Nick and Nicki


Are you freaking kidding me?!” With a shock tone she glanced to her best friend Nick. He was a very nice man; he’s a 6ft tall and had a tan skin, with a combination of bluish-greenish eyes; he’s the Mr. Perfect of their batch and most girls liked to be with him except to his best friend Nikki. “You know I never kid” with a low voice answered Nick. “I’ll be leaving soon, about a week or two.” he stared at Nikki. She is the Ms. Perfect of their batch; her popularity is unbelievable, guys with loved to be with her and girls wanted to be like her. Nikki and Nick we’re BFF’s since the day they wear diapers. Coincidentally, they both have the same birthdate, they grew in the same village and their families we’re really closed. They both have the biggest opposites, some would say they really we’re perfect for each other but they would just laugh to it. For them, they will never be more than BFF. They treat each other as siblings, Nikki and Nick doesn’t find any attraction from one another which makes them comfortable. But the difference between other BFF into theirs was; they sometimes don’t want to hang out together. “Why so sudden?” asked Nikki. Actually, I’m used to be left alone by Nick because I know he’ll come back but about his leaving? I can’t handle it! “Dad and Mum have planned to set another Branch of our Business in New York, and besides opportunities comes once in a life.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


“What’s going on to this big head, why he doesn’t mail me anymore?” I asked myself about it. “Nikki, breakfast’s ready I already called you 10 times” I didn’t even notice that my mom’s calling me for the nth time. “I’m coming mom.” I answered.

Mom was the one who served our meal every day. “Did he write you back?” I was shocked when mom asked it to me. Well, aside from Nick I also tell some things to my mom. “Nah! May be he’s so busy to write back.” I answered with a low voice full of wonder. “Hey, baby we have a family matter to talk.” called by my dad. I didn’t even notice him in the kitchen. “Huh? What is it all about?” I asked. Yeah! Well, I didn’t introduce you to my family yet. My dad is the CEO of MAC company, as you can see we’re not that poor. My mom runs a business of her own; she’s one of the greatest fashion designers in the whole wide world. I have a baby sister, well! She’s not a baby anymore though I’m just 4 years older than her. Her name was Nin, she’s beautiful like. (Come to think of it!)

“Well, dad wants you to go to Hawaii just to manage some MAC business there.” said Nin. “Hawaii? Dad! You know that I don’t want to leave this place, not this time NEVER!” shouted Nikki. “Baby, you’ll never stay here forever. You also need to explore the world, go to other countries, talk to other people.” said Dad. Well, he’s right. Since Nick left I never get out of our house, well I only used to go outside to go to church or buy some necessary things. I also used to be homeschooled, for the reason that I don’t want to have new friends not until Nick will come back.

“Oh! Sweetie, it’s not all about Nick. You also need to look for new friends because you know in your heart that Nick will be your very best friend.” hugged by mom. “Come on big sister, you’re 19 you don’t even have boyfriends yet! I know, I’d help you choose.” teased by my younger sister. Then again they’re right! I don’t have time for myself; I keep on waiting for Nick to response for over a year. Yeah! I need to move on, if he forgets about me so do I!

“Hey! Nikki?” shouted by Mom. “She’s day dreaming mommy. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” teased by Nin. “NO I’m not! I’m just wondering why Nick hasn’t mailed me yet” I told them. “Big sister, don’t you worry about that may be he’s just busy of their business” said Nin.

“Well, yeah! Uhm! Mum! Can I go to a party?” I asked mum and even smiled when I saw her on a frown face. “Oh dear, well yes of course” answered mom.

“Yehey! Now my big sister is moving on!” said Nin happily. “Hey! Moving on? Well, Nick is just my Best Friend and not my Boyfriend.” I said. She just smiled and eats her bread. I wonder what she’s thinking. There’s no way that I will be in love with my Best Friend NEVER! NO WAY!


“Hey Nick, aren’t you coming with us back to our village?” asked mom. “We’re going home tomorrow morning” said dad. “Nah! I need to go to Myka’s part tomorrow mom” I said. Since I left home, I don’t want to go back on that village anymore. “Myka again?” asked dad. “Well, yeah! You know she’s my girlfriend and I don’t want to leave her here. If I’ll come I must asked her to come with us” I answered. “Come with us?” they both asked. I know that they don’t like Myka because of her attitude but what can I do? I like her, she likes me and I don’t really care of what they’re thinking. “Look Nick you haven’t even answered Nikki’s mail because of Myka’s jealous thing and you want her to come with us?” ask mom. Well she’s right, since me and Myka begun dating I forget Nikki because Myka is so jealous of her. At first I can still handle it and keep telling her that Nikki is just my best friend but she said that she will broke up with me if I will continue mailing Nikki again. “Nick? Hey buddy! Are you listening?” asked dad. “Yup! I’m listening. That’s why I want to bring her with us so that she’ll know that Nikki’s just my sister, I mean my best friend yet I treat like my younger sister” I said.

“Here read this, you don’t need to worry about Nikki anymore.” mom looked at me with sadness. She gave me a letter from Nikki, I read it and it says:


I know that you're not thinking of me anymore. I bet that even if I'll write you this letter, you will not write back. Well, that's alright I'm not expecting it anyway. Hey! I just want to you to know that this will be the last letter that I will send to you, after this you will never hear news from me. I can't wait for my best friend anymore; Dad wants me to move in another country, which will be unknown to you.
Thanks for being such a damn great best friend.
I will never miss you: NEVER!



After I read the letter a tear drops and I started crying. I can’t question her for being mad at me. I just can’t accept the fact that I hurt her so much that gives her a reason to hate me this much. “Mom, when did this letter arrive?” I asked seriously. “Dear! This morning” my mom answered sadly. I ran to my room and slam the door. I just dive on my bed and sleep; I don’t want to think for a day.

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