Supernatural Character Poems

Donna Hanscum

I was just a sheriff,

one tormented by her ex-husband.

He left me because he said,

that I loved sweets more than I loved him,

the way he made me feel,

sometimes that was true.

So when he left I got on a diet,

even went to a spa and lost ten pounds,

I was doing great until I met the Winchesters.

After accidentally finding a vampire,

and discovered the world of monsters,

I was thrown into a poop storm of good and evil,

and nothing after that was the same.

Everytime I see death,

I wonder if it wasn’t the cause of anything natural,

but maybe a monster or ghost.

I’m glad I know this stuff exists,

and I’m not scared if one day the supernatural come for me,

but sometimes I wish I didn’t know any of it,

then being a sheriff would much, much easier.

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