Supernatural Character Poems


I stole all the weapons from heaven,

I don’t deny doing it,

I just hate when my brothers fight.

Then Castiel found me,

an old friend.

He saved me from the Winchesters grasp,

but he wanted me to fight,

to join his fight,

but I wouldn’t,

I couldn’t.

While war between Raphael and Castiel raged on,

I did some things I’m not proud of.

I unsunk the Titanic,

tried to kill fate,

and I tried to help the Winchesters.

That was my biggest mistake,

that is what got me killed.

Anyone who sides with the Winchesters always ends up dead,

or worse,

and I was part of those unlucky few.

Castiel discovered I was working against him,

and he stabbed me in the back,


Part of me wished for death,

I was bored,



and I wanted a new adventure.

It looks like I finally got the chance.
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