Chapter 5

This will be the most important AN you will ever read from me: I have decided that I will write only one more story after this. I will finish the stories that I have started, no, I haven't forgotten about them. This new story is going to be different and it will mean more to me than the world.

As you can tell, Delly and Thom have an important role in this fiction. That's because Delly is me. After this story I will be telling my story. Uncut and unedited, only my Thom doesn't know just how much he has done for me yet. Delly has a dark past, and I am going to tell it. I hope you all will support me like you always have and I know it will be a success.

Once I post the last chapter of that story, I will formally quit writing FanFiction. I am going to start focusing on my real writing and get back into my originals so that maybe someday a few of you will know me as more than just dedicatedwallflower.

I know a few of you will grumble about the AN or how arrogant I sound, but please understand that was not my intent! I understand I am no more special than any of you and I want to keep it that way!

So what if her new friends all hated him. They didn't matter, right? She was a hopeless case, and it was going to take more than a few girly chats to break her from her spell. She never expected to need saving. She could always take care of herself. She wasn't a damsel in distress and he sure as hell wasn't her knight in shining armor.

Or was he?

. . .

We move like silent predators through the crowd, people seem to drift out of the way for him, but he doesn't seem to notice. I've seen his type before, they were the kids that got high on the weekends and smoked across the street from the school at Mac High. Peeta kept me away from them, but he couldn't keep Addi away.

Her daddy was the Mayor of the town, and in an act of rebellion she did drugs. Addi was getting high for three weeks before her mom found out. She was sent away for a while, but she came back quickly. She never really liked the drugs; she just wanted to get attention back from her family. She was one of the few girls that was nice to me after Peeta asked me out.

It seemed like the world turned against me when Peeta asked me out. I tried to tell Peeta but he refused to believe my silly antics. He told me I was being over dramatic. I wasn't.

Self-consciously I pull my jacket tighter around me. Marvel notices and moves his hands from my shoulders, stopping suddenly at a closed door with music streaming out of it.

"Hey White." Marvel calls out as we open the door.

The man behind the desk looks up at us, nodding his head before he goes back to the computer, switching the song.

The bass shakes the floor and I can't help but raise my eyebrows watching our teacher with speculation. In Mac, this would have never happened. The teacher would have been out of work before he could even press play on his fancy computer.

"We do absolutely nothing in here. It's a shitload of pointless movies and packets. I haven't done a single thing." Marvel informs me, flipping a cellphone out of his bag.

I only nod in approval; an hour to sort my thoughts will be nice. The rest of the class files in, and I get the usual looks. There are a few smiles from kids I recognize, Nick, the boy from my sculpture class gives me a frown and walks straight past me earning a smirk from Marvel.

I give him a questioning look, but he shakes his head. His eyes say it's a story for another time and I don't push it.

The music suddenly stops as the bell rings and I watch as Mr. White struggles to pull himself out of the chair. I'm surprised that he doesn't just roll over like a ball. I find myself chuckling as imagine his rolling across the floor like a big bouncy ball. My chuckle doesn't go unnoticed and soon Marvel is giving me a look that can only say 'what the hell'.

Promptly shaking my head I turn back to face the front. I can feel the glare of Nick pulsating towards Marvel and I. Making a mental note to ask Delly about it as soon as possible, my attention is again distracted by the lights turning off, leaving the room in darkness.

"I know you all are excited for the game tonight, and I figured what the hell, you all won't do any work today anyways, so we're going to watch a movie." Mr. White calls out in a nasally voice that I find slightly irritating.

As my eyes become accustomed to the darkness, and the beginning few seconds of the movie begin to play I recognize the movie right away.

Coralline a movie Peeta and I seemed to watch every other night with his tiny niece Stella. I have some good memories from this movie, as everything seems to fade around the edges; I grip onto the chair tightly. At this point I'm willing to do anything to stay in reality. No more Peeta.

He's dead Katniss my mind chides at me as I fight the urges.

I succumb like the weak person I am and memories of what used to be happiness resurface much to my distaste.

"Shh Stellbelle, the movie is starting." Peeta's gentle whisper sends a chill through my spine as Stella stops her babbling, watching the screen with wide eyes full of anticipation.

It must be my third time this week watching this movie, but every time I watch it, it grows on me.

The smell of popcorn wafts towards me and naturally my grimace turns into a big grin. The couch sinks in next to me and the familiar warmth of Peeta envelops me. He places the big bowl in my lap, handing the smaller bowl to Stella who sits on the floor, shoving popcorn into her mouth with her still chubby arms.

There hasn't been a waking hour gone by that Peeta hasn't been at my side, unless you count the two blocks we have away from each other at school, but we find ways to work around it. Frequenting the bookstore during my study hall makes up for it.

I shove the first fistful of popcorn in my mouth, avoiding the horrified glance Peeta gives me.

"What?" I whisper through a muffled mouth of popcorn, it sounds more like a mushed up grumble that anything else.

"I'm dating a wild animal." Peeta gives me his famous Mellark half grin, grabbing a piece and tossing it into his own mouth, smiling at the satisfying crunch it gives.

I finish chewing, giving him a smile before turning back towards the TV, watching the crazy show go on. About five minutes later, a hand with a piece of popcorn finds my mouth. Trying to remain calm against the thousands of butterflies going off in my stomach I casually take the popcorn out of his hand with my mouth. His fingers against my lips send a jolt of electricity through my spine.

Leaning slowly down onto his warm shoulder, my hands find his waist, pulling him close to me with searching fingers. When my hands finally find his own, I capture it, gently tugging it until it rests right next to me.

I can feel his smile, it's proud, like he's won a baseball game or something. He won me. His lips find the top of my head, kissing my soft brown curls. I can still feel his smile tugging at the corners of his mouth when he finally pulls away.

"Uncy Bubba, stop touching Tatniss!" we both jump at the shrill squeal coming from the floor.

"What, you mean like this?" Peeta leans don innocently, staring at his niece as he presses his lips right onto mine.

"Dross Bubba, dross!" she cries again, jumping up on the couch between us. I barely have a chance to move the popcorn bowl, avoiding a big mess.

"Stell, why can't I give Kat kisses?" Peeta asks, giving her what I assume to be his best puppy dog eyes.

"I want kisses!" she squeals again, moving over onto Peeta's lap giggling.

"Maybe I don't want to kiss you!" he challenges, her face turns downwards in a matter of seconds.

"I don't like you Bubba." She growls, scooting back to the floor his a muffled humph.

"No, no Stella, I didn't mean it; you're my number one girl. Katniss doesn't even matter." I smack him and he lets out a sharp ow "Ok maybe she matters a little, but nothing compared to my little Stellbelle." I can detect the joking air to his voice, so I don't push it. He won't get off the hook easily for saying I don't matter either, but that's another time's problem.

"I love you Uncy Bubba!" Stella smiles, returning to the movie, shoving our popcorn up next to her.

"Let's see, where were we?" Peeta smiles coyly, pushing a bit of loose hair out of my face.

"I believe we were at the part where you said I didn't matter." I respond, looking at the TV with no emotion.

"Aww Kat, come on." He groans "You know I didn't mean it. You're more than worth it." He kisses my nose softly, just a tiny peck compared to the previous one.

"How much is that?" I find myself shocked; flirting is never this easy for me. I must be sick.

"Like more than the moon loves the earth, and more than the sun decides to shine." He lightly feathers my face with his lips, playing every part of my mind.

"I love you." I whisper in a such a tone that barely a sound comes out.

"I love you more than that." His hands find my waist, pulling me up against his chest.

The movie plays on and I forget our plans of having friends over to watch a scary movie. I fall asleep in his arms slowly but surely.

"Is she asleep?" I'm just waking up when I hear Addi's soft voice breaking through my tranquility. I can tell she's trying not to wake me, but her eyes are locked on Tyler's quiet form. Just by the tone of her voice I can tell he's holding onto her waist. She sounds peaceful for the moment being. It's only like this when he's around.

"Alright alright, break up the love fest, the party has arrived!" I fake a startled jump, blinking my eyes slowly to get used to the harsh artificial lighting of the basement.

The sound of a bell pulls me out of my memories. I grab my bag quickly, making it to the door when Marvel finally stops me.

"Hey, uh were you alright today?" his voice is raspy, and for a second it makes me forget that I just had one of the longest flashbacks since the wreck. My doctor won't be happy. He thinks I should be able to control them by now.

When I don't respond, he pulls me to the side of the hallway.

"Look, I don't know what you're doing tonight, but if you aren't going to the game with anyone yet, I was wondering if you would want to hang out with me?" the last part comes out as a question and I frown at the ground subtly.

"I don't know-" is all I manage to get out before someone else has me going in the complete opposite direction.

"She's going with me." Nicks voice is a surprise, a welcome one at that.

Marvel's eyes narrow, but he says nothing, walking away from Nick with a look that could wipe out Rhode Island.

"Excuse me, but what the hell was that about?" we're about halfway down the hall before I muster up the courage to ask.

"He broke my sister, he's dangerous. Stay away from him." Nick disappears into the crowd and before long Delly is at my side, talking about how much we're going to love anatomy. By this time I've gotten accustomed to just drowning her out, only using a few 'yeah's' here and there.

Anatomy drags on for what seems like hours. My newest friend, Glimmer, looks at her nails while Delly furiously takes notes in a purple spiral. I just look around the room. The big blonde boy is in my class. I've felt his searching eyes on my back for the past twenty minutes. Every passing moment sends a new shiver down my spine.

When the final bell finally rings, I practically sprint to the doors, finding Gale's car parked exactly where we left it. I just want this day to end. I knew leaving Mac would be bad on my mind, I just never thought it could be this bad.

Of course she was lost, more than anyone guessed. Why did the one she loved have to leave so suddenly? He was opening the door for her to find what was really meant for her. She was more than just another girl. She was Katniss.

. . .

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