Shadow on my Past

Ball part 2

“Did you saw the Frostbite, mates?” Bunnymund stepped forward immortal teenagers and slumped for a view of Mori “Ah, it’s you. I hoped that Jack was just making a joke”

“Hope often blinks at a fool, huh, Aster?” the Shifter growled angrily and stepped closer to the Pooka. A fight was in the air.

“Oh, um... Wait a minute, guys” Rapunzel came between them, “Lets don’t do anything stupid, hm?”

Aster was panting, ready to kill, but under the influence of the Punzie’s voice, he calmed down. This little girl had an impact on the big bad hare. Interesting. Suddenly, he smelled a familiar scent. The bad scent. Oh no, how did he got out...?

“Good evening, my dears,” said the silky voice and from the shadows emerged Pitch Black. He was wearing a gorgeous black-and-gold coat, his eyes were burning brightly and had two meters tall. He looked like at the time of his greatest power. “Oh, hello, Pandora. You still open not these boxes that you should?”

A young woman with a Greek beauty blushed and tried to hide from the eyes of the other guests. She was once a guardian of a casket, in which Pitch and his first Fearlings have been imprisoned, but she failed. This casket has been called the Pandora’s box. Of course, the mortals remember a little diffrent version of this story.

“What are you doing here, Pitch?” North hissed, pulling out a sword from his fancy coat and pointed it at the Bogeyman’s chest “Go back to your hole!”

“Oh, why so aggressive?” Black calmly pulled the blade away. He and Guardian of Wonders were now in this same height “I just wanted to come and chat with old friends. It’s not a crime, is it?”

“Get out, I regret it!” Tooth spread her sharp wings. Pitch laughed.

“You were right, dear, a real boors”

“Oh yeah” then from the shadows came out slender boy with a distinctive staff in his hand. His eyes sparkled mischievously “Their company is a waste of time”

“Jack?” Rapunzel stunned. Spirit of Winter smiled at her, but in the cold, cynical way. He went to the Pitch and grinned maliciously. Everyone here flinched. Mori frowned. Something was wrong. Could it be... “Jack” was a Shifter?

“What are you doing, mate?” Bunny stared at Jack, “Are you crazy?”

“No. I just changed my mind,” Frost shrugged. At the same time he was drawing something on the floor, using ending of his staff. Nobody paid attention at this.

The guardians started yelling at him, begging, curse. Then Mori looked at the pattern on the floor, which Jack ended.

“Look out!” the Shifter shouted, but it was too late. Ancient rune of Blizzard flashed a sharp white light and froze everyone around. Except to Pitch and Jack.

“Nice move, dear,” the Bogeyman praised the winter spirit “We have a calmness for a day or two”

“Yes,” Jack’s voice became a bit smoother. “So, where is it what we’re looking for?”

“Come on”

“Doing it all night, all summer, Gonna spend it like no other” Jack was humming under his breath as he walked behind Pitch up the stairs in one of the towers.

“Are you listening pop music?” Pitch looked at Jack with consternation.

“You prefer the Iron Maiden?” the winter spirit shrugged. Black shook his head. He wasn’t in mood for any type of music.

“Simply, be quiet, okay?”

“Sure, sure”

The tower was full of cobwebs, but nowhere to be seen of their respective owners. The entire structure was lifeless.

“Creepy” white haired one flinched and rubbed his shoulders. “What exactly you’re looking for? It’s dangerous”

“Singly, no,” laughed Pitch “But when we collect the other three...”

At last they came to a small, circular room, where there was only one piece of furniture - a small little table. On the counter was a small casket. Bogeyman overturned the lid and peered inside. The man grinned. Jack frowned.

“It’s... it?” he asked.

“Appearances are deceptive” Pitch’s eyes flashed with excitement “My dear, the Dark Age is now...”

“It’s since beginning of 20th century, genius” muttered darkly Jack.

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