Shadow on my Past

Ball part 1

The feast day has come. The participants of ball were The Guardians and their allies, so quite a large group of magical beings. The party was to be held in the old castle somewhere in Europe, which was decorated with silver garlands and draperies. In the air, circled a snowflakes and tiny moon moths. Mori gulped nervously. He felt like a stranger. What’s more, a few guests looked at him suspiciously. They’re waiting until I start do some evil stuff, he thought grimly.

“Hey, Mori!” Jack Frost, with a broad smile on his pale, slightly freckled face, walked up to the Shifter and embraced him. “I knew you’d come, the guys would be disappointed!”

“Wait a moment, what guys?” asked anxiously green-eyed Shifter getting pale more than usual. What did Jack invent this time?

“You’ll see,” laughed Jack and pulled him between guests. “Here they are”

Next to one of the stone columns were three teenagers. They looked like seventeen, eighteen, but certainly they were immortals like Jack. I mean, what they would be doing here if they weren’t? Kidnapping of human children by magical creatures have long since ended.

Two of them were girls. One has red, disheveled hair, blue eyes and emerald dress, but she looked like she didn’t like her suit. Second had very long blond braid with flowers, joyful green eyes and violet ball dress. The boy looked rather ordinary, brown hair, slight build and green eyes, but on his side was a dragon. The real black dragon, Night Fury! Was it possible?

“Hi, guys!” Jack waved to them. Blondie squeaked with amazment and hugged the winter spirit. Red hair smirked and gently punched Jack in his arm, and the guy with dragon simply shook his hand. And the Night Fury licked Jack’s face.

“Toothless, stop it!” Jack laughingly pulled snout of creature, “Mori, There are Rapunzel, Merida and Hiccups. And that scaled one is Toothless. Guys, this is Mori. I’ve told you about him”

“You really can change your shape?” asked joyful blonde, Rapunzel.

“Yeah” Mori blushed. God, she was so energic. But the whole trinity has a questions. And Jack has disappeared in crowd. Damn you, Frost.

Winter Spirit had to go away for a while because it got stuffy like an opium den. He hid in one of the alcoves, where it was colder. Suddenly he nudged stone block. Then the wall moved aside. Curious Jack stepped closer. It was a tunnel! I think no one will notice how disappears for a few minutes.

In the middle was pretty dark, so Jack quickly pulled from under his shirt a moonstone pendant, which shone its own, blue light. But even that couldn’t illuminate his way. It wasn’t natural darkness...

"Hello, Frost" a blow came somewhere from the side. Sharp nails slotted his hip. Winter spirit screamed with pain. Oh, God, it hurt so much! He tried to crawl away from danger, but the attacker grabbed him by his jacket. ”And where are you going, sweetie? We didn’t finish with you yet"

“We?” Jack gasped surprised and then he saw a tall figure in the shadows. Oh, shit.

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