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By DedicatedWallflower

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

Hey guys!

It's dedicated again with another story! I really think you are going to LOVE this! If you do, tell me, if you don't, tell me!

This is my fifth modern day Cato story, but you all can expect something different from this one! It will cover their high school years with a twist at the end that I love and you all will hate! That said, some scenes will be emotional and I have warned you!

Furthermore; if you try to find a deeper purpose in this, you will have to dig deep.

I don't own THG, the lovely Suzanne Collins does though!

So, I will be juggling another story, because it hit me in the face. I want it as one of my originals, outside of fan fic, but I write more when I have to so I did it on here!

I have a story to tell, of a boy and a girl. Some said it was a fairytale. She was broken; he was her missing piece. He was made whole by her beautiful smile. Together they were made new; together they were fixed. She had never been more in love; he had never loved anyone but himself. She was a closed off girl, he was an arrogant boy. When they saw each other, they knew, their kind of love was something special. It was love at first sight. After all, all it took was one look into her eyes and he was a goner.

"Katniss." The scream shatters all since of piece in the near empty apartment. My eyes fly open, blinking in the harsh rays of sun that shine through the tattered curtains of the window.

My mind races, touching the bed beside me only to find it cold. She's probably gone to mom's room again, the third time this week. My nightmares must be bothering her once more.

They've been worse since we left Manhattan, being back in the city doesn't help them much at all.

It's been six years now since my father died, he was a cop, most people said the best around, but I wouldn't know. He kept his work private; I guess he didn't want his girls knowing about every rape in the city.

"Katniss." Prim's cries are enough to move me from my bed and down the hall, tripping over her stupid cat along the way. It hisses and I throw a sweatshirt off the ground at it.

She's curled in a ball on the chair next to my mother's bed. Her eyes area soaked with tears as she points at my mother. My mom stares straight ahead, not even fazed by the tears of her daughter.

In my mind I think of all the hateful things I could say to her, straining to keep them in as I look at the sweet girl in front of me.

"Shh, Prim," I whisper to her, gently stroking her long blonde locks "what's wrong little duck?" I finally ask, lifting her chin so she meets my eyes.

Her words are incoherent, mixing together with the quaking sobs as she looks to my mother again. Her blue eyes are red with the mix of little sleep and tears. She clings to me, hugging me tighter with every passing second.

When my dad died, my mom shifted inside of herself. Everything that she used to be, the beautiful smiles and laughter, disappeared. She's gone now, so far inside herself that nothing can bring her out. I resent her very being for it.

Before dad died she was one of the happiest people I knew. She was my best friend, a mother. Now I have to work just to keep us eating, we're just lucky our landlord is too drunk to collect our rent. It's been five months since we last paid. Part of my thinks he's just being nice.

"Come on Prim." I whisper to her, picking her light body up, she's skin and bones now. She comes willingly, taking my dad's old blanket off the chair and with her to our room.

"Sing to me Kat?" she whispers softly, tugging at the end of my braid as a soft smile plays on the edges of her lips.

"Just once." I respond, returning the smile as I tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Somewhere beneath the blue sky

A bird sings with the sound of the wind

Come set me free

The little bird sings

The little bird fly's far away

He knows a change is here

There's no need to fear

Somewhere beneath the sky

A little bird sings"

I finish quietly, pushing away from the bed.

I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My hair has dulled with stress, and my eyes are hollow, they show no love. I blink back tears, willing myself not to have one now. Not when I've gone two weeks without.

I fight against the memories, holding them in my heart, but they invade my head anyways, pulling me into their sweet embrace.

"Peet stop it!" I scream, covering my head as he dumps the pile of leaves on my head.

My giggles mix with the sound of his throaty laugh as he picks me up, spinning me around as our mouths meet in a full embrace. My heart beats faster as I push against him with force.

He pulls away first, putting me back on the ground to cup my face in his hands.

"I promise you, I will never let anyone take us apart." He whispers, pressing a light kiss on my forehead. My lips turn up into a soft smile.

"I love you." I whisper softly, looking up to meet his eyes. They sparkle with a new kind of happiness, the kind he gets when he bakes the perfect cake or paints the sunset.

"You are so beautiful, and I love you more than you could ever imagine." His lips lock together with mine again.

I close my eyes, relishing in the beauty of this short moment in time, loving every second of it.

Fresh tears coat my eyes and I look down at the little heart ring. His promise to me.

We dated for two years before the crash. It was after a movie, something pointless I wanted to see. If I wouldn't have wanted to see that movie, he wouldn't have crashed. The roads were icy and he didn't realize that as he skidded around a sharp turn that the car would flip.

I woke up in the hospital with minor injuries, but with Peeta it was different. The brain damage was so extensive he couldn't even form a word. He didn't even remember who I was.

My phone buzzes on the table next to me and I jump, started by the sudden noise.

Hey, I'm outside I can't wait all day.

Tucking my hair behind my ear I take one last look at the mirror, watching as the last remnants of Peeta fade from my mind.

The phone buzzes again and I let out an exasperated sigh.

Get your ass out here Catnip.

I walk to the door slowly; turning to glance back at Prim's sleeping form across the room. I'm doing this for her.

If it weren't for Prim, I would have dropped out the minute I turned sixteen, but she wants to be a doctor, and I have to graduate to give her that.

My feet slap gently against the old concrete flooring of the stairs as I run down them.

Gale's familiar red pickup sits outside, his signature grimace on his face as he stares towards the apartment building. He's probably thinking of all the horrible things he wants to say to me for making him late.

The bell on the front door jingles as I throw it open, jogging lightly to the passenger door.

"Morning Catnip, I see you dressed up for the first day." He smirks taking in my usual V-neck and jeans. Even my hair is stuck in its usual braid.

"Shut up and drive Gale." I hiss, looking out the front window.

"You had another one didn't you." He asks gently as he throws the truck into gear, skidding out of the crumbling parking lot.

"It wasn't of the crash this time, but yeah." I fumble nervously with a loose string on my backpack.

"You need to tell your mom Katniss." His eyes try to meet mine but I look away in rage.

"Tell her what? Mom, I'm seeing a dead boy at random times, maybe you can snap out of it long enough to help your daughter? What would she even be able to do? She can't get out of bed for two minutes before she starts to cry." Fury boils through me like a river and I focus on my breathing.

"Right, bad idea." Gale sighs, pulling into the school lot.

"I'm just ready to get this year over with." I groan, watching as students pile out of cars, shoving each other idiotically in the lot. The girls are orange, no surprise there.

"You only have 176 days left." Gale grins, spotting a parking spot at the same time as a blue Camaro. Right as Gale's about to pull into it, the Camaro speeds out of nowhere, managing to snag the spot at the last second.

"Fuck." Gale growls as the door opens.

"Look, there's one." I point down the lot the last spot open.

We're lucky no one steps out in front of us; Gale drives faster than he does on a regular street to get the spot.

He turns off the car, grabbing my bag for me with a lopsided grin.

"You ready?" he smiles as I hop out to the ground next to him.

"Not at all." I smirk, looking towards the looming building.

"Only one more year." He grins, winking at me.

"Shut up, I don't know what I'll do without you." I give him a sharp punch on the arm.

"It'll probably suck." He looks at me with a straight face, but I can tell he's holding back laughter.

"Damn you Gale." I growl under my breath as we start up the long sidewalk into the school.

Little did she know, that boy was watching her. Stay away from him they told her. He's only trouble. She knew better than to trust him, but love does things to you. He already wanted her, but she wasn't like his usual girls. She was the game changer. Everything after that was just another piece.

When he saw her that day, he knew he wanted her. He didn't realize just what she would change. He didn't realize that going after her meant everything would be different. It was just another fling, that was until he really met her.

I hope you all enjoyed it; I had fun writing it for sure!

The next update will be on December 13th, if not sooner. She will meet Cato then. This fic WILL NOT BE RUSHED.

Love to all,


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