely than before. Tanya caught my look. "That's right. He will do anything with anyone willing, barring certain kinks—or anyone he can convince is willing." Uh-oh. I gulped, and I was pretty sure it was audible. I was obviously one of those who would need "convincing."

"Happy birthday, darling," Tanya said, and kissed Victor full on the mouth. I was liking this less and less with every passing second. "Shall we begin?"

That was all I needed to hear. I pulled myself closer to the headboard. "This has been fun, Tanya, but I really should go do…something, that needs to be done, somewhere far away from here." I pulled my arms apart, intending to snap the play cuffs. They didn't snap, and I froze. I pulled harder. Nothing. My fear increased. "Tanya, what are these made of?"

She smiled, showing her pointy pearly whites. "Reinforced steel and titanium. Not enough to hold a vampire under normal circumstances, but effective when the person shackled has limited leverage, like you right now."

I was beyond frightened now, quickly moving to the realm of the terrified. This was not how I imagined this day going. At all.

"Why don't you just relax, Edward?" Victor asked, walking over to stand beside the head of the bed. "I promise you'll enjoy what I'm going to do to you."

I glared up at him. "You know what I would enjoy? Being let out of these cuffs, that's what I would enjoy."

He ran the back of his hand down the side of my face, and I flinched away. "Poor Edward. You've had a male lover before, haven't you? But I suspect he wasn't really a lover," he continued, sitting beside me on the bed. "No, I imagine all he was interested in was either his own pleasure—and yours be damned—or he was using sex as a way to dominate you. I'm right, aren't I?"

My jaw dropped open. My god. He was exactly right. That was my relationship with Carlisle, in a nutshell.

He chuckled at my expression. "My insight isn't as perceptive as all that; I see this all the time, it's not unique to vampire relationships. In fact, I've met some men who were pretty well destroyed by dominating partners. I like helping them restore their faith in sex. You know why? Because I love it. To me, sex is something to be enjoyed by both partners. Otherwise, what's the point?"

"Fascinating sermon. Can I go now?"

"Go? But we just started."

"No, actually, I finished about five minutes ago, and I'm ready to leave now."

"But we haven't had our fun yet."

"What you propose does not sound like fun to me."

He smiled. "Ooh, I love a challenge. I'm gonna have you begging for me to fuck you by the time we're done." With that, he began working me over, figuratively and literally. He started kissing my face, my eyelids, cheeks, even the corner of my mouth, but never full on the lips, for which I was grateful. His hands lightly stroked my arms, which made the cuffs clink against the metal of the headboard, so I was reminded again of my confinement. Victor caressed his way down my body, circling, stroking, and kneading the muscles of my arms and legs. When he really began massaging them, I started to relax; I couldn't stay tense under the expert manipulation of his agile hands.

Presently his touch seemed lighter and softer; his hands fairly glided over my skin. He had applied scented body oil and was rubbing it all over my body. Its heady vanilla scent wafted up to me, relaxing me with its intoxicating aroma. I sighed and let my body relax while a barely-perceptible wave of aesthetic pleasure washed over me.

There we go, I heard in my head. This isn't bad at all, is it? I had to admit, it felt…good. Not like with Carlisle at all. A whisper of warning flitted through my thoughts when I thought of Carlisle, but I quickly shushed it. There was no reason to bring him into this, so I banished him to the corner of my mind. He was quickly forgotten as Victor continued his sensual ministrations.

His clever hands searched out and found all the secret pleasure spots on my body; some of them even I didn't know about. Victor patiently and skillfully brought my senses to a fever pitch, until I could feel the pleasure ebbing and flowing over and through me, never peaking, but never crashing either. When he touched me, I twitched. When he stroked my face or my hip, I leaned into the caress.

Then Victor started following his hands with his mouth and tongue, and when he closed over one of my nipples I arched my back instinctively at the sudden surge of pleasure centered on that spot. He ran his tongue down my chest and I shivered. He dipped his tongue into my navel and I gasped as my stomach contracted. He slid his body along mine, and I strained to meet him chest-to-chest, thigh-to-thigh. It was a little confusing and disconcerting. Victor did the same thing Carlisle had done, but my reactions to the two were completely different, because Victor's intent was different. Carlisle wanted to drive me crazy and enraged; Victor was trying to drive me mad with desire.

I was near thrashing now, lost in the throes of pure love-making, unsure whether I wanted him to stop or continue. Then he stopped.

I opened my eyes abruptly to catch him staring at me intently. "Do you want to continue, Edward?" he asked. "Just so you're under no illusions, 'to continue' means that I will start fucking you. So, do you want me to continue? It's still up to you, I just gave you the prequel."

I struggled with my desires. On the one hand, I knew I didn't like making love with a man. On the other hand, I didn't want this to end. Victor saw my indecision, and drew his finger up the inside of my thigh. That decided me, as I took two deep breaths and nodded my head.

"Then you know what you have to do. I told you in the beginning I would have you begging. Right now you're only capitulating to me. You want me to continue? You have to beg."

I wanted to. I really did, but I just couldn't. Carlisle had taught me never to beg for anything or show weakness if it could be avoided. Victor noticed my dilemma, and climbed over me, hovering over my body and whispering in my ear. "It's ok, Edward. It's ok, I understand. Tell you what, you can whisper it to me, as quiet as you want. I'll hear you, I promise."

It had to be okay. I wanted it to be okay. I gritted my teeth and whispered, "Please…please…fuck me, Victor."

He smiled, and it was encouraging. "Good for you, Edward."

With no further hesitation he lifted my legs up by the knees and thrust his dick into me. I cried out softly from the sudden intrusion. He felt little resistance because of all the oil he'd applied earlier, and I quickly forgot any pain when Victor began stroking me again, drawing my attention back to his hands and what he could do with them.

He started moving his hips, so he moved now shallower, now deeper into me. The combination of that feeling and Victor's magic hands was almost too much for me. He was getting close to orgasm too, but somehow he managed to keep us both teetering on the edge, so close but no farther, halting his movement when either he or I came close, until I was fairly whimpering with the need to finish, to let go.

Finally Victor gasped out, "Tanya-now!"

At his prompting-where had she come from, anyway?- she appeared beside us, bent down, and slid her lips around my cock, sucking hard enough to undo me, in the state I was already in. I went into one of the most intense-if not the most intense-orgasms I've ever had. Ever. I yelled once-twice-three times as I arched my back far enough that I was no longer touching the bed at all. At the same time I vaguely noticed Victor as he grunted his own orgasm. Tanya sat back giggling at our reactions.

After I had come back to my senses, Tanya said smugly, "Victor does tend to have that effect on people."

"Do you 'share' often?" I asked her.

"Only when she thinks she'll enjoy it," Victor answered.

I chuckled at that. "Right. Okay, now that we've all had our fun, how about letting me out of these?" I rattled the cuffs against the bar.

"No, I don't think I will." Tanya had that predatory gleam in her eyes again.

I froze. "Why?"

"There's one more show I want to see first."

I hauled myself up to a seated position. "What's that?"

She giggled. "The one where Carlisle comes in here and finds his Edward all chained up and gift-wrapped just for him."

I jerked at my restraints again. "Carlisle? He's coming here? How did he know where I was?"

"Easy. He had called earlier, to tell us he was looking for you, and asked to speak to me personally, since I had a bit of a grudge. I called him and told him you were here, while Victor worked his magic on you."

"What?! How could you do that to me? Do you have any idea what he'll do to me?"

"Well, I am pretty pissed off at you that you rejected me, and besides, Carlisle promised I could watch." Her eyes widened with anticipation.

"NO! Agh, damn it, no!"

"Besides, where would you go, anyway, even if you got free?"

"I can tell you where I wouldn't go-Antarctica." I wouldn't give her anything; I could play mind games too. "With my luck, I'd get attacked by penguins, and just after managing to fight them off, be blind-sided by a polar bear."

Tanya laughed. "Oh, Edward, sometimes you have the best sense of humor. Polar bears don't live in Antarctica."

"I know. With my luck, the ice would randomly spawn one just to take me out while the penguins distracted me."

"You're so cute when you're putting on a brave front." She came over and kissed my forehead. "Happy waiting." She and Victor left the room.

For a moment I wanted to sink into some kind of pit of despair. It seemed there was no getting out of this. Then I remembered Bella, and how she went practically catatonic over me leaving her. I didn't want that to happen to me. I thought that if you're going to live forever, you ought to try to live. That thought renewed my determination to get out of the fix I'd found myself in. I pulled at the cuffs, trying to pull them apart. I couldn't get the leverage, and finally I got frustrated and just tried yanking the headboard out from the wall.

I froze. There was a sound I hadn't expected.

I looked up at the metal bar of the headboard, and saw a dent in the metal. It wasn't made of the same stuff as the cuffs. I looked to both sides, and noticed that I had managed to bend the bar inward as well. The bar was weaker than the cuffs were! I could, possibly, break the metal of the bar holding me here. Maybe I could get out of this after all.

I began to pull against the bar harder, and heard the satisfying whine of the metal bending much farther than it was accustomed to being bent. I patiently worked it in and out, twisting and untwisting, trying to warm up the metal to make it more pliable. I thought I had identified the weakest point when I heard the sound I had been listening for: that of a knock on the door.

Oh shit, Carlisle was here.

I worked harder than before, desperately trying to break free before Carlisle found me here, bound and naked, no less.

I could hear their muffled speech through the door.

"Hello, Tanya. I hear you have something for me?"

"Yep. Right this way." They started walking down the hallway toward her room.

I pulled as hard as I could-once. Nope. Twice-not quite. Third time was the charm. The metal bar split enough for me to thread the cuffs through. I was still bound, but at least I could leave the vicinity.

Tanya and Carlisle were getting closer. I grabbed my discarded khakis-they had all my cash in them-and jumped through the window into the Alaskan air, seconds ahead of Carlisle, who I assumed rushed to open the door as soon as he heard the glass shatter.

I was off and running again, and lucky for me Carlisle didn't feel like chasing me in such an undignified way. I had already accepted that dignity was lost to me for the moment, so I didn't much care beyond knowing that, for the time being, I had escaped.

He still managed to get in the last word, always with that pleasant smile on his face. "You can't run forever, Edward," he called out. "We've only just begun."

I was terrified he was right. I had, however, abruptly come up with at least a temporary solution: a place Carlisle wouldn't think to look for me. The last place he would probably expect to find me, given my current crisis.

I would go to the Cullen's private island, our only permanent "home base." My next destination was South America.

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