Chapter 13

my lovely readers,

Part of this is just to inform you if the misfortunate event that has been plaguing me since Wednesday. The other part is to bridge into the most exciting and dramatic chapter this story will encounter. Buckle your seatbelt a the Catoniss train is ready to leave the station.

I love you all, if you need anything don't e afraid to ask! I want to read your stories as well, so let me know if you have a story up that I can check out!

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"Hey Catpiss, wait up." I let out a long sigh, listening to the rumbling crashes of footsteps as my lovely homecoming date lumbers towards me at record pace.

"Remind me why I'm going to this stupid dance with someone as stupid as you." I turn on my heel; meet his hard stare with a chilling glare of my own today is not the day to be messing with me. As always his lips turn up in a mocking smirk as he sees the distaste for him lingering in my eyes.

"Because no one else wanted to ask you. It's a pity date really." He laughs, using my own sharp line against me.

"You know what, I don't need this; you can walk behind me." I pick up my pace, shoving through huddled masses of random children in hopes of making it back to my locker before the bell for homeroom rings.

"Fuck you." He shouts over a row of lockers, but he rejoins his group of baboons at his own locker instead of following me like a pesky puppy as he has since we visited the city almost a week ago.

I've tried to hate him, worked so hard at not letting him in, but since the night at cranberries even I can't escape the charm that radiates off of him. My new group of friends has started to notice and even Gale pokes fun at it when he can. Since the night when he kissed me our friendship has been strained, neither of us are really sure how to act anymore and conversations usually end in a pregnant pause and one of us pretending to be distracted by something trivial.

"Morning Katniss!" Rue grins at me over the set of lockers as she piles her psychology book on top of a stack of notebooks and folders that sit precariously on the ledge between us.

"Hey Rue, where is everyone?" I mumble looking around at the empty space around me that usually teams with our friends for any form of distraction.

"I think they're with Delly." Rue frowns shaking her head with a small sigh "I don't know why she still puts up with him." She lets out another huff and straightens the books on her locker.

"What do you mean?" my eyes widen as I search Rue for answers.

"Thom can be slightly, well, unstable at times." she softly speaks over the loud chatter of our hallway.

"Is he cutting again?" I lean in, suddenly worried by her demeanor.

"He never stopped, but things have been getting worse. We think he's off of his medication again." Rue's eyes only hold sadness as she talks to me with a gentle voice.

"I had no idea, is Delly handling it okay?" I question, looking down at my hands.

"On typical days she does, but today isn't typical." Rue groans, grabbing her bag out of her locker as well as the jumbled stack of papers and books off of the top of her locker "I just wish she would realize that she can't help him, he needs to get his act together and stop worrying her constantly; it isn't fair." She shakes her head again and disappears down the hall only turning back to tell me that she'll see me in Psychology.

As she disappears a less than impressed Johanna and a seemingly distraught Delly appear out of the bathrooms. Johanna looks pissed, but Delly just seems like all the life has been sucked out of her like a vortex leaving her in the void space of a black hole.

Uncharacteristically Delly does not say a single word; instead she leans her head on Jo's shoulder and closes her red eyes. Soon our small area of lockers is crowded with our entire group with the exception of Rue and Thresh.

"Morning Love." Nick coos, laughing at the hint of annoyance that flashes across my face, but when he sees Delly all joking stops.

"Come here Delly." He groans, pulling her into a crushing hug, its then that her tears really break loose and pour down her porcelain face like a gushing rapid.

"I-c-can't find him." She sobs, pressing her face into his shirt.

"Oh God, Delly you gotta go tell Baker." Nick goes into panic mode, looking around and trying to drag her behind him. She stumbles and Gale springs into action, taking Nick by the shoulders he gently retrains him until Nick finally breaks as well and turns into me.

It's rather awkward, I try my best to console him, but consoling people has never been a strong suit of mine. Patting his back I let him cry into my shoulder with awkward sobs.

"What exactly happened?" Finnick finally asks, looking from face to face around the circle.

Delly looks up from where she has sunk to the ground next to Annie and finally speaks, her usually soft voice catching on syllables.

"I woke up to a text from him, he sent it at two in the morning, and I haven't heard from him since. He was supposed to pick me up for school and he didn't show up. He said he's been wanting to crash his car, and that he has no one to talk to, and that he feels alone and stagnant, I think he wants to kill himself." She breaks down again and we all look at each other.

My own jaw drops as I watch Delly cry into Gale's arms. My own eyes fill with foreign tears and I try to will them away but they don't stop coming, every emotion that I tried to block out comes flooding in at the mention of crashing a car.

Suddenly Gale catches on and moves Delly into Johanna, his arm reaches for me, but it's already too late. I shove Nick off of me and take off down the hall. A year later and I'm still running from my problems, running from facing his death because if I pretend that everything is okay, and I block out my emotions, shove them into a little box and hide the key, everything will be okay. If I just act like he never even existed then maybe someday I'll convince my heart that I never even loved him.

My breaths come in as shaky gasps when I finally slow to a stop in a dark hallway. I duck into the small concave entrance to the door and sink to my knees.

Thoughts of a thousand cars slamming together around Peeta and I plague my mind. When I woke up this morning I promised myself I wouldn't do this, looked Prim in the eyes and told her that today would be just like any other day, made her believe that her big sister was strong enough to hold in her emotions around others, but I'm not.

Because a year ago, the Sun Stopped Shining.

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