Supernatural Character Poems

Adam Milligan

I had a normal life,

going to basketball games,

learning to play poker and pool,

even having my first beer at 15.

But then I was killed,

to lure my dad back to town.

A monster took on the form of me,

and terrorized everyone.

I was brought back,

to serve a purpose.

To kill Lucifer where he stood,

even if it was in my half-brothers body.

I barely knew my brothers,

so if one died it wouldn't bother me that much.

So I sided with the angels,

if I did what I was told,

they'd bring back my mother.

She was the only real family I had.

But things changed,

and I was thrown into the cage with Lucifer and Micheal.

Being tortured day in and day out,

with my half brother.

But then he suddenly vanished,

he had been saved.

It's been years and i've dealt with this torture,

but I will get out,

if it's the last thing I do.

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