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Nights at Emily’s

Night 1 Begins

Night 1

It is 12am. You hear the phone ringing. Without doing anything, you hear a voice.

Hello? Hi there! Welcome to Emily’s Entertainment Restaurant, a brand new restauant dedicated to bringing joy and laughter towards children of all ages. Of course, you aren’t here to party in the day. You’re working as a night guard. Now to get yourself fully familiarised with your office, there is a monitor for the camera that you can activate by pressing the red button on the right arm of your chair which will make the monitor come out from the head part of the chair. Now, using the cameras, you have to make sure that the animatronics do not get into your office. The animatronics may be friendly in the day, but not-so-much in the night. Our animatronics are programmed to keep out any intruders, however, uhh... their programming is slightly flawed, so they may mistake you for a criminal. Just to ensure your safety there are two doors on the left and right sides of your office, so if you hear or see anything suspicious, use the remote inside the left arm of your chair to turn them off. As simple as an A/C remote control. However, I have to warn you that you sort of need to use them wisely as if you close any of the doors for too long, it will automatically stop working. In other words, said door can’t be used anymore. So, I’d recommend you to try and close the door for about ten seconds before the door stopped working. This happened before to a night guard, who sort of ignored that rule, and umm...let’s just say he had a very nice surprise. I’d recommend that you close the doors for about a maximum of ten seconds, and then open it again. Okay, that’s all I have to say. Good luck!

The phone call ended. You have tried out all the cameras and the doors, they seem to be working fine. However, you do question on how the fuck is a restaurant that is super advanced with their technology has some rather faulty doors that will be able to put someone at risk. You shrug it off and proceed to check the cameras. In Cam 1, you see Emily and Carrie on stage. No unusual activity so far. You check Cam 2A. It was the playground. You notice something odd, that the curtains are closed, with what appears to be a sign saying “Private”. Eh, does not really faze you, since the staff probably have something secret there. You check Cam 2B, it was the Magic Room, where people get to experience some magic tricks and illusions, although you wonder why they need a separate stage instead of just have the magician perform on the main stage. You check Cam 3. It was the dining hall. There are six rectangular tables with twelve chairs each. You check Cam 4. It was the Parts & Service room. Just some animatronic suits. You check Cam 5A. It is the hallway leading to the left door of your office. You check Cam 5B. it is the hallway leaning to the right door of your office. Those are all the cameras you’ve seen, so you close the monitor.

For 3 hours, after checking the cameras to see if any animatronic has moved, there is nothing spectacular or horrifying occurring so far. You sat in the office in your highly-advanced rotating chair, spinning around while bored.

What do you do?

a) Check the cameras again to see if any of the animatronics have moved. go to next page

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