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new school new friends


i go to a new school the only person i know is my best friend Damien (and one girl. but i barely ever see her) till i meet some people. one who claims to be dean winchester,. at first i thought it was a prank........ but is it?

Humor / Romance
Cole Johnson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

″Damien!!! are you coming ya idjit?!″ i yelled

″yeah Chloe! would you wait 5 seconds?″ replied Damien from the other room. i was going to a new school and Damien is bisexual and my roommate. we’re just friends! nothing more! we act more like siblings. Damien and me are both obsessed with supernatural.


so im walking down the hallway and then i get tripped by a guy with blond messy hair and blue eyes he looks a lot like lucifer from supernatural. then he bends down and says, ″ya afraid of the devil huh?″ then walks away. i really don’t understand, i thought, what did he mean ‘ya afraid of the devil huh?’ im SOOO confused right now.

″ya need some help?″ I hear Damien’s voice.

″Damien!″ I stand up and grab all my books. ″did you see that guy that tripped me?″

″yeah, he looked just like lucifer from supernatural,″ said damien.

″and guess what he said?″ I asked, ″he bent down and said ‘ya afraid of the devil huh?’!″ I said.

Damien started laughing, ″that is so ironic!″

″I know right?!″ I said.

once Damien finally stopped laughing he said. ″so i need to tell you somethin’,″ said Damien.

″what?″ I asked.

″someone asked me: have you seen the green eyed cowboy?,″ said Damien, ″then i asked who the green eyed cowboy was and they said that he is a boy in our grade who is apparently super sexy has the most amazing green eyes and is bowlegged.″

″wait.... what?″ i said ″i read a supernatural fanfic where dean Winchester’s nickname at school was ’green eyed cowboy,″

″yeah, me too that’s why im sooooo confused!″ said Damien and started walking.

″what home room do you have?″ I asked Damien.

″Ms. Jovi’s,″ said Damien.

″me too! that’s awesome!″

″you sounded like dean when you said that,″ said Damien then started laughing.

″yeah i know. that’s the point!″ i said. and started cracking up.

then our laughing is cut off by someone’s voice ″son of a b*tch! ya supid lock!″ it sounds just like Jensen Ackles’s voice when he was younger.

″oh my chuck,″ say me and Damien at the same time.

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