Agony's Best Friend

Dead, Not Gone

"Pills?" Starfire asked the dark knight. She was curious, but so far he hadn't answered one of her questions. The rest of the team stared at her as if she were insane. She didn't care. She would rather be insane than live without Robin.

Finally, after he had done whatever it was that he was doing, he turned toward them. "I will answer questions after I understand the situation. Cyborg, explain now."

Cyborg was shocked to be acknowledged by Batman. It took him a second to find his voice. And that was exactly why he was chosen.

Batman, the greatest detective in the world, looked for one of the most uncomfortable. They all lost a friend, or in Star and Raven's cases, something more, but he was the worst off. Robin had been grooming him for leadership. He must have seen something in him and made it his duty to mold the other teen. Whatever reason Robin had, the detective could see it was a good call.

However, Cyborg wasn't ready yet.

He was just learning the basics when the situation caused him to step up. His training without knowing he was being trained was interrupted and he was stuck in a bad situation. He didn't know how to lead yet.

He was basically left fending for an incomplete team against his unknown teacher while trying to save a loved one. Batman knew that it would hurt him and the rest of the team, but he prayed that little damage was done.

"Ah, yes, sir." He fidgeted. "We had reason to believe that there was a bomb that was going to freeze time around Jump City forever. When we were following that lead, Robin was attacked. He told us to keep going, so we did. We found that the machine was a fake. At that time we were shot. Nanobots were placed in our blood streams. Robin was being forced to be the villain, Slade's apprentice. We had no time to get rid of the nanobots, so we came after him. We failed to save him. Then they relocated. We came here, because we need help."

Batman was at the computer in the blink of an eye. "What do you know about Slade?"

They all looked at each other. Raven sighed, stepping forward. "He is extremely dangerous. He is a technical genius, master manipulator, and he has an obsession with Robin." She sighed before standing up straighter, "If I may, I sort of know more."

He looked at her curiously. That was enough of an answer for him.

"I had a brief brush with his mind. He wants Robin to see him as a sort of father. He thinks of Robin as his," she looked as if some fowl taste were in her mouth, "son. I think he lost a son, one a lot like Robin who willingly worked under him. I also got a glimpse of what might have been his wife about to kill him. I believe she tried to kill him, but failed. I think she scared him though, being why he wears a mask and only shows one eye-"

Batman turned around suddenly, "One eye?"

"Uh, yeah, Mr. Batman, sir." Beast Boy stuttered. Before he even finished Batman was typing, resulting in a profile that he brought before them.

"Deathstroke, also known as Slade Wilson. A mercenary. His hideout is unknown. This is the man that has Dick?"

They all stared at him uncomfortably. "Yes."

Batman stared at them, finally putting the clues together. "Why don't you use Robin's read name?"

Star, seeing everyone shift under his paralyzing eyes, cleared her throat. "He did not take off the mask. We knew him solely as Robin, our leader."

His eyes narrowed. This was bad.

"Why?" Asked Raven, who just got up the nerve to ask.

Batman sighed. He didn't want to tell them. Even if they were Robin's friends, he never wanted to let this secret fly.

"The Robins have all had problems." He began.

"Robins?" Cyborg asked.

"There were five. Your Robin, Dick Grayson was the first. The second was Jason Todd. The third Tim Drake. Fourth Stephanie Brown. Fifth Damian Wane."

"So they are like siblings? Where are these friends?" Star excitedly asked, looking around as if to find them spying on the older ones conversation.


She froze. She wasn't used to death. If only she knew how used to it Robin had been.

He continued as if he'd never been interrupted. "Damian explained it to me once. During the first moments of no longer wearing the mask, you don't know who you are. All their personalities would have been pushed inside one body. He wouldn't know who he was, his thoughts would be clouded and confusing. He wouldn't know who he really was. It could cause nausea, dizziness, and memory problems. He may remember things he never saw or did. The different personalities in his one body would be enough to cause extreme issues. One being that whatever personality is in the process of thought, that personality has the control of the body."

"What about the pills?" Cyborg asked, shrinking when Bruce's gaze fell on him.

Bruce glanced at Beast Boy. "Injury. It's there to help with pain."

"H-How bad would the pain be?" Star asked. Batman could sense her unease.

"Bad enough that he would need them."

That was bad.

Very, very bad.

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