Red (18+) (Michael Jackson)


Mia Fisher receives an anonymous text, and even though she gets annoyed, her curiosity keeps the conversation going. When she finds out that they have one thing in common, she accepts to go to a date with this mysterious man. A simple date can't hurt, can it?

Romance / Erotica
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Ch. 1: Anonymous text

Author's note: This story is BAD era Michael, with today's technology.

Also: These two chapters are from last year's Christmas Calendar, and are the start of the full story with Mia and her phone. And of course our beloved King; Michael Jackson. New chapters will be released in December before the story will continue from January 2021.

Ps: Like in all of my stories, expect sexual scenes, graphic descriptions and some cursing.

Re(a)d and enjoy!


"See you tomorrow at 8 pm. Wear something red."

The text popped up on my phone screen around lunch time, and I got curious since I didn't recognize the number. I also knew that I didn't have any plans tomorrow evening, so it was pretty clear that it had to be the wrong number.

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

I pushed 'send', and barely got to put my phone down until another text popped up on the screen.

"Your date."

I held in a laughter and shook my head. Definitely the wrong number.

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't have any date tomorrow."

"Yes, you have. You just don't know it yet."

The answer took me a little aback, and I even looked around me to see if anyone were watching me. It was probably just a prank.

"Excuse me? Who are you?" I asked again, starting to get a little annoyed. But I didn't have to wait long for the answer.

"Your future husband."

This time I laughed out loud.

"And what makes you think I want a husband? Maybe I'm a lesbian and want a wife?"

I didn't get a reply straight away, so I gathered my stuff and went back to class. But just as our teacher, Ms. Brennan, entered, I saw my screen light up again.

"That could be interesting. 😏 Maybe she wants to share?"

My face flushed bright red, and I immediately slammed my phone down on my desk, causing a couple of my classmates to turn their heads. But I just shrugged and pretended like nothing. Still, I couldn't stop thinking about this stranger that obviously didn't intend to leave me alone. And that emoji...!

After a bit of thinking, I discreetly picked up my phone again and placed it in my lap. What the hell do I answer? Do I even answer at all? But after writing and erasing a reply several times, I ended up with a rather harsh one.

"Look. I don't even know you. And judging by your sleazy personality, I suggest you find someone else to bother. Have a nice life."

Quite annoyed, I placed my phone upside down on my desk to avoid seeing if he texted me back. But I still saw the reflection of the light from the screen, and felt the curiosity burning inside me until I couldn't take it anymore. I picked it up, ready to bite his head off.

"You're not even wondering who I am?"

I scoffed. I wanted to say no, but that would be a lie. Then again; no matter what he said could be a lie, too.

"I already asked that. Twice. But I didn't get any answer. And now I don't care anymore. Leave me alone."

"Hey. That's a song of mine."

Huh? A song? What a strange thing to say.


"You would understand if you knew who you're talking to."

I heard someone clear their voice next to me, and looked up to see my teacher squinting at me.

"Is there anything you wanna share with the class, Mia?"

I literally threw my phone into my backpack and stared at my desk, fiddling with my fingers. And in a matter of seconds, my cheeks were flaming red, causing some of my classmates to giggle.

"No, ma'am. I'm sorry."

She stood there with pursed lips and a toxic glare. Then she turned on her heels. But as she walked away, she added:

"Be a little less obvious next time. Nobody stares into their lap that long and frowns, unless they suddenly got their period and forgot to bring tampons."

I shut my eyes and sighed. I had never been yelled at in class before, and it was all because of this annoying stranger. Why did I even entertain him by answering? I scoffed and wrapped my arms around myself, frustrated at my own stupidity. And my mood was definitely not any better when school was over, and I found out that my best friend, Gabby, had already left. I really needed to talk to her. Preferably face to face and as in right now, but I guess I just had to call her when I got home.

Defiantly I ignored my phone for as long as I could, until I had to call my mom and saw that I had seven unread messages. Five of them were from this mysterious guy, and two were from Gabby.

"Your smirk can only mean one thing. You met someone. It's tea time!"

Then the next one, also from Gabby.

"Sorry, Mimi. Had to leave. But we seriously need to talk!"

I actually blushed a bit. Why, I didn't know, because I was definitely not seeing anyone. And I wasn't planning to, either. But this was Gabby and her supernatural power to sniff out everything gossip like. Potential boyfriends especially. So I just knew she was going to fry me for every little piece of information later today.

What do I say to her? I couldn't just show her the texts. No. Definitely not. Then she'd probably grab my phone and reply with something cringy, or even worse; call him.

I actually contemplated whether or not I should delete the whole conversation with this annoying stranger, just to make sure I didn't suddenly show it to her in a weak moment. Because Gabby was an expert in finding weak moments everywhere. But there were five more unread messages, and now my curiosity got the best of me.

"What if I gave you a hint? Would you manage to find out who I am, then?"

"You're ignoring me, aren't you?"

Pff. Why should he care? I didn't.

"Silence treatment? That means we've taken a step further with our relationship, so a date would be perfect."

I was starting to boil inside, but I still refused to answer.

"Silence implies consent. 😉"

How dare he?!

"You'll look great in red, btw."

Okay. That's it. I had to make him understand that I wasn't interested!

"Listen, mister. We're not a thing, and we will never be. I don't know anything about you other than that you're annoying like an unpeelable orange. Besides, you don't know anything about me either, and much less what I look like. Go find someone to bother on Tinder."

But his instant reply made me temporarily stunned.

"I did. And I found you."

How could I forget that? About a year ago, Gabby made a profile in my name without my knowledge. And although I was mad at her then, I wasn't mad enough to delete it. And I'd found that it was actually pretty interesting to see what kind of guys that showed interest or dropped by with a comment. But usually I didn't like any of them. So according to Gabby, I was the most picky person to walk on the planet. Oh, well. Rather that than the opposite.

"So you're a stalker? I should have known."

"Most definitely not. But you're cute when you're blushing because you think I am."

I cursed at myself for doing exactly that. And with burning cheeks and a nervous glance over my shoulder, I barged through the door to our house and slammed it shut.

"Mia? Is that you?"

"Yes, mom. I'm sorry I'm late."

She came from the kitchen, and judging by the smell of delicious food, she was most likely making dinner. As soon as she saw me, she gave me a tired smile and a hug.

"Hi, dear. Are you hungry?"

"A little. I kinda skipped lunch today."

I didn't want to tell her that it was a bothersome man that terrorized me all day, that stole my time to eat. She'd probably freak out even more than Gabby when she wo find out later.

Nah. There was no reason to tell her. Tomorrow this stranger would become a part of the memories I didn't bother to try to remember anymore. Locked up in a dusty, dark box in an even dustier and darker place in my brain, stored to never be opened again. History. Gone. And after having a rather peaceful dinner with my parents and sister, I went up to my room, claiming to do homework. It wasn't a lie, though. But first I just had to talk to Gabby.

Unfortunately there was a minor distraction when I picked up my phone. Four new messages, and all were from him. And now I was so irritated that my thumb was hovering above the 'block' button. But after a moment's hesitation, I ended up saving his number under 'Asshole' instead.

"What's your favorite flower, babe?"

Babe?! What's the matter with this guy? Is he some mental nutcase or something?

"And what's your favorite music?"

"I'm gonna be busy for a while now, but I'll talk to you later. Maybe you can keep me company through the night? I'm probably so hyped up that I won't sleep much."

I just stared at my screen. This was utterly ridiculous. We just started texting a few hours ago, and he's talking like we'd been friends for a long time!

I angrily typed back.

"There's obviously something wrong with you. I'm not staying up until the morning to entertain you. I have school tomorrow! And btw, I didn't blush. And I got yelled at by my teacher because of you, so thanks a lot."

I threw my phone on my bed and went to the bathroom. And while I sat on the toilet, I thought about all the things I wanted to say to him. Because if he was here, I'd cuss him out until his ears fell off. But after washing my hands and returning to my bed, I actually felt bad after reading his reply.

"I can assure you that there's nothing wrong with me. I'm just very lonely, and being on the other side of the world doesn't help. But since the time zones are different, it'll be morning for you when I go to bed. I'm sorry I got you into trouble, though."

But before I could figure out how to respond, another text popped up.

"But don't worry. I'll be ready for our date tomorrow evening. 😘"

I didn't text back. Instead I changed his name from 'Asshole' to 'Weirdo'.

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