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Nights at Emily’s


Two years after a certain pizzeria closed down, a new restaurant that goes by the name of Emily’s Entertainment Restaurant opened in Pentagon City, Bonnieshire. This sparked more joy for children who were excited to finally be able to have fun. But Maria, is not here for the day shift. She is in for the night. Can you help her out in this half-interactive survival? May contain some violence.

Humor / Horror
Dead account
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Welcome to Emily’s Entertainment Restaurant, a brand new restaurant dedicated to bringing joy and laughter towards children of all ages. People can interact with these lovely animal friends, especially the wonderful Emily Bunny! There are also delightful delicacies that will make your mouth be filled with saliva and a single bite will leave you wanting more! What are you waiting for? Come to our restaurant and have some fun! As always, Emily’s Entertainment Company is not responsible for any lost items or accidents.

Your name is Maria Fritz. You chose the job as a night guard to work at Emily’s Entertainment Restaurant, because every restaurant with robots always need a night guard to watch the place. You aren’t here because your friends dared you to. You aren’t forced by your family members to search for a dead sibling. You are here, as a night guard, to earn some money. Money is your number one priority (as well as safety, like that one crazy Russian dude told you).
You drive to the restaurant at 11pm and look around the office. There are posters of two characters: Emily Bunny, a yellow animatronic rabbit donning a pink bowtie and a coat, and Carrie the Cat, a green cat with what appears to be a black jacket. Below the characters, it said the words “Sing” and “Rock”, in their respective characters. You scanned the rest of the office. You see two doors on both sides and one large opening behind you. You are not sure what to make about the gaping, rectangular hole behind you, but you ignore it, sitting down and waiting for the night to start.
Your main goal for today is to survive a few nights at Emily’s.
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