Supernatural Character Poems


I made one mistake,

and have been blamed with ruining everything.

It’s not like I meant to do it,

I was protecting the garden with my life,

the beast getting in was my biggest mistake,

I let evil enter the purest place on earth,

I failed my mission.

Right after,

they locked me up,

hid me away so they wouldn’t be so embarrassed of what I had done.

Finally when all angels were kicked from heaven,

I was free.

I could explore earth,

and see new things,

actually live.

But I was weak,

and angels would be looking for me,

so I made a deal with a Winchester,

I’d heal his brother as I healed myself,

and then I was hidden.

It worked for awhile until Sam started to suspect something was wrong,

and when Dean had finally told him,

It was already too late.

That night I killed Kevin,

Metatron thought it was a necessary evil,

but I thought it was a tragedy.

Kevin was a profit of the lord,

he could read Metatron’s words without a blink,

he was amazing,

and I regret killing him at this moment,

the moment I die.

Castiel was locked away with me,

and he needed to save his friends,

so I got him out.

I drew the symbol on my chest,

and without hesitating I activated the mark.

I died getting Castiel free,

who stopped Metatron in the end,

at least I did something right.

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