Shadow on my Past


Mori the Shifter and Shifters belong to livingalivecreator (Maddie Moore) from DA.

First week of Winter

Jack Frost trembled with shame and stared at his feet. Everyone looked straight at him. He had no way to defend himself. It must have been a nightmare. Yes, similar humiliation had no right to be true. Unfortunately, prick on the wrist informed him that it was dismal, bitter reality. God, how?! How did this happen ?!

"About what am I accused, Your Honor?" Frost still didn't look up. Another twinge, this time in the ankle.

"About talking yerunda" North pulled him by the ear "Doris, be so nice and add some sapphire buttons on the collar of his jacket."

A female Yeti snapped something under her breath and began to sew trinkets. Jack groaned at such blatant injustice. His suit has been specially designed for Fest of First Winter Full Moon. It was a tuxedo maintained in winter colors. Jack didn't like it. It was stiff and formal. Horrible.

"You look wonderful, Jack!" Tooth was delighted "These buttons so wonderfully aligned with your shiny teeth! Oh, do you remember about flossing?"

"Yes, yes" Jack waved his hand impatiently "I can finally take it off? Please?"

"Fine" sighed North ruffling troublemaker's hair "but for the Feast, you put it on without complaining, da?"

"Yes, sir!" happy Frost saluted and with astonishing speed changed his clothes. In less than a minute Jack was free as a bird. The guardians blinked not sure what happened.

In the depths of the Ancient Wood, a group of creatures called Shifters took a rest. Just one of them stayed away from the herd and wasn't in the form of a beautiful deer. He preferred the human skin, which for the rest of his kind smelled suspiciously. They knew him and at the same time they didn't. After 400 years he felt more like one of these bipedal creatures.

"Hello, Mori" Jack Frost sat on a branch over Mori's head. "How are you?"

Since Mori and his people returned from the World of the Spirits, young Shifter he was paler and more haggard, as if he was tormented by some disease. Of course, he denied everything.

"I'm fine, thanks for solicitude" conventional answer. It was getting annoying.

"Listen, buddy, Soon there will be a huge party... "

"And you want me to came" the Shifter interrupted him "No way, Frost. I'm a Shifter, not a doll for a dollhouse"

"I'm not a doll too, but I'm going there," chuckled Jack covering Mori's black hair with snow "Come on, man. It will be fun!"

"I do not know much about fun, about which you're thinking"

"Well, maybe that's right. Your style is impersonating other people and plotting an evil stuff."

Then Mori caught the spirit of the winter in waist and threw him on the frozen grass.

"Do you think so, kiddo?" Shifter smiled triumphantly and released Jack from his grip.

"Don't do that ever again" snapped Frost. Now he was furious.

"What's the matter, Jack?" Mori frowned. Jack usually didn't react in that way.

"It's my thing, okay?"

Mori sensed a hint of bitterness in voice of young spirit. He may not admit to it openly, but Jack was like a younger brother for him. He did not want to hurt him, not after what has happened during an eclipse of the moon, ten years ago.

"Okay, Frostbite" sighed Mori "I'll go for this... party"

"Seriously?" Jack's blue eyes sparkled with joy.

"Yeah, sure, why not," Mori ruffled the boy's hair.

"That's great!" winter spirit jumped up and pulled from his pocket a small scroll tied with a silver ribbon. "Here is everything. I'll tell the rest. They will be pleased, I can assure you!"

And he was gone.

"He can't be in one place longer than one minute, huh?" Akalex, Mori's brother, chuckled.

"Yeah, kind of it" Mori smiled under his breath.

"Did you hear that, my dear?"

"Yup. It's quite interesting, don't you think?"

"I think we should make a little break into the party time"

"You're reading in my mind"

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