Supernatural Character Poems


Does it seem right that my father casts me out of my home,

the only place I knew,

because I wouldn’t love humans more than him?

My father made my own brother throw me into the pits of Hell,

to rot for all eternity.

Finally someone broke the seals,

and I was free again.

I sought out a vessel,

but it wouldn’t hold me long,

only Sam could do that.

He was the perfect vessel,

my true vessel,

but things got cut short when he threw me,

my brother,

and himself into the cage.

Someone rescued Sam,

but I was stuck with Michael,

who usually just sat there in silence.

But something happened,

the darkness was released and that put a chip in the cage,

large enough so I could communicate with Sam.

I talked to him through visions,

which he thought were from God,

but he was mistaken.

I tried to convince Sam he needed me,

and I needed a vessel,

but he was smarter this time around,

and said no.

So right before they sent me back,

Castiel became desperate,

and let me in.

I was pretty good at pretending to be Castiel,

but Sam saw through my acting.

I was gonna kill him,

spread his guts from here to there,

but Castiel stopped me.

That wasn’t the complete reason I stopped either,

Castiel would last awhile but he isn’t my true vessel,

I’m betting eventually Sam will have to say yes,

because I am the only one who can stop the darkness.

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