Supernatural Character Poems

Meg Masters

I could have done so much more,

but I went soft.

I killed people,

possessed the unwilling,

tortured people for the fun of it,

but then I met the Winchesters.

Isn’t that everybody’s story,

you meet the Winchesters,

and you die,

end of story.

Even if it takes years or days,

you’ll die just like me.

I have crossed paths with them many times,

one time I even possessed Sam,

that was a good day,

especially when I shot Dean,

if only he had died I would’ve had more fun.

Then I wanted to take Crowley down,

which made me cross paths with them again,

but this time they saved me.

I was surprised they even came,

but grateful at the same time.

Finally, I met Clarence,

he was an angel,

and I was a demon,

but for first time since I became a demon,

I was in love.

I took care of him when he was sick,

and he started to fall for me as well.

Then he kissed me,

and it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

He was my unicorn,

and I loved him till the moment I died.

I realized that I was getting soft,

I was being kind,

and part of me felt good.

I died for the Winchesters to escape,

I might have started out evil and murderous,

but ended loving a man I could never have,

helping others,

and risking my life for the Winchesters.

At least I died knowing,

that for once in my demon life,

I did something for someone else.

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